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April 27th, 2019, 02:24 PM
I've always been fascinated by works exploring the sociocultural impact of disease on human consciousness, which is why I'm a fan of symbolic/iconic historical books/works such as The Black Death and the Transformation of the West (David Herlihy). I therefore wanted to create a short-story 'fan-fic' of these works characterizing how human civilization 'dips' into the 'madness' and malady of 'social darkness.'

This tale is called The Plague.


Ariel Patel surveyed the landscape above the cliffs of southern California (by the Pacific Ocean) right behind the structure of the Salk Institute. He'd worked at Salk for about ten years and had become the prominent investigator in the analysis of the modern global outbreak known simply as 'the Plague.' The Plague was not like the Black Death in Europe or AIDS in the modern age. The Plague, which was conceived by unknown 'forces' was subverting basic networking stability in the world of commerce and traffic and was related to computer use, population growth, mass traffic, and media stimuli (e.g., TV hypnosis). Dr. Patel (Ariel) wondered if the Plague was somehow related to a failure in spiritual consciousness.

Those afflicted by the Plague would become ruthless and ravenous anti-social 'terrorists' who would undermine any social/human endeavor towards commerce and networking. Those afflicted by the Plague were known as the 'Carriers.' The Carriers were basically suicide priorities that society needed to simply categorize as 'priority-one suicides.' In other words, Carriers were humans determined to commit suicide but willing to 'serve' as carriers of the plague before they committed suicide. The U.S. government made coordinated efforts to identify, isolate, and execute the carriers regardless of where they were residing/hiding or who they were.

Ariel knew that since the Plague was an epiphenomenon of global social activity related to commercial traffic and an eerie schizophrenia-oriented 'will' to destroy any networking stability to create forms of anarchy/terrorism, the Carriers would become 'diplomats' of the terrible impact of the Plague on modern social activity and business(!). Ariel wondered if he should simply assist the government (as a scientist) in eradicating all Carriers and declaring a global state of containment (or quarantine!). All Carriers would disseminate the Plague liberally, so they'd have to simply be exterminated.

Symptoms of the Plague were rather gruesome. Carriers would try to undermine all forms of networking and traffic. Those victims of the Carriers would feel as if they were going mad or being driven towards complete hysteria, their brains rotting and the flesh from their arms and legs itching to a point of complete intolerability. Sometimes Carriers would coordinate their efforts by wearing masks and terrorizing American cities as vandals and assassins. Sometimes Carriers would wield weapons such as hatchets, pistols, and ice-picks(!). Ariel wondered if the symptoms of the Plague were reminiscent of Nazi Germany (sociologically).

Ariel resolved to construct a government memo for the White House in which he'd outline why the Plague was really an affront to the modern world's comprehension of a 'destiny network' (or capitalism-oriented ambition consciousness). In the memo, Ariel would write/note, "It is sufficient to say that the Carriers of the Plague were sentinels serving as 'reproductive minions' of the 'central nervous system' of the Plague!" Ariel wondered if the psychological horror/trauma of the Plague would dissuade immigrants from coming to America or European women from listing themselves as mail-order-brides on the Internet for American bachelors(!). The Plague was becoming worse than the Black Death in Europe.

However, all bad tidings come with words of hope and encouragement. When there is an outbreak such as the Plague or the Black Death, humanity unites to understand/appreciate why and how social activity can be managed or coordinated to control and avoid all remnants/aspects of a species-devastating illness(!). Ariel knew that the Plague should not 'eradicate' humanity's sense of wonder towards the natural ambition and networking-driven social cohesion created by capitalism-imagination (e.g., Wall Street, World Bank, European Union, OPEC). The Plague would not tear away the 'veil' of human humility or gnash at the face-flesh of human imagination.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government continued to deploy humanitarian and peace-control forces all over North America to ensure that the Plague did not completely ravage the activities of Wall Street and the United Nations! After all, the commercial/business world would have to continue to run, despite the negative impact of the Plague on modern political consciousness(!). Ariel took control of his shaking/nervous hands and decided he'd have to serve humanity as a 'Centurion' of resolute traffic-oriented socio-political psychiatry, if civilization was to survive this terrible 'Doomsday Ordeal.'



Olly Buckle
April 28th, 2019, 11:21 PM
It reads a bit like notes of story ideas, although there are some cool ideas in there. Lots of info dump about the plague that we should maybe be finding out in the course of exploring the mind of Dr. Patel and his researches, it is all a bit 'raw'.

You might enjoy 'The plague' by Albert Camus, a great study of how people react as I remember, I can place when I read it, must have been about 1978, so I am a little hazy on detail, but I do remember it was very good.

May 2nd, 2019, 03:56 AM
I second Olly: The Plague. Read it. It'll help formulate this. You have some great ideas, but they read as more of a beat-sheet than an actual story. The form is not there; it's not quite a story yet.

Nevertheless, this has much potential. Your ability to formulate original, interesting ideas is to be applauded.

Keep going! :D