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March 10th, 2019, 07:15 PM
Maybe not the best piece to submit here. I recognize that grammar accuracy is one of my biggest weaknesses, so KJV style English probably isn't the best way to practice.

And in those days Lord Nore came unto Lord Corsteen and said, Behold the seed of my loins and the seed of thy loins, how they meander about the land as beasts of burden, having no master to move him hither nor thither; Behold, they wander as the beasts of the field, see that they are carried whithersoever they will as seeds of grass.

Verily, it is not mete that the seed of my loins and the seed of thy loins do as the wild animals do. Wherefore, let us gather them all together, the seed of my loins and the seed of thy loins mingling one with another, that they be called one people. Yea, let them mingle one with another and raise unto them a temple; a temple of truth, glory, and purest light. Yea, let them enter in, and be no more strangers to truth and understanding.

And great shall be this temple, insomuch that it shall rise into the heavens and fill the land. And it shall be made with gold, and with marble, and with copper, and with elchum, and with silver, and with blanchite, and all manner of precious stones, metals, gems, and woods. yea, all manner of precious things to be found across the land.

And so great shall be its glory, that it shall be heard all throughout the Celestium and all realms roundabout: Let us go unto the temple of Sellumi, and be filled with the light.

But Lord Corsteen rebuked his brother, saying, Surely it shall not come to pass, for behold the seed of thy loins, and the seed of my loins; they which are called Nobiroo, and they which are called Mankind. Behold Nobiroo, for the hand of Nobiroo is lame like the beasts, insomuch that they canst not give shape even to clay. Yea, and behold also, for they do be exceedingly weak in stature. Even so does Mankind possess not the stature of mind to accomplish so great a work.

Then did Lord Nore say, My brother, thou hast well said. Wherefore, we shall command them to gather into two bodies, And my seed will I command to impart to thy seed that which they lack, and command thou thy seed likewise.

And in the same year, Mankind and Nobiroo gathered themselves into two bodies respectively. And Mankind did impart to Nobiroo hands that were not lame as the beasts, and strength of stature also. and so, Nobiroo did wax great in strength, exercising dominion over the stones of the land. But it came to pass that shade entered into the hearts of Nobiroo, and they did say one to another: Let us be wise in our dealings with Man, and retain the advantage over them. Therefore, let us impart unto them the small part of our strength of mind, and keep the greater portion for ourselves.

It came to pass that Lord Corsteen did meet again with Lord Nore and said, Behold, thy seed, Nobiroo, hath cheated me. They have not imparted that which was mete unto Mankind. Yea, also, they have taken more strength of stature than was mete, and they have gathered themselves together and built a temple after their own likeness, yea, in the worship of their own image have they built it.

And Nore’s heart was kindled into rage, and he went down unto the temple Nobiroo had built and caused a great wind to smite it until no stone lay one on top of another. When Nobiroo saw that their temple had been destroyed, they complained unto Nore saying, Father, what evil hast thou brought upon us! But Lord Nore replied, saying: Nay, what shade hast entered into thy heart! Thou perverse creatures, thou art a foul pustule to my loins! For thou didst cause me to cover my face in shame and I did regret thy doing! Oh wicked creatures, what owest I unto thee? This do I owe thee: that thou shalt mingle no more with Mankind. This shall ye have of my hand: Mankind shall never more receive the light of thy countenance, and also the world itself shall be given unto Mankind as an inheritance, and those of you who trespass shall have their strength of mind taken from them, insomuch that they shall become like unto wild beasts, snarling and braying, and abiding in their own filth.

And it came to pass that all Nobiroo cried out in anguish, for straight away there were among their number who had already began to snarl and bray and abide in their own filth. Therefore, they who remained were stricken with terror to their very souls, and they cried out, saying, Thy wrath is more than we can abide, for whither shall we go to escape the fate of our brethren?

So Nore gave unto Nobiroo dominion over the winds peradventure they may be carried up to the heavens, and touch not the soil that belonged to Mankind and be cursed therefrom. And Nore said unto them, I give unto you my kingdom of the clouds, and the mountaintops, and all the heavens roundabout; there thou shalt dwell, for my heart is moved with compassion for thee. But this commandment I give unto thee: Thou shalt shame thy Lord no more.

A fragment from Celestial Muse, 2nd age.