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April 27th, 2018, 07:18 PM
Lenny Wildside came into this world like a house of fire. He left like a house of cards.

The story you are about to hear is not a happy story. It is a depraved and twisted tale that I, Mr. 173, am sworn to tell; but you, Dear Reader, do not hold the same albatross around your neck that I have been burdened by. I urge you to turn away now, so that you will not have to experience the anguish and the suffer in the ways that Mr. Wildside did.

I will hold no fault over your head should you decide that this symphony of agony is not for you. We lived it together in the Universal sense, but I beg you not to undertake the reliving of this tragedy. If you have decided this is not a story for which you have the stomach to reap; please, I pray you, stop reading now.

================================================== ================================================== ==================================================

Pt.1 He is NXT:

Our story begins on a balmy night in South Florida. The clouds hung heavy in the sky the way a paper towel sags low, just before it burts. He stood on the dock staring out at the waves crashing against the rocks below.

"Three more hours until this shift is over," Lenny muttered to himself as his cigarette clung to the edge of his lips.

"Then... Show time!"

The smoke billowed as he exhaled, floating up into the darkening sky.

I should stop here to tell you that this man known as Leonard Alexander Wild is far from the man that will soon be known, world over, as Lenny Wildside.

Leonard was an Assistant Manager for a 7-11 gas station in South Kissime, Florida. He worked long hours for low pay, but he got by so that he could have his Saturday nights.

On Saturdays, Leonard would don the paint, he would lace the boots, he would become the man that wpuld change the world. In Kissime, Florida, on Saturday nights; Lenny Wildside would be born again.

Under dim lights in dusty gyms, Lenny Wildside would fight against the demons of the night. He would triumph over mountains and tap out outlaws. The chanting of his name would drown out back alleys commotion and bar room brawls. He was the hero to the underground. A white knight born to defend the Wildside from treachery.

For close to ten years, Lenny battled weekly right next door to his dream. The WWE Performance Center was his target, NXT was his muse. He would make it. No matter what odds placed in front of him, he would take the Wildside to the bright lights.

The phone rings.

"This is Leonard."

Is this Mr. Wildside?

"Who is this." Leonard asked, slightly annoyed. He assumed it was a fan of the Saturday show that somehow got his number.

He had bad experiences with over zealous fans before. He did not wish for another

This is William Regal, General Manager of NXT.

Lenny snapped his phone shut, he still had a flip phone.

"Fuckin assclowns" he mumbled as he lit a fresh cigarrette.

His phone began to buzz again...

"Who the fuck is this?!"

Mr. Wildside, I will only ask you one time to mind your tongue as you speak to me. If you are to become a member of my roster, you damn bloody well will show me respect you daft mingebag!

"Holy shi..... Mr. Regal, please accept my apology! I thought you were a fan playing a prank on me."

That would be assuming you have a fan, Leonard.

Leonard winced when his real name was uttered with such a hiss.

"Yessir... I... I suppose it would. Please, Mr. Regal, what can I do for you?"

It's not what you can do for me, Sunshine, it's what I am about to do for you, Regal paused. Or, should I say, what I was going to do before your little temper tantrum.

"Please. Mr. Regal, I didn't mean any disrespect. I honestly....."

His voice trailed off as he saw his dream dissapearing before his very eyes.

I was going to call you and invite you to the WWE Performance Center for a tryout, but I have something much better in mind for you.

"Wh-what is it sir?"

A one night only appearance on NXT television on the WWE Network.

"Really?!" Lenny couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Sir, I can't thank you enough for the opportunity!"

Just wait one minute you little toe rag; I wasn't finished speaking yet. You're going to have your first match against Adam Cole, and Rodrick Strong, and Kyle O'Reilly of the Undisputed Era. It's going to be a handicap match, Sunshine, and if you just so happen to impress me, I will award you an NXT full time contract. Cheerio.

Regal hung up the phone.

Lenny was stunned. His dream was about to come true, but the odds could not be more stacked against him. How would he possibly impress William Regal against the reigning NXT North American Champion and the Tag Team Champions.


"This is it... This is my one and only shot."

Who are you talking to, Kid?

Lenny spun on his heals and was met face to face with Paul Heyman.

"Pau.... Mr. Heyman! It's an honor to meet you sir."

Trust me, I know it is. I'm a very popular guy. Paul smirked. I wanted to stop by and tell you that you're in way over your head. Do you have any idea what The Undisputed Era is about to do to you? No one even knows your name, and you're about to be victimized by the best that NXT has to offer, and then you're gone! There's no way you score that contract tonight. That's not a prediction, THAT is a spoiler.

"Thanks, I guess, for the confidence boost, Paul. But in case you didn't realize, your Beast is long gone! There is nothing and no one to stop me from tearing a hole in your throat right now to watch you choke on your words up close."

Lenny backed Paul into the wall. Paul's demenor quickly changed to that of a child who just got caught eating cookies before dinner.

No no no no no, Sir! I am just an advocate! I am only hear to advise a, potential, superstar who is making a huge mistake!

"Speak faster worm! Before I give you more to cry about!"

I'm here to offer my assistance! Should you need it; and trust me, you... need... it.

Heyman spun out of the corner and backed away slowly, hands raised.

Here's my card. Think about it kid.

Lenny's match was up next. William Regal walked up to meet him in Gorilla.

Hello there, Sunshine. Are you ready for your big night?

"As ready as I'm going to be I guess." Lenny paused. "Are you here to make things worse?"

Quite the opposite, actually. I am here for your grand introduction. A person of your stature deserves a warm welcome before your moment slips through your fingers.

Lenny mumbled something under his breath.

Was that more disrespect you ungrateful plonker?

"Does it matter? After this you'll never see me again."

Perhaps, unless you impress me. You do plan on impressing me, don't you? Oh, how I hate when my time is wasted.

"I'll do my best.... Sir." The hiss was in Lenny's voice now.

Regal's music blared through the speakers. He stopped and looked back at Lenny.

How much do you weigh, Toe Rag?

"Two-hundred-seven pounds!" Lenny hollered over the music.

Psh, not like they'll remember, and out he went to the Full Sail crowd.

Regal, normally one to absorb the cheers of the NXT faithful, was feeling particularly spiteful on this night. Gone was his trademark wave to the crowd. He was all business as he grabbed the mic and gazed out to the packed house at Full Sail University.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an unexpected treat for you this evening. For the past few years, I have been implored by Triple-H to scour the globe and find new NXT superstars for you all to enjoy. The man I am about to introduce is not one of those superstars. He is a disgusting little ingrate, who had the grapefruits to hang up on the opportunity of a life time! I offer a home and a place to ply your trade all over the world, and you had the gall, not just to hang up on me, but to use... profanity in my direction? But, I am a man of opportunity. Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to give this lad one more chance to impress me and earn an NXT contract.

Regal straightened his tie, and proceeded with his introduction.

From a gas station in bloody Kissimmee, Florida. Weighing in this evening at two-hundred and seven pounds. Lenny Wildside.

No music played as Lenny made his way to the ring, but that didnt matter. Lenny sprinted toward and then arpund the ring in full Ultimate Warrior mode. He'd make his own noise if he needed to. He climbed up on the apron and hurdled the ropes, then locked eyes with Regal.

"Are you impressed yet?!" Lenny howled.

The crowd seemed to enjoy the antics, despite a smattering of who-are-you chants.

The music hit and out came The Undisputed Era, draped in 60 percent of the NXT Gold.

The introductions were made and the bell rang. Lenny didn't stand a chance against the initial onslaught. Adam Cole leaned against the corner directing the abuse that O'Reilly and Strong gleefully dished out. They layed out Wildside with a Tower of Doom superplex before the ref finally gained some order.

O'Reilly would start the match strong, laying in to Lenny with kicks and punches. Lenny attempted to make a comeback off the ropes but caught a knee to the back from Strong on the outside. Close two count after a side slam by O'Reilly.

O'Reilly tagged out to Adam Cole and the crowd popped hard. Cole with a big running forearm. Cole taunts to the crowd, but gets caught in a grapevine by Wildside. Wildside locks in a crossface, but it was broken up by Strong and O'Reilly before the beatdown began again.* Mistake by Strong as he crashes O'Reilly off the apron.

Lenny pounces into action with a picture perfect dropkick square in the shoulders of Strong, sending him over the top rope all the way to the floor. Cole and Wildside face off now in the first fair fight of the night. Lenny gains the southpaw's advantage with quick forearms and and chops. Cole is on the backfoot. Lenny wraps him up for his patented Rolling Cutter, Nigel McGuinness calls it the Walk on the Wildside. Lenny goes for the pin but a returning Bobby Fish breaks up the pin causing the disqualification

Winner: Lenny Wildside

After the match, all four members of the Undisputed Era hit the ring and the beatdown continues. Adam Cole screams something that sounds like four post massacre. It turns out that is exactly what Undisputed Era had in mind as all four men went up to the top rope.

"Fuck!" Lenny said to his ribcage.

They lept off the top seemingly in slow motion, each chose a different form of destruction. Adam Cole chose a deadly headbutt, Bobby Fish chose the point of his elbow, Kyle O'Reilly selects a leg drop, and Roderick Strong aimed his favorite knee. The four men crushed Lenny Wildside into the mat. Undisputed Era roll to the outside and recover as medical staff check on Lenny Wildside. Lenny rolls to the ring apron and needs assistance getting to the back. Regal meets them on top of the ramp, his face much softer now. He looks impressed. He shakes Lenny's hand and says,

Welcome to NXT.

The show goes off the air with Lenny being helped to the back by Regal and medical staff. The crowd was on their feet chanting for Wildside.

================================================== ================================================== ==================================================

If it appears that this story has a happy ending, I assure you, those appearances are deceiving you. Though his hard days at the gas station are behind him now, he has yet to experience the hard times to come. This is merely the beginning of what will go down as the tragedy to end all tragedies.... But I'm not telling you anything, you don't already know.

April 27th, 2018, 08:03 PM
I usually dislike tragedies except in the case of Shakespeare. My oldest brother still does see wrestling. I don't because I think it is not very "realistic" and some fans of wrestling will disagree with me, but I don't watch wrestling or boxing for this reason. My optional advice for the take or leave it as is, or to not go for a sad ending. That is the cheap way out. It is hard to feel for a tragic character unless it speaks of a social justice or some strong truth that is unstated like in a play. That is what I thought of each of William Shakespeare's plays. Also, this sounds like it needs not to stack impossible odds against the protagonist. It's agonizing since many wrestlers do get injured. If you can make a more likable hero or tragic protagonist by making us emotionally connect with what he does. His personality maybe needs more fleshing out. While I digressed I still hope you can write the kind of story you want while still pleasing the audience. I hope you consider a happy ending. Do I think wrestling should exist? I don't know. That calls for a different approach. The issue is one that is pertinent to the real world. Just like bulls are slaughtered for sport. Good luck with writing the story.

April 28th, 2018, 03:26 PM
Hi Law,

interesting story here! I haven’t thought about wrestling in a long while, and this was a nice nolstagia trip for me!

Firstly I love the subject, I think it’s a great area to explore, and while it is something almost everyone knows about, I feel it is often overlooked. I also think you do a great job of conveying the action. The fight sequence felt fast and furious, and exactly what was needed

So there are quite a few different styles in this section, which is intriguing, but may warrant another look at. The first is the lovely lemony snickett style at the start. It’s a nice way to start any piece, and I could actually hear warbuton speaking it as I read, so definitely nailed it there. The problem is that that tone is extremely cerebral. It’s very slow and very measured, and every word and phrase is extremely measured. Even when the scenes are action packed in a series of unfortunate events, it doesn’t feel awkward for breaks and interruptions from snickett himself, because the tone and pace of the story reflects this. However, in your piece, after your introduction, it is almost all action packed, and the cerebral tone doesn’t fit. I think you recognised this as that sort of ‘meta narration’ is all but abandoned by the second half of the section (excluding the conclusion of course)

I would very much suggest maybe going through and smoothing down either one style or the other. Either focus entirely on an action packed adventure, with lots of quick sentences and intense action, or go full cerebral, and really focus on the emotionally and intellectual process your protagonist is going through, with a running commentary from the narrator (I’m imagining moments like snickett explaining words and phrases). It might mean cutting down on the fight commentary, but could give you more space to develop the readers relationship with Lenny.

Another thing you might want to consider is slowing the pace down a little. Your dialogue and action is great, but I realised at the end of your piece that I still had no clue what Lenny looked like, besides his weight. Is he a big guy? Does he smile a lot? What is his costume like? (For some reason I imagined him wearing a luchador mask, though I think that speaks more of my disturbed psyche than anything else). It was the same for the ring itself. Not being much of a wrestling fan, I don’t really know what it would be like to stand in the ring. What does the floor feel like? What does it smell like? How many people are there watching, and how does it make Lenny feel? A little slowing down and building the picture will really increase the effect of the fast paced action sequence later.

Phew! This was meant to be a short message, but I ended up rambling I’m afraid! Anywho, I really enjoyed this, and think it has a ton of potential. Looking forward to the next instalment :)