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April 19th, 2019, 02:23 PM
Are political thrillers becoming more 'species-centric' (e.g., Congo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congo_(film))), since the modern world offers much sociological intrigue (e.g., NASDAQ)?

That's the question running through my mind when I decided to write this short-story about intelligence-based human governance!

I'd love feedback regarding the cogency of this 'American intelligence diarism tale' (and perhaps how it relates to the intelligibility of modern geopolitics). Whether or not you're versed in intelligence/espionage storytelling and folklore, I'd appreciate any feedback/commentary regarding the eloquence or clarity of this short-story(!), since it's a genre which I've been lately working on as a fiction-writer!

Thanks (and enjoy!),


Sometimes, I wonder why I'm relaying this rather eerie/bizarre tale of civilization-typhoons of the spirit in a time when we should really simply be purely focusing on all the asset-harnessing related to globalization-politics (e.g., NATO, World Bank, European Union, OPEC, G7, etc.)! However, every good science-officer should keep a journal about what is occurring in the networked world of communications-intrigue now (e.g., WikiLeaks, C-SPAN, Al Jazeera, etc.). I don't want to feel/seem like a 'lame-duck' by offering up pedestrian or routine notions about 'true faith' in capitalism/commerce when there's just so much darn disarray...

It all started when I was recruited by the CIA right after graduating from Dartmouth College in 2000. I was told that I'd be the only male in an all female-unit of new age (modern) operatives working in positions/stations around the world to decode the complex labyrinths that govern communication and customs based geopolitical machinations (e.g., tariff/immigration negotiations!). My name is CIA Agent David Orem. I've worked with about a dozen female CIA agents around the world in this new 'matrix' of network-oriented intelligence, including Agent Shelbye Davidson [SD] and Marissa Liot [ML]. In fact, SD and ML are my two closest liaisons in this new geopolitical environment, not just my two closest female liaisons(!).

SD and I discovered that the U.S. government was planning a new initiative involving the streamlining of all commerce-based communication protocols between America and trading-partners tangled in intrigue with incendiary nations (e.g., South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Chechnya, Israel, etc.). These new protocols were placed under a general 'program umbrella' known by the CIA as HERA. The name/term 'Hera' refers to a Greek goddess, and we used the name itself to denote a new geopolitical agenda to coordinate/manage traffic-oriented contract-enforcement, which is why HERA is an acronym for High Environment Restoration Agenda. Every time a nation like South Korea is threatened by commerce-operations or customs-fare (e.g., PyeongChang Olympics), the CIA is required to implement local negotiation structures (e.g., World Bank short-term contracts)!

I discovered that the reason I was surrounded mostly by women in the CIA under Operation HERA was that this new geopolitical 'climate' required a more diplomatic/sensitive approach to peace-enforcement, and the female CIA agents I've worked with including SD and ML are all representative of an American interest in intuition-based intelligence and espionage. In other words, women are simply more calm and objective in matters of trust and diplomacy, and I was one of the few men working under HERA because of my training/interest in specific globalization-politics oriented 'customs diplomacy' (e.g., tariff-reduction dialogue in anti-American areas such as Iraq).

Things got severely complicated when it was discovered that an insider in HERA had betrayed vital intellectual-property security procedures to North Korea to facilitate an anti-American cardinality favouring Eastern Hemisphere stances against Western civilization control of nuclear weapons. North Korea intended to 'nab' key Western/American communications files/secrets to destabilize our 'grip' on communication-based global controls of underground nuclear-test disclosures. If we were to stay at pace with the new 'legion' of nations coordinating IQ with terrorism, we'd have to appreciate sensitive diplomacy(!).

That's really why I'm writing this diary entry. After ML was arrested by CIA internal agents and accused of defecting to a new faction in South Korea trying to topple North Korean leaders/politicians with terrorism, it occurred to us other members of HERA that there were new globalization-wary sentiments in the modern geopolitical landscape which created a sort of 'genetics-based' species dissection (e.g., linguistics-based regional racism in places like Northern Ireland). If diplomacy was to counter this terrorism-oriented paranoia, CIA agents working with/for HERA would have to appreciate/understand why intellectual-property control (e.g., WikiLeaks intrigue) could (and should!) be linked to communications betrayals. Would HERA be able to solve the new 'crime' problem of 'species subversion' (e.g., 9/11)? Had I become a 'cop-defender' of women's views on political sensitivity (e.g., Hillary Clinton's ability to handle 9/11 politics)?

If someone reads this diary entry generations from now, our hope is that they'll conclude that the labors of American intelligence officers such as myself and SD will secure America's position as the world's official 'Big Brother' of civil control. After all, there can't be social grace (e.g., World Bank) without contract paranoia (e.g., WikiLeaks)! The agents of HERA are really the 'cops of martial vice.'