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September 30th, 2018, 02:50 PM
I am posting this chapter in comparison to the book of blood chapter. I just want to see if a few passes on a chapter changes things. btw this chapter needs a better seen setting but it will happen in time. each section is in a different time. so yes time travel is involved. plus I still need to fix that description of the road/flags.

sorry I included the wrong version of this chapter.. lol.. I wil be replacing here soon. actually now for that matter

Chapter Twelve: Fix It Feathers And The Doom Of Shrooms

Dume laid staring at the ceiling of the room they had been offered in Eagles Perch as Gavel frantically paced the floor
“You do know you just caused the downfall of your people. She probably wouldn’t of known who your race were before you introduced the concept with the blunt object you hit here mother with,” Gavel blurted out after he stopped abruptly and turned to face Dume. Dume just kept staring at the ceiling with a giant grin on her face.
“What do you mean. I was told by the spirits exactly what to do, Their guidance is of the highest. To be questioned by none. They have never lead me astray. Not once and never will. ” Dume just looked over at Gavel who eyes were aimed at Dume like daggers right at her. “In the end though. I don’t really think I changed anything. I just fed into it. The spirits told me that changing the past is very hard. That things will most likely stay their course without much extreme forces of alteration. Even you don’t have those kind of powers as of yet.” Dume turned his attention back to the ceiling and then rolled over as if to go to sleep.”
“That may be true but it doesn’t mean that changing the past is impossible for the average joe. It is just really hard. I’ll be danged if I don’t try.” Gavel said and then stormed out of the room fist balled up. Dume just rolled her eyes and then fell asleep.
As Gaverl tried to find ether Young Morrigan or Young Jammin he bumped into Faust.
“Just who I was looking for.” Faust said as she pulled Gavel aside.
“Sorry, I am kind of busy trying to fix things as they are,” Gavel said.
“I get that. So am I. If the system is left as is we may all be doomed. It would just keep running the same experiment over and over till with little variations of disasters to create variations.” Faust said and then asked if Gavel knew how her siblings were doing.
“Last I checked adult Morrigan just about had us killed and tried to hack into the Eden mainframe’s executive functions using Eden herself.”Gavel offered as Faust looked frustrated.
“That’s insane.” Faust said d then Gavel filled Faust in as she grew angrier by the minute. As Gavel finished she looked at Gavel as the two grew more concerned.
“I know it may be hard but I have to change things but I must try,” Gavel said,
“Yeah. doing that without killing anybody will be hard, it can be done though. I give you a five percent chance of success though. That is unless the question ever gets answered. In the end that will help out a lot. “ Faust offered as Gavel just threw up his hands in frustration.
“The question will have to wait. Where are the young winged ones from yesterday?” he asked.
They seem to be having a argument in the planetary traffic control center. Nether one seem to be happy with the other one's actions as of late.” Faust said and then pointed to the end of a hallway with a regular ashe grey door that was slightly left open.
Gavel took off in the direction of the door. As he approached young Morrigan and young Jamin can be heard arguing as he approached the door itself.
“You just don’t understand. I swear it’s like talking to a brick wall at this point. Since you will not listen I am giving up at this point.” young Jamin yelled as Gavel came into the room.
“Same with you. Look, if it were up to me my mom wouldn’t be the way she is but there is no changing things in the end. My people look up to her for their guidance. She is a wise woman that’s lived older than your race has even existed.” Morrigan offered.
“Is that so, then the heck with your people.They are now banished from this planet for good.” young Jamin ordered.
“You wouldn’t. You don’t have the authority to do such a thing. Such a order would be evil itself. Setting an entire people adrift with no home. Such a thing is a crime against sentient life itself.” Morrigan offered.

“I don’t care. My mom is a soulless husk now. That leaves me incharge In the end. Which makes me the ruler of this entire planet. So if I were you I would leave before I have you or your people executed.” young Jamin said with a death stare on her face as Gavel tried to get a word in edgewise.
“And I thought you of all people would understand. Your supposed to be my best friend but you act more like my worst enemy. Young Morrigan said as Young Jamin just left the room to give the the royal decree.
Morrigan stood there as tears began to roll down her face. She curled up into the feedle position as Gavel approached her.
Gavel frowned. “I am sorry for your lose.” Gavel offered.
“No you are not, your one of them. One of the ones that are the ones that should pay. Why should my people have to suffer because of a squabble between the royal families.” Young Morrigan asked.
“Yeah.it is hard but you shouldn’t take revenge no matter how good it sounds. It will only cage you and forgiving will free you.” Gavel offered.
Freedom, what do jailers and judges know of freedom. She and her kind will be the ones that pay even if it takes me thousands of years to do so,” Morrigan dried her tears as she turned to look at Gavel. Why must you ear down the sky? Those who cage us will die.” Morrigan asked of Gavel as he looked confused.
“Yes you, Why must you tear down the sky of my peoples. Your presence is not needed here. Why don’t you go home!” Morrigan said and then left the room.
“What the heck does that mean?” Gavel asked out loud.
“It’s simple, to one with wings the sky is a symbol of their freedom. A place where they can sore. It is said by the winged ones themselves. On top of that the sky symbolic stands for safety and community. Without the sky, they are lost. It is akin to asking why did you burn down my home or why did you steal my joy.” Faust said from behind Gavel.
“So that’s why she let me be when she could have had me killed. She not only knew that i would escape but She also knew by killing me in that time period she would have set off a chain of events causing everything to change. She must have wanted her revenge so badly that she could care less about killing me then.” Gavel pointed out, “That still doesn’t explain how Jamin knew everything by the end and how she became one with the Infinity search.” ow, I guess I can’t change things here I already been tied into these events way to strongly. Even if i talked to Jamin, as she is know, she would just turn on me as well..” Gavel said and then fell into a nearby chair,
Faust thought to herself for a second and walked to Gavel’s right side. “Yeah, like rats on a wheel of time. We spin till the wheel falls off or something stops the wheel itself. In the end though,you are the only one that will eventually stop the everything to save us all. I can see that now.” Faust offered.
“I will try. You just keep Jamin safe till she is ready to know the truth. In the end though I think she will be doomed unless I can solve the one thing that started this whole mess in the first place. The asking of such a impossible to answer question. With no real answer.”

Chapter twelve Part B

The next day Wilka sat at a nearby table staring at the sky as the sun rose in the east. “Do you think I am crazy Eden. I mean I just ack inside. It’s my job to wipe him out now.” she asked Eden as Eden did some quick but complicated calculations in her head.

Eden finished as she wrote down her conclusions onto a nearby sheet of paper and then turned her attention to Wilka who seemed at peace with the world for once.
“It doesn’t seem reasonable. I mean this new shift in purpose of yours seems unnatural to your very nature. like you are being inspired to an ends by causality and not just self driven desires or aspirations. In the end though, if that is the truth, Nothing I can say will change your mind. That is unless I could rewrite the coding running causality, which I can’t right now. So we will just go with the flow for now and not force things from here. ” Eden said as Wilka took her eyes off the beautiful red sun rise and looked at Eden.
“I guess you can call it an obsession. Your right, It’s my new purpose. To destroy Death and all his Incarnations. Even if it means my own doom.” Wilka’s strange smile was odd to Eden she just smiled back.
“Like I said. Nothing I can say will change your mind. For5 one, Your only hearing what you want to her on this subject. You are on rails now. Either way, I wish you luck with this endeavor,” Eden said as lense joined them.
“So have we decided to go into the dark hole?”Lense offered as Wilka just turned her attention to the sunrise again.
“I think that we will be going in. I also think with my powers there is a way back out it will take all that I have but I can cause a short term reversal of gravity in a localized location. It just want last due to the nature of the hole in space itself.” Eden said and then spoke some techno jargon that confused Lense.
“I guess I will have to trust you? I have nothing better to do being so far away from my home both in space and time for that matter.” Lense offered and then cursed his luck. He took a look at Wilka who was lost in the moment. Drinking it in with her new found but unnatural purpose.
“Don’t worry about her to much. She will do as she will and you will to. Your ends have been intertwined now it seems. I will go on as well. I must save my love.” Eden offered as Lense looked both frustrated and saddened by the way things were going. Wilka just sighed as Eden got to her feet and moved to next to the event horizon of the hole in space.
She stood with her arms to both sides as she focused on the hole blackness ahead of her. She peered into it as focused on pulling it back towards her as the hole began shook the earth and buildings around the dark hole shook with the forces of gravity that Eden was working. a great white light like tunnel burst forth from a point nearest the three.
“You guys coming.” She motioned to the other two. Wilka just got to her feet as she ande Lense followed Eden beyond the blinding white light itself.

Chapter twelve Part C
The halls of the Bluo capital where covered in flags just like outside. Bradley and Klume were escorted down to a set of red doors at the end of a long corridor inside the building. as they came up to the door the see a beautiful angeloid woman with blue wings and a scythe. She wore a grey business suit. She talked to a short and chubby Bluo as she moved slowly. “it's one of Deaths incarnations. What is he doing here.” Bradley said as the four stopped and started to listen.
“Soon you will get all you desire Tranune. You shall have all the power of your world and then you can usher in your rule. “ the female incarnation with braided white hair offered.
“how will I know this will brink in piece though. All I have is your word. “ The short fat Bluo with a beard asked.
“you will never know until you try. “ Death said then turned revealing a severely burnt half of her body.”
As Death turned his eyes meet Bradlie's and whispered a spell under his breath. Klume ran down the hall but as he ran the hallway got longer. As if to outpass him.
Bradley opened a control console and looked over the coding. “seems like Death doesn't want us interfering. Not sure that we can at this point.” He offered as Klume started to scream. “Your being trucked. They will allow you to lower your guard long enough to invade. “ He offered.
“I don’t think he can hear you.I don’t think he will be reachable at this point. Death has sealed the room in time and space.” Bradley said as Klume dropped to one knee.
“But that would mean that he knew we would be here. I am not even sure how that would be possible.” Klume exclaimed.
“It’s very simple. We are in their past but he isn’t the past incarnation of death. He is a future incarnation. Which mean when the reboot happened all his incarnations were scattered all around time and space.” Bradley said as he put his hand on Klumes shoulders making sure not to touch any exposed skin.. “In the end, I think it would of happened any way. The thing to do from here is get those access codes to me, Gavel, or one of my siblings. That way we can set things right.”
Klume looked up at Bradley and just nodded. As Klume got up Bradely went into one of the red doors and went over to a window. “And That would be the invasion we were trying to stop.”Klume said as the two looked out onto a sky full of descending Nemain shipps.
“That would be the one.” Bradley offered.
“So you think with these codes you can change history. Make it so that Morrigan never Tears down my sky.” Klume said as Bradley smiled.
“I know this may sound strange but I will not.It may cause me to lose said acess to the codes due to changes in events causing a ripple effect of increasing magnitude. Though, if it means anything i will make her pay. She will pay for her crimes against the people she has hurt. I swear it.” Bradley offered as Klume gave a slight grin.
“Good, then let's get you those codes.” Klume said as damaged Junk heap like ships come out of the sky and begin attacking the world of Maere.