View Full Version : Dog days are Over

April 29th, 2018, 01:41 PM
Lying awake in bed and looking at the clock as usual it showed 7.30...on the way to the toilet the mobile was located on a pile of unread books and sitting there a phone call was made to a violin teacher...i can't make it today for the lesson...i'm sorry i know you like 24 hours notice but today it's been a year since my dog died an i'm just not up to it..goodbye...while making a cup of coffee the pictures pinned to the notice board and stuck to the fridge just added to the gloom of the new day. Taking the coffee into the living room a few items had to be moved before there was room to sit on the couch and pulling the coffee table closer the diary was still in the plastic wrapper with a small case of unopened pencils sitting on top. Putting the cup down and opening the diary to the days date a pencil was sharpened an the first entry was written...my dog died this time last year and to this day i can't recall when my parents died but i know the days of each of my dogs deaths...if there is a heaven i don't want to meet my parents but i do want to see my dogs again. No plans today but as usual my mind has so many thoughts about things to do that i end up doing nothing. My violin teacher was pissed but that's just a money thing and i do enjoy the way you have to read music ahead of playing the notes which is how i live my life...it's not that i'm lazy it's just my brain wants to experience so much an i keep coming up with things to do but end up sitting here and just watching soaps. Closing the book and finishing the drink it was placed in the sink with other used dishes and the rest of the day was spent watching television from the bed before night arrived and a new day was getting closer.