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June 10th, 2018, 08:33 PM

So youíve returned yet again. Canít get enough of my tales eh? What do you mean you donít know who I am? Iíll have you know Iím a very big deal in the literary world. Iím known by many names and I have a million, million voices. All these voices are in your head.

Now donít panic, youíre not insane. Well, you might be but still, donít worry because all people have these voices. For I am the all famous Narrator. Now Iím sure youíve not encountered too many narrators who talk directly to you. Well then again in todayís media it is more common as ďbreaking the fourth wallĒ becomes more popular.

But I digress, as egotistical as I may be in the voice you give me, I really must get to work. For my job is to regale all people with stories and tales that can be read. Tales that can inspire the heart, expand the mind and set aflame to your loins.

I hope the tale that I am to share in the following book can achieve at the very least one of these three. Though I will be concerned if it does one of them. Iím sure you can guess the one. (Psst. Itís the loinís one)

So the job of the prologue is generally to introduce you to the story, get the reader all pumped up for what theyíre reading. Clarify things that may at first be a mystery. But the question I currently face is quite simple. Where should I start?

Where is the best place to begin? Let me check my notes Iím sure Iíve got an Idiots guide to Narrating a prologue somewhere. ErrÖ the setting. That does seem like a good place to start. Donít you agree? Iím going to assume you said yes to that question

So this story dear readers is set in the grand world of Vestra. This is a world occupied by numerous races and ideas. War is commonplace and madness is ever prevalent in the ruling elite. Very much like your world now I think about it.

Ok, so weíve got the setting, or at least the basics of the setting. What next? ErrÖ. The Characters I guess. This tale as its title may suggest is about a troublesome trio of heroes.

The first of our heroes is the mightiest warrior the world of Vestra has ever seen. His name is Bjorn the Invincible. Due to divine blessing, he can never be harmed on the battlefield. Swords and spears will literally break against his skin.

The second of our heroes is Vespasia the Sword Master. She is ranked as the single greatest sword master on the planet. But with her skill is a merciful heart. She will never kill anyone she fights and always spares those who challenge her.

Our third and final hero is Nacros the Demi-God. As his title would allude he is a demi-god who. He is widely known for his herculean strength.

The thing is many know them by these titles. But others know them by far more honest titles. Bjorn the Unlucky, Vespasia the Eleventh and Nacros the Sleeper. Why do they hold these titles? I suppose you are asking that very question. Well, thatíll be a bit of a spoiler so if you really want to know read on and youíll find out.

Of course, our heroes at the start of this tale arenít as famous as they are now. They will form a group that will become the bane of criminals and the saviours of all monster fearing commoners.

I will reveal one tidbit though. The trio did face a big problem when they decided to join forces. What were they to name their group? They initially wanted the title Magnificent but it was already taken by a group of seven. They then applied for Amigos, but once again it had already been taken. They finally after many name attempts decided on Tremendous Trio (copyright pending). Because alliteration is always good.

The name would last throughout the ages. Well until they got the fourth member and had to think again. But thatís a story for another time.

Well enough dilly-dallying about. Iíll actually start the story now.

June 10th, 2018, 08:35 PM
Heres the Blurb for your enjoyment as well.

They always say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But to be honest we all do that, that’s why you’re reading this thing. The blurb. Something literally put on the cover to help you judge the book. I mean come on are we hypocritical or not?

But hypocrisy aside I really should do this thing as the hook of a blurb referencing you directly quickly loses its magic.

So welcome to the tale of the Tremendous Trio. They are a Triad of famous heroes.
First and foremost is Vespasia the sword master. None are as skilled as she is with a blade.

Bjorn the Invincible, a warrior who is untouchable when on a battlefield.

Last but by no means least, Nacros the Demi-God. I’m sure you can guess what’s special about him.

But the thing is, this tale is about their very first adventure. They are not known as widely as they will become.

They aren’t as experienced, so they are bound to screw up numerous times and boy do they screw up.

But all heroes start out with a few stumbles. So come and witness the tale of how three misfits met and were blackmailed into becoming heroes that the history books just won’t shut up about.

Ralph Rotten
June 11th, 2018, 03:18 AM
At the beginning you seemed to go back and forth between a casual voice and a formal one. But the narration smoothed out when you went more snarky formal. I think you should leverage the serious-formal voice with a steady diet of sarcasm, like tongue in cheek. Like the serious announcer voice guy who is not particularly enamored with your heroes in their early days, and needs a vacation desperately.

Just my dos centavos.