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May 28th, 2017, 08:34 PM
What is 7in7? Over a period of seven days, a participating poet would write seven poems and post them to the Poets' Workshop, tagged with the tag 7in7. These poems would not be subject to the limit of 2-per-24-hour period, however, they would not be permitted to exceed 7-in-7-days (i.e. this is not a license to spam). 7in7 would be open the last seven days of each calendar month, except April (i.e. there would be eleven of them). The reason for this is that the last seven days of the month do not conflict with the writing period for the Monthly Poetry and Poets in Progress challenges.

Thus it would be as follows:
January 25-31
February 22-28 (23-29 on leap years)
March 24-30
May 25-31
June 24-30
July 25-31
August 25-31
September 24-30
October 25-31
November 24-30
December 25-31

Note about the poll: it will have conflicting options and if you vote for opposite options, you've just wasted your votes. You can vote for as many options as you'd like.

June 2nd, 2017, 04:46 PM
*fills wi(d)th*