View Full Version : The Great Cavern war part 2 worse then expected

September 30th, 2019, 04:57 AM
"One never knows when a magic ring will be found." Replied Ticius "Even in a dump like this barracks." Gaius looked at his friend and remember all the stories he used to tell him about his father. He wondered about all of the informal training and important guests Ticius must of grown up around. Gaius had conversations about growing mushrooms and breeding of lizards that you used for meat. Good fishing tips were learned especially by the youngest of household. Clearly this was not the stuff of legends. Gaius was so grateful to get out of the master gardeners house and stay somewhere else.

Three other boys joined to the lineup outside the barracks and soon there were let in by an elderly gatekeeper. He was about 80 and was so worn out and tired that he did not even bother to wash his clothes. He stunk like a dumpster. The barracks itself had three main areas of interest. The first was a large outside court yard used for training for normal soldiers. A little to the left was a places were mages could go and learn the craft of the wise. This also contained the kitchen. To the right was a series of small offices that handled more mundane issues where all the politicization and bureaucrats did their abysmal boring work of handling papers all day. Pretty soon a half drunk half asleep man stood up on a platform and began to tell a story about how they were the newest in a line of new soldiers that would defend the honor of king and country. It was painfully obvious that no effort at all had begun in preparation for this speech. The man then lumbered over to a bucket of water and drowned his head inside to wake him up a little. After the man woke up and yawned he looked over each boy and recognized Ticius.

This sorry excuse for a teacher pointed at Ticius and said "Go to the mage quarters don't even bother with the trial. The rest of you grab on the wooden swords and show me what you got." He then pointed at some blocks of wood and staw on a pole and said "Hit the straw dummies over there and lets see if you got what it takes."

What followed has to be one of the most pathetic attempts at training ever attempted by those who didn't know what attempted meant or how to spell it. The first boy picked up the sword held it in his hand for about 10 minutes looked at his immensely fearsome opponent and then dropped the weapon ran away crying all the way out of the barracks never to be seen again. The second boy fearing the demonic forces of wood and straw soon followed him. The crowning jewel was the third lad. This one was dressed in the same manner of Ticius. He had the name Alexander written on the back of his outer coat. This was the boys name in case he forgot it. It looked like the clothes of a noble boy would wear. His clothes did not fit him well because he was enormous even for a teen. The clothes looked like they would rip off of him any moment maybe he was the son of someone half important. His actions however seemed to dispel this notion. He looked at the sword on the floor. Then he looked at the dummy and then at the teacher.

"What time is lunch" said the boy. "Go home and get your lunch and perhaps stay there" said the teacher in response. The boy soon left and the ground shook a little with each step. The teacher shook his head and said with a low voice "Brain dead, idioitic, troglodytes."