View Full Version : Say YES to more visibility!

April 28th, 2019, 04:24 AM
One of the biggest struggles for many authors is getting your name in front of people. Visibility for you and your book is important for book sales. That brings me to my book marketing tip for today, which is to take opportunities that lead to more visibility whenever possible (e.g., you are asked to give an author interview, write a guest blog post, give a speech, etc.).

Case in point: I was recently contacted by the leader of an author group to ask if I could fill in for a guest speaker who cancelled at the last minute. I was excited about this opportunity until I discovered the topic was U.S. copyright law and a recent Supreme Court case on that matter (the Fourth Estate case). Turns out the planned speaker was an intellectual property attorney. Yikes! Those are some BIG SHOES to fill. My heart started pounding and I said to myself, “Nope. Not gonna happen. There’s no way I could speak on that topic.” After all, I don’t practice that type of law and haven’t written books on that topic.

But then I remembered the business law class that I teach at a local college where I cover a chapter on intellectual property, including copyrights. I didn’t know anything about the new Supreme Court case, but that can be easily remedied with a Google search and a little reading. So I STEPPED OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and told the leader that I’d be happy prepare a power point and present it to her group. I was a bit nervous, but my talk went well and I received tons of great questions from the audience.

To be fair, I didn’t sell any books at this event -- probably because I haven’t written any books on that topic. However, I’m grateful for the visibility that this opportunity provided and hope that my audience will keep me in mind whenever they are searching for books like mine. Also, this experience resulted in a new author talk that I can offer to other author groups… meaning more visibility! Truthfully, I never would have thought of presenting on this topic had I not been asked and said yes. So I recommend that you say, “Yes!” whenever an opportunity for more visibility presents itself, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone. Hope this tip helps!