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March 5th, 2019, 12:03 AM
TITLE The Self Help Junky's Guide To Self HelpGENRE Self Help
From zero to hero, what are the core ideas that someone needs to understand to pull themselves from self doubt, anxiety, and worry to progress and high performance? This book details the core concepts that I've learned over the course of about 5 years that completely turned my life around, and act as the principles of an effective self-helper. This short guide is meant to help you understand core values that when practiced over time helps you practice stronger thought habits and growth oriented action.

The subject matter covered ranges from acknowledging yourself and your struggles to handling adversity and progressive habits. It's intentionally written in a direct, simple way with the aim being that this is a book that anyone can pick up and easily read and comprehend.

AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION The target audience are "hungry strugglers", people who struggle, are hurting for change, and have a big enough reason to question their beliefs to achieve that change.

EXPECTATIONS I've got the whole document pulled together in a google doc, which allows you to leave comments directly into the book. Using the commenting features you can highlight sections and leave comments and feedback.

If this is not your style, I can provide you with a pdf and an online form to fill out instead.

TIMESCALE I'm not in too much of a rush, but for now let's aim to get some feedback within 3 months.
OTHER INFORMATION I desire honest feedback and criticism, but I'm wary of cynics. Tell me what isn't working and I'll work on it, but let me also know what is working so I can double down on that too. I've found that "burning the candle from both ends" in this regard by eliminating/reducing what doesn't work and further accentuating/developing what does makes for better quality projects.

Appreciate your time, thank you!

Phil Istine
March 5th, 2019, 09:17 AM
At 21k words and you being in no hurry for a beta read, this might be right up my street.

I used to become absorbed in self-help techniques (meditation, chakras, self-affirmation (with and without mirror)) and had a stack of books on the subject, ironically due to once being a junkie (please, please change the spelling in your title to the 'ie' form of the word would be my first suggestion).

I think this one might be a good fit for me, especially as it isn't excessively lengthy. If you think so too, let me know and maybe we can sort something out.