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March 23rd, 2020, 03:26 AM
Rapunzel (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapunzel) is an iconic folk-character and strong story about our fascination with the image of yearning requited by the advances of outward confidence. Rapunzel is a daydreaming beautiful prisoner who waits for a knight to climb up her balcony and into her chamber, perhaps by skillfully using her thick flowing very long hair as a rope to heaven! This story is timeless, and after watching a rather nice posted classic Rapunzel storybook-cartoon on the Internet, I was inspired to return from retirement one more time to offer a modernized 'tale of horror' about a gloomy maiden in the 21st Century city, amidst our brand new global pandemic crisis fears about Coronavirus worries to offer a lightening image of beauty wrought from the tangible reality of urban evil. I wish all my friends on this board safety and comforts during this wretched Coronavirus calamity!



In Los Angeles, California (USA), a beautiful maiden named Rapunzel had very very long thick luscious gold-blonde hair which she usually kept tied up in a big bun. Every Saturday night, the young 25 year-old Rapunzel would stand on her apartment balcony and hang her blonde hair over the edge, waiting for a brave modern knight to find her and sweep her off her feet, entreating her sensuality and spirituality simultaneously. Rapunzel worked at the city library and went out to bars on Friday night but never accepted the charming courtly advances of handsome men who entreated her with drinks, but sometimes she'd tell these potential suitors where she lived and sometimes even explain she'd spend about 3 hours every Saturday night hanging her blonde rich hair over the edge, hoping a cool knightly man would pass by and notice and want to be her gallant hero in the city of lights.

Well, this is no ordinary or classic fairy-tale, and it takes place in the year 2020, as the planet is beset by a global virus compelling citizens around the world to honor a curfew. Everyone goes home promptly at 4 p.m. everyday except Friday when the curfew time is extended to 11 p.m. This ensures that everyone is controlling their yearning to indulge in worldly traffic while the World Health Organization scrambles to find the best procedure to treat patients infected already with the super-virus and quarantine citizens regularly to curb loitering and disease transmission. Police patrol the streets regularly to see if people are either sure of their determined destination or simply heading to their private place of sleep. This prevents traffic and loitering. Well, our protagonist maiden Rapunzel has decided she's going to stand in her balcony in the night air every Saturday for about 3 hours, hanging her thick luscious gold-blonde hair over the edge, waiting for a knightly man to pass by and look up at her and perhaps entreat her with some gallant offer resembling real commitment.

Rapunzel has wondered if she's simply taking advantage of the global virus pandemic and awaiting a knightly man of civic sense who's trekking around outside after curfew hours on Saturday to see if he'll be charmed by her sense of feminine mystique. The city is a place of crime, pollution, and corruption, and now disease. There's also a ghastly serial-killer wandering around known as the Night-Slasher. Rapunzel is therefore awaiting a man, a knightly man, to revolutionize her gloomy life and dark city. She likes eating popcorn sometimes while standing or sitting in her balcony with her very very long and thick luscious gold-blonde hair hanging over the edge. Rapunzel is daydreaming that she'll spot a dashing young modern knight who'll turn her life around. Unfortunately, one Saturday night, she is instead visited by the ghastly Night-Slasher who is wielding his deadly switchblade in his pocket which he's used to cut up the stomachs of his unwittingly loitering victims foolishly violating curfew laws in L.A. and punishing them for their vanity. The Night-Slasher believes he's a messenger of the urban inferno.

RAPUNZEL: Are you a knight, good sir?
NIGHT-SLASHER: No, miss...I doubt I am that!
RAPUNZEL: You're quite handsome and seem daring trekking outside.
NIGHT-SLASHER: I'm not violating curfew; I'm spotting for loiterers!
RAPUNZEL: Are you a cop, dude?
NIGHT-SLASHER: No, but why do you ask, pretty woman?
RAPUNZEL: I'm a lonely city girl looking for a charmer!
NIGHT-SLASHER: What's your name?
RAPUNZEL: Rapunzel.
NIGHT-SLASHER: I find you beautiful and confess I'm the killer in news!
RAPUNZEL: You're the dreaded Night-Slasher, dude?
NIGHT-SLASHER: Yes, I've used my blade to tear up stomachs.
RAPUNZEL: My goodness, why?
NIGHT-SLASHER: I'm a citizen enforcing the virus-curfew!
RAPUNZEL: You're a self-appointed punisher, then?
NIGHT-SLASHER: Yes, I during the blood of vagrancy and plague.
RAPUNZEL: Are you a cannibal, dude?
NIGHT-SLASHER: No, I'm a freak.
RAPUNZEL: You frighten me, man!
NIGHT-SLASHER: Go inside and stop waiting for a knight in this city!
RAPUNZEL: You've spared my life; I dream my knight will someday appear.
NIGHT-SLASHER: In this time of death, daydreams are all we really expect.



April 17th, 2020, 12:53 AM
Haha I want to hear more about her adventures working at the library and having to tote her long hair around while stacking books.

July 5th, 2020, 04:31 AM
Interesting take on a classic. I enjoy reading modernized fairy tales. Her continued usage of the word “dude” throws me off though and makes her come off as fluffy, unless that is the intent. Would be interesting to see her as a strong, take no bull, character.