View Full Version : The 'Not Flowers' thread

Terry D
June 18th, 2017, 08:59 PM
In a departure from my usual flower and backyard shots, I'm posting these, which I took this morning at a local art fair.

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June 20th, 2017, 12:24 AM
And what is wrong with flower pics???? hahaaa, you know I love them... but these are ready to be matted and framed... I love the drama of the black and white shots, without a doubt my favorite... but the church nestled in the trees, half hidden is awesome, draws me in, makes me want to explore... truly you have an artist eye for the dramatic play of light and dark.... looooovIT!! Thank you ;)

Oblivious Plunge
June 20th, 2017, 12:39 AM
Loving the black and white shots.

Terry D
June 20th, 2017, 01:07 PM
Thank you both. When I was young and had my first SLR camera all I could afford to get developed was B&W film (as in my avatar), so I 'developed' a love of black and white photography. I'm happy it speaks to you.