View Full Version : Outline or Index for my fanatsy book?

March 31st, 2019, 03:16 PM
After reading others posted comments to the parts of my fantasy book that I have posted here, I have noticed confusion about the places and characters. While all this is slowly revealed through the eyes of the characters and events in the book, it is a long and slow process. So I am thinking maybe I should write either a short but to the point outline or an index for better clarity. This way the reader will have a better understanding of the book as they read it. I need your learned opinion if this is a good thing to do.

Here is a sample of the outline/index I am considering.

Earth - A fantasy Earth with some historical similarities to the real Earth.

The Ethereals - During the first mass extinction the Ordovician Period of Earth's history, in the Milky Way Galaxy a massive star imploded into a super nova 6000 light years from Earth. The result of the dying star is a gamma ray burst' the deadliest most destructive force in the universe. striking the Earth setting up a chain reaction that started the extinction. This gamma ray burst also created three very powerful entities The Ethereals. The Ethereals have real bodies, with powerful abilities, most powerful of all they can manipulate the elements, and the DNA of other life forms.

I would then go on to in the outline explaining land and characters of my fantasy book.

Thomas Norman
April 6th, 2019, 06:57 PM
I think this might be a good idea so long as you don't give away too much of the story line. Personally I am happy to let the details unfold as the story progresses. Other people may think differently of course. Perhaps it would be best to wait a while to see what others think.