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October 16th, 2018, 01:22 PM
Living in the City (http://johncgrg.blogspot.com/2018/05/living-in-city.html)

No doubt about it. The city’s the place to be! Freshly baked bread, cafes to pass the time and watch others, watch you. No transport problems, and no need for a car. Everywhere easy to get to, at any hour.

It's good for all age groups too. The very young have their nurseries and schools, and the not so young their discos, health clubs and colleges. Women have their shops aplenty, and all have the cinemas, theatres and restaurants. Libraries, museums and galleries serve practically all groups. Seniors are surrounded by young people which is more socially satisfying, and they in turn look after the babies, while mums go off to do their shopping. But above all there are medical facilities close by too.

Streets empty out in the summer months making it possible to stroll in the parks. In winter, town centres are buzzing with life and lighting brightens up the short grey days.

You pay your taxes and you get your goods. The roads, the subsidised transport, all these are paid for out of public funds so the city dweller gets the benefits paid for by all.

Don’t get me wrong you country lovers! The more of you the merrier. Take your cars with you and leave more space for city dwellers. Many is a person who confronted with the daily hustle of the city, dreams of a place in the country for total peace. Some even succeed in getting there, but when they find themselves bored, they can hardly afford the return trip, with prices suddenly gone up for the same place they vacated.

The country is very enticing, especially in the summer, with nature at its best and people relaxing in the fields, walking in the forests or just snoozing under a tree. Unfortunately it does not last. The winter comes, and if its not the howling winds that pierce through your clothes as you hurry from barn to drafty cottage, then it's the driving rain that forms puddles and soaks your shoes

Have I missed anything?

Oh yes. more opportunty to get a job and make some money.