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June 19th, 2019, 02:57 PM
I've always been fascinated by lycanthropy and werewolves (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf) and wanted to generate a werewolf-vignette inspired by the well-crafted 1990s TV series Werewolf (Fox TV).

What do you think?


Alan kept reading his copy of Wolfsbane (Marvel Comics), and he felt thrilled to be such an avid fan of lycanthropy and werewolf-lore. Alan had lived in Haddonfield (New Jersey, USA) his whole life but began to feel the tinge of Wanderlust and wanted to travel to Europe, where werewolf-lore was much more pronounced. Alan's fascination with werewolves compelled him that summer of 2020 to travel to Siberia and Romania, where he'd gather notes on local folk-tales about werewolves, for his Dartmouth College senior thesis on lycanthropy and werewolf-lore.

ALAN: Now that I'm in Europe, I want to be sure to collect relevant information and gain knowledge on what it is that makes werewolf-lore so reflective of human yearning...and basic fears!

Alan came across an old fisherman in Transylvania (Romania) named Igels who swore he caught vision of a specter of a werewolf near his fishing-dock almost every full-moon for the past 6 years. Alan requested to stay with Igels until the next full-moon, which was only 4 days away. Igels agreed to let him try to catch a glimpse of the specter but warned him that the werewolf-specter he saw seemed to have blood around his/its mouth and teeth. Nevertheless, Alan was unafraid and insisted to try.

When the full-moon arrived, Alan was waiting patiently by Igels' fishing-dock. Sure enough, Alan witnesses what he thought he saw was the silhouette of a werewolf-shaped figure, and as the silhouette got closer, Alan could see the blood around its mouth/teeth, just as Igels' claimed! Alan grabbed his camera and began taking pictures of the man-beast when it suddenly began to run towards him! Alan jumped back and tried to escape but the werewolf bit his hand before running into the woodsy area just behind Igels' fishing-dock.

ALAN: Well, I'm back in America now with decent notes and even a rather provocative photo of the werewolf-specter I saw near Igels' fishing-dock by the lake in Transylvania, which will make my thesis on lycanthropy rather smart, but I'm concerned suddenly that the wolf-bite I endured (and kept secret!) is 'mutating' me into some kind of 'clairvoyant brute' or man-beast; this leads me to wonder if werewolf analysis is better left to...priests with a premonition of the blood of Christ; perhaps my curiosity had led me to a hall of creatures!



June 19th, 2019, 05:00 PM
I really liked how hat turned out, so I decided to make 3 stick-figure doodles of what I concieve is 3 very different werewolves. Sorry the photo is turned 90-degrees(!). The first is a man-wolf named Eric, the second Jonah, and the third Steven. Maybe you can help me decide which of the 3 is good, evil, or neutral! I might generate a second chapter to this story in which our curious protagonist Alan finds himself caught up between these three 'man-beasts.'

I can't seem to decide if playful art inspires writing or if writing inspires playful art...

What do you think? Is this story-concept possessing merit?

This addendum about 'three little werewolves' might obviously be a children's story. I appreciate any kind of feedback!


June 24th, 2019, 02:17 PM
I would say that it has potential as a story, but it seems very condensed. It has the beginnings of a story but so far it seems mostly in the form of notes. Are you considering on expanding it as a story?