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June 6th, 2020, 07:26 PM
Hi Folks,
I am seeking a beta-reader for my young adult action/sci-fi novel. It’s a coming-of-age story set in a soft sci-fi setting with non-stop action, a dash of young love, and a dose of humor.


TITLE: Nanobot Pandemic

GENRE: Young-adult action/sci-fi

WORDCOUNT: 117,000

BLURB: When the colony ship Vanguard is knocked out of hyper-space and crashes into an asteroid, sixteen-year-old Ben is hurled from his hibernation-chamber into a nightmare. His family perishes before his eyes, but he must set his grief aside if he’s to survive.

He rescues a beautiful stranger, Danny—a fifteen-year-old tomboy whose family also perishes—and together they flee the doomed starship. Carmen, an eighteen-year-old sex-kitten, joins them in the escape-pod along with three other colonists.

En route to a tenuous refuge, they discover their pod is infested with the same nanobots that crashed the Vanguard. Ben realizes that the energy-sucking nanobots—a heretofore unknown lifeform—represent a dire threat to humanity and the intrepid group resolves to warn the galactic high command.

The nanobots attack and the ship crash lands on a lush but deadly planet where the Vanguard’s shuttlecraft has also landed. With their ship destroyed, Ben and his friends must battle their way through a mystical, monster infested jungle to reach the shuttlecraft to send the message that will warn the human race.

Derek, who commands the shuttlecraft, has a vendetta against Ben and will stop at nothing to thwart his rival.

Along the way, Ben must find within himself the leadership the desperate band so badly needs, and Danny must embrace her sexuality if she is to win Ben back from Carmen.

And where do the mysterious stairs beneath the mountain lead?

What alien secrets might they reveal?

Nanobot Pandemic is a coming-of-age story about a boy who calls upon his heritage to help him save the galaxy, and the troubled girl that learns to love him.


AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: Highschool through adult. (I’m sixty and I enjoy the hell out of it—obviously.)

EXPECTATIONS: Nothing fancy. Just a straight-from-the-shoulder assessment that highlights areas that need work. This is first my experience with beta-reading and I’m open to suggestions as far as methods of communication. I worked as a professional for many years and am quite comfortable with email (although I am aware that attachments can be suspect these days).

TIMESCALE: I’ve been working on this novel like it was a job for over eighteen months. It’s finally nearing the home stretch and I’m looking to submit it to agents within the next couple of weeks (I’m editing my query letter and synopsis now). With any luck, you won’t be able to put it down and will finish it in one sitting! 😊

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Whatever you want short of a hard copy.

August 4th, 2020, 10:46 PM
Have you found readers yet?

August 6th, 2020, 09:23 AM
You, I hope...

I sent you a PM...


August 11th, 2020, 03:23 AM
I'm a big Heinlein/Pournelle/etc. fan. I'd be willing to take a look at it and offer comments. Emailed PDF is fine as a format. If you're interested I'll PM my email address.

August 12th, 2020, 05:07 AM
I would really appreciate your opinion of my work, Eric, and would be happy to return the favor when you-re ready (I read your intro).

I sent a PM, too...



September 25th, 2020, 09:12 AM
Hi Folks,
I've had the good fortune to have four very capable beta-readers on this forum help me polish my story to a high gloss. My query letter and synopsis are also ready so I guess its time to take the plunge and submit this baby to my short-list of agents.

Thanks, but I won't be needing any more readers...

Wish me luck and be on the lookout for a new best-seller! :playful:


Darren White
September 25th, 2020, 09:18 AM
Thank you for letting us know. I will close the thread now.
I wish you good luck with the book!