View Full Version : Creative Composition Book I am Reading and Recommend. (or considered narrative skill)

April 26th, 2017, 03:16 AM

Despite it being prose, I think this is an area I am not skilled. Knowing when to write and sticking to one narrative strategy which aids composition.

During my latest research on how to overcome my writing problems. I came across this book. This person has degrees in English and creative writing (mfa). Not to mention is studying narratology.

This book is about composing stories despite its title which is confusing.

"By demonstrating how research on stories and storytelling can be leveraged for practical, pedagogical purposes in the writing classroom, Abbiati's book is a significant contribution to the field of narrative studies itself." –DAVID HERMAN, Distinguished Professor of English, The Ohio State University, and author of Storyworlds: A Journal of Narrative Studies

This is from the university of Ohio. The author seems like a bright person who can explain and help us deconstruct the randomness of composition in narratives. I ordered the book and kindle edition was included.

So hopefully this is of good use to disabled people such as myself. It gives disabled writers maybe a sense of direction if you will. His theory applies to analyzing novels that have been released recently, as the title says prose. I admit I spent the day reading other books, but it caught my eye because of the credentials.

I also ordered a different book. For description as an area of craft purposes, but it's not groundbreaking and I won't have it in my hands until 21 days.

I bought it today, and have only started reading it. It has writing exercises to help you with what you learn. You should when buying a craft book always have writing exercises in my opinion but that's because you can make sure you can apply what you learn.

Ask me anything but obviously, I can't paste anything. Such as anything you think might make it a good or interesting book to improve.

It only applies to storytelling.It is free of jargon. (after 10 pages and flipping to chapter 2).

If you buy the book share you experience if it works or helps you. That is what a good forum can do or incite some discussion.

Thanks for any comments or any replies.