View Full Version : My Top 10 Observations for using AMAZON ADS

June 14th, 2019, 10:28 PM
One way to improve visibility of your book is to buy online ads. Of all the ads I’ve tried for my books, Amazon Advertising ads (formerly called “AMS ads”) have resulted in the most sales. In fact, 39% of my total sales last year came directly from these ads and I had similar results the prior year.

For anyone considering these ads, here are my top 10 observations:

The results of each ad will vary from book to book and from ad to ad for the same book.
My best results came from using ads with MANUAL TARGETING where I entered my own keywords (automatic targeting ads are NOT cost effective for me)
I typically use 100 - 350 keywords per ad, including keywords/phrases that relate to topics in my book plus book titles and author names of best-selling books in my genre
Running multiple ads simultaneously for the same book does NOT work well for me
When setting up my ads, I use SPONSORED PRODUCTS (have not yet tried Lockscreen ads)
My ads tend have the best results if I tweak them (adjust keyword bid prices) at least once or twice a week
Each ad has a different shelf life. My best ads last over 6 months, others only last a few months, and the worst ones never get any results
My ads tend to be more effective when my book’s Amazon rating is higher (NOTE: each ad displays a few sentences that you write, the book cover image, and its Amazon rating)
To calculate the cost effectiveness of each ad, I compare the total cost of the ad (as shown on the ads dashboard) to the total royalties earned from the ad (which I estimate using the total number of orders times the average royalty earned per book).
I’m satisfied with an ad even if it only breaks even from a cost-benefit perspective. In other words, sales from these ads result in more readers who can (potentially) leave online reviews, spread the word about my book, sign up for my email list, and buy my other books.

I hope these observations help if you’re considering Amazon Advertising ads. Good luck!