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May 12th, 2018, 03:28 AM
Hello, My name is Mr. 173 and you are about to enter back into my world. The story you are about to continue to hear is ripe with agony. It is the most painful, brutal, melancholiest story in the history of professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling... What do those two words put together even mean now? Since it all happened; since it all went down, nothing has ever been the same.

The fake sport that we all loved is gone now, but that is a story for another time.

Now, we continue with the tragic tale of the man that came to be known as Lenny Wildside. When last we met, we discussed his debut match. The four post-massacre that The Undisputed Era wielded against him to crush not just his body, but all of his dreams with it.

We will not discuss Mr. Wildside's victories within the realm of NXT. We will certainly not mention title reigns or now long forgotten feuds.

As I have warned before, this story is not for the faint of heart. This tale is torturous to the human soul and should never be mentioned out loud; but, unfortunately for myself, I have been burdened to tell this story because of a promise I should never have made. You have not made this promise, so I beg of you, read no further.

================================================== ================================================== ==================================================

Pt. 2 The End of the Beginning:

Lenny awoke suddenly with a gasp. He gazed at the clock on the nightstand.

"3:40 AM? Fuck me not again."

Insomnia was a mistress that had haunted him since his parents died back in the fall of 2001.

Lenny was only 12 then, barely able to conceive of such hatred. He soon learned that hatred could be just as powerful a motive as love. He only had two loves since that day, professional wrestling and The Marine Corps. The latter served him well during his time there, though he never quite got the revenge he so desired.

Lenny began his training in Florida three days after he received his discharge papers and tried his hardest to never look back. The Earth had a funny way of making him look back, however.

Between 2008 and 2017, Lenny had personally buried 22 friends and brothers. Some, because of The Forgotten War; and others because they never stopped fighting it in their own minds. He lived each day in their memory. They were, after all, the only family he had left; until he found the WWE Universe. He thought he had found a new home, a new brotherhood; but it was not to be. Lenny had fought his way to the very top. He played by all the rules, tore through every division and took his rightful place atop the NXT realm.

Once he was there, however, he realized that it wasn't enough. Men like Alister Black, Adam Cole, and Lars Sullivan never played by the rules; but they had all of the fan's respect.

The NXT Invasion, some of you might recall it as Invasion 2.0, was Lenny Wildside's baptism into the world of professional wrestling. He was, after all, the reigning NXT Champion in June 2019 when the first shots were fired.

NXT Takeover Philadelphia:

Well now, Sunshine, you have made it to the top of my world here in NXT. I'm not sure Mr. Black is going to be too happy when he wakes up. Did you have to hit him with the chair that many times?

"No," Lenny smirked, "but a friend told me it was a good idea."

Who is this friend, Toe Rag? You take your orders from me, remember? I'll have you know that I have already booked the rematch for Takeover: Minneapolis.

"Oh goody! My old hometown. I'll beat him again and then toss his career into the snow."

Im not quite sure what happened to you, Leonard, but I want to warn you that sinister actions like these will not get you to the main roster any time soon. This may be fun for you now, but Triple-H has already called me three times expecting me to punish you for your actions.

"Go ahead and try it, Regal. In case you've forgotten, I'm the man that put NXT on the map! This place was a dumpster fire before I beat your era of undisputed rejects by myself. I took your brand and made it mean something. This place was nothing before Wildside!"

Lenny left the room as Regal looked besmirched. Besmirched, here, means disrespected; but I'm sure you already knew that.

The camera zoomed in on the glass case on William's desk. This case contained his brass knuckles, his dearest companion. Never to be used again, but always at the ready just in case. One problem, though. The contents of the case had been removed.


Wildside made his way to the ring as the blue light bathed the gold around his waist. He had a message to deliver, and he was going to make sure it was heard loud and clear. Lenny stopped at the bottom of the ramp and took in the muffled boos and jeers from the packed crowd. They weren't too happy about him putting Alister in the hospital. Lenny smiled wide as his music faded out.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The voice echoed through Full Sail University as the fans rose to their feet booing loudly. Paul Heyman had arrived in NXT. He smiled at Lenny and lead him into the center of the ring

Ah-hem! Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Paul Heyman, and I am proud to introduce you to the greatest NXT Champion in the history of this company; and my close personal friend, Lenny Wildside!!

Lenny took the mic from Paul and handed him the NXT Championship.

"Thank you, Paul. I am proud to have you as my new advocate. There is no one better suited to handle the career of the most dominant force the universe has ever seen."

Lenny's smile faded and his voice deepened.

"This is the last time you will ever see the NXT Championship on this crappy show; on this piece of garbage WWE Network! I have done everything that Regal and Triple-H asked of me. I have overcome every obstacle and beaten every challenge the fools that run this place put in front of me. I am leaving to defend my title in REAL promotions. With real promotions, comes real money; with real money, comes real fans! No longer will I have to put up with the likes of you fat, smelly, disgusting, pathetic Floridians. Tell them why Paul-E!"

Lenny handed the microphone back to Paul, but William Regal's music hit to cut him off.

Not so fast, Mr. Wildside! I'll have you know that I just got off the phone with Triple-H, and as of 5 minutes ago, you are no longer the NXT Champion! That's right, Sunshine, you are officially stripped of the NXT title.

The crowd cheered the decision loudly and began to chant for Alister Black.

Lenny and Heyman looked at each other and started laughing hysterically.

Oh, oh Regal, you really are dumb, aren't you? Perhaps you didn't hear my client when he told you he was leaving with HIS championship to defend it on real shows, real brands, for real companies. Not some sideshow developmental farm system for Stephanie McMahon and her bobble-head husband.

Lenny took the mic and got right in Regal's face.

"News flash for you...Sunshine, We are NXT."

The fans booed louder now.

"Did you hear me, you pieces of trash? I said We are NXT!"

Heyman spun Regal around and dropped him with a hard right hand. He turned to the camera with an evil grin as he showed the crowd his fist. Regal's brass knuckles adorned his right hand.

He slid them off and handed them to Wildside.

"Perfect fit" Lenny said laughing.

The NXT locker room emptied and surrounded the ring.

Heyman held them at bay with the power of his voice. He urged them not to make the biggest mistake of their lives. He told them to think of their families and do the right thing and join them. He said that with his brain, and his financial backer's money, together, they could take back the wrestling world from the McMahon Family for good.

The NXT Roster didn't budge. Most of them owed their careers to Triple-H and, by extension, the McMahons. After a few seconds. They slowly filed onto the ring apron. Heyman's grin was now wider and more sinister than ever.

Triple-H appeared at the top of the ramp. He was furious. He screamed at the NXT Superstars to take out Wildside and Heyman.

The roster stood firm.

The undisputed era ran out behind Hunter and attacked.

Bring his body to my ring! Heyman growled as the rest of the roster ran up the aisle to assist in the assault of the COO.

They dragged Triple-H to the apron and rolled him into the ring. Blood was pouring down from a gash on the top of his forehead. Heyman laughed maniacally and he raised Hunter's head.

Wildside lunged forward and blasted Triple-H in the skull with the knuckle duster. He wiped the blood of

The roster began to chant We are NXT in unison; almost as if they were worshiping Heyman and his newfound client.

McMahon Family, the first shot has been fired! I am coming for you! We are coming for you.

We Are N...X...T!!!

================================================== ================================================== ==================================================

What you have just read is the end of the beginning. Sadly, for me and me alone, the tragedy only gets worse from here. You don't have to continue to suffer through this with me. The mistakes Mr. Lenny Wildside made up to this point have cost him. But not nearly as much as they did later on.

I will continue, as I am oathed, to tell this tragedy to the world. For this is my hell, my price to be paid. I once again urge you to read no further this tale I must tell. It will only hurt more, that much, I can promise you.

But I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know

May 12th, 2018, 02:49 PM
Hey TheLaw, I really know nothing about professional wrestling, so I'm just going to try and comment on the actual writing. I see this is "Part 2" so some of my comments may have been answered in Part 1(?)

In this particular incident, it would have been helpful for some kind of explanation of what your intentions are with this piece, like who your intended audience is. There are a few gray areas for me, as a non-wrestling fan, that might be crystal clear for someone who enjoys the sport.

Having said that, and even though you provide a lot of information, there are some gaps.

Once he was there, however, he realized that it wasn't enough. Men like Alister Black, Adam Cole, and Lars Sullivan never played by the rules; but they had all of the fan's respect.

I'm not sure who these men are or what role they play in this saga. Are they competing wrestlers, or are they in some way involved in the admin of the sport? I also don't know what NXT refers to.

The camera zoomed in on the glass case on William's desk. This case contained his brass knuckles, his dearest companion. Never to be used again, but always at the ready just in case. One problem, though. The contents of the case had been removed.

I didn't see any previous reference to the conversation or setting being filmed. I was under the impression that this was a story being told by Mr. 173 to an audience - his readers.

The roster stood firm. I don't know what this means.

Lenny took the mic and got right in Regal's face. I could not find anywhere mentioning that Regal was in the rink with Paul and Lenny, but then Paul attacked him so that must have been the case.

All in all, it was readable, but because of my limited knowledge, I was really not understanding most of the action. I think, if you want a general readership, you are going to have to take the time to explain time and place and provide and little more fleshing out of what is going on. You want your readers to be able to see where your characters are, know them, and maybe give more crowd definition other than them just booing.

Maybe someone else can do a better job here, but thanks for posting this, TheLaw.