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Darren White
August 25th, 2019, 07:08 PM
We are pleased to let you know that we, with the invaluable aid of our tech guy. have revamped Flashes (https://www.flashesofbrilliance.org/) completely, and we would like to invite you over, to have a look, and read three of our latest publications:

Through a hole, darkly. By Nathan Blake (Epimetheus)
Baby haunts her corner. By Lisa Korba Alvarez (Chesters Daughter)
And a guest/wf author interview with Kyle Richardson.

Below a small part of all three publications. To be able to read these three wonderful submissions, please visit Flashes (https://www.flashesofbrilliance.org/), and leave a comment!


Through a hole, darkly (https://www.flashesofbrilliance.org/through-hole-darkly-nathan-blake-prize-challenge/#.XWLLfOgzbb0), by Nathan Blake:


“What eats black holes?” Sophia had asked me all those years ago. Trust a biologist to be so simple minded, but that spark had led us to confront The Beast with some semblance of a plan. I floated to my control panel, my legs tangling uselessly beneath me. Or were they above me? Damn Zero-G. [...]


Baby haunts her corner (https://www.flashesofbrilliance.org/lisa-korba-alvarez-poetry-challenge/#.XWLMkegzbb0). By Lisa Korba Alvarez


Baby sports more prints
than bagged forties
passed 'round her corner.
Eyes never to see twenty,
reflect a century's
worth of torture. [...]


Interview with Kyle Richardson: (https://www.flashesofbrilliance.org/?p=3762&preview=true#.XWLNH-gzbb0)


When did you discover your love of writing?

I’ve loved storytelling most my life—my mom even has audio recordings of three-year-old me making up ridiculous tales. I also wrote a few short stories in my youth. Though, I didn’t really fall in love with writing itself until I was in my early twenties. That was when I came across a short-story collection by Ray Bradbury. His lyrical, emotional approach to writing just blew my mind wide open. From that point on, the whole idea of writing became something profound to me—and I’ve been trying to master the craft ever since. [...]

And, also have a look at Flashes' submissions tab (https://www.flashesofbrilliance.org/wf-home/submissions/#.XWLOY-gzbb0). Start writing and submitting, who knows, your submission might be the next publication :)

August 25th, 2019, 07:27 PM
Congrats to Nathan, Lisa and Kyle!

August 25th, 2019, 09:05 PM
Loving the new Flashes! And the content is top notch. There's a lot of crap out there, and it's heartening to see this is not in that camp. Well done all :)

August 25th, 2019, 11:05 PM
Congrats, Lisa, Nathan, and Kyle! The site's looking great too!!