View Full Version : Need a proofreader for 14k non-fiction

September 23rd, 2018, 06:31 PM
Hi! I just wanted to say first that it's been a while since I was active here, so I really hope this is the correct place for this post :welcome:

My mother and I are starting up with self-publishing and our first one will be her new book, a short non-fiction about feeling young inside and out. Our only roadblock is that English is a second language to us both, so what we need now is someone to proofread. It's had alpha and beta readers, so now we just need someone who knows English and grammar well to look it over.

We can discuss payment if anyone's interested.

I hope everyone here is doing well ^.^ I'm looking forward to being more active on WF again, probably in the self-publishing corner of WF.

EDIT: We no longer need proofreaders for current projects, but if anyone would like to leave their name for future books, my inbox is open :)