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July 6th, 2019, 11:57 PM
Giving away your book is a popular way to increase its visibility & encourage readers to leave online reviews. Ideally, you should give them away to folks in your book’s target audience rather than friends or random people who may or may not read the book.

One of my favorite ways to give away books is to find local groups that contain my book’s target audience & offer them free books. For example, some of my nonfiction books are intended to help authors, so I found several writers groups in my area using Meetup dot com. If you write cozy mysteries, you could search for a local book club that enjoys reading your genre. Once you have a list of groups that contain your target audience, you can send the leaders of each group a message to ask if they would like 10 free paperbacks to distribute to their members (door prizes) & let them know you expect nothing in return. This is a “win-win” in the sense that those groups receive free books that appeal to their members & my book gains exposure to the right kind of readers (folks who are more likely to read my book, spread the word, & leave online reviews).

I used the above tactic to give away 60+ copies of my self-publishing guide last January. Again, the goal here is to increase visibility among your target audience and encourage reviews. I hope this tip helps my fellow authors!


Ralph Rotten
July 7th, 2019, 12:33 AM
I like the idea of book giveaways. I do give out a number of physical books, but there is a hangup to the process: those readers are not considered to be verified purchases on Amazon, and if there is a purge...you may lose those reviews.

So I frequently use my older books to help boost interest in whatever I am releasing next.
Free book giveaways on Amazon allow the recipient to post a VERIFIED PURCHASE review on your book.
On Amazon, everything is about the lists, and free books have their own list. Since you can only give away books for 5 days out every 90, the turnover on the list is quite fast.
So I give away books at key times to help float me and my books higher on various lists.