View Full Version : Opening for Chesney Hawkes!

Dave Watson
April 24th, 2018, 03:24 PM
So a few years ago I wrote this Robert Burns inspired piece of rhyming verse called Tam O' Shatner, a tribute to the great man's masterpiece of almost the same name. I managed to get it published, it's won a couple of prizes, and I go out and perform it at poetry nights every now and again (it's the only poem I've ever written). A few months ago I was asked to perform it at this years Burnsfest, to which I readily agreed. I later found out I'll be performing in the afternoon in the live music tent, sharing the stage with the headliners, Scottish new wave 80's band Hipsway. Pretty cool, I thought at the time.

Today, I logged into the Burnsfest website, checked out the running order of acts, and found out that I'm going on stage before The One and Only himself, Mr Chesney Hawkes!