View Full Version : An Abberant Disconnect...

January 2nd, 2020, 05:07 PM
Over the course of reading and critiquing, I've noticed a rather odd disconnect...some authors who excel with technical writing seem to struggle with amorphous formats like poetry. Forms and rhyme schemes take center stage often to the detriment of a poem's content. The mediums, themselves are almost dichotic, opposite ends of the writing spectrum with the author standing one one side of a crevasse looking directly at poetry, thinking it is merely a step away.

Authors seem unaware of the chasm that is separating their use of form with the lacklustre quality of the content itself. I don't know if it is just my flawed perspective as a reader, or if there is a genuine gap in the process. But with so much focus on the technical aspects of a poem, it seems like an author fails to take into account what they are actually writing. How they sound in the ears of the readers. And while as a reader, you want to applaude a writer for going outside their comfort zone, you still have to honest when the results are somewhere be rudimentary and an unmitaged disaster.

Rhyme and form for the sake of rhyme and form, without the same care given to the imagery, impact, and message of a poem...

What are your experiences and thoughts with similar issues: Solid technical merit with a paucity of originality and voice. The opposite can also apply, torrents of overwrought, over written language that obscure and consume any coherent meaning. What are effective methods in illustrating the chasm in order to bridge these gaps? It is not the case of a poor writer but more that of an ineffective poem.

Not sure if I'm making any sense, but I when I encounter a technical, dichotic example of poetry I struggle to reconcile the viability of the piece. Is it readable? Yes, but there is little else that can be said for its content...and that seems like the antithesis of what poetry is.

Then again it might just be my warped contextual matrix which is at fault, (poor reading skills), which is entirely plausible...

Just some thoughts.

- D.