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February 22nd, 2017, 02:27 PM
This isn't marketing strictly speaking, but it's the closest section to this. After all, perception means a lot

So, we conservatives sometimes tremble. There is a part of me that thinks my writing, with its conservative tinge, would never be accepted, but then I thought: "Hey, there's Tom Clancy for one, and there are plenty of other writers with a right-leaning voice." If you write political thrillers, for example, your voice is going to be from your side of the aisle. If you write literary fiction, it's going to hint at your social views. Orson Scott Card got in trouble, but not because he was against homosexuality...but because he said things like they should be executed. That's why there were protests. So, work with a conservative tinge will be read, just like Clancy was read (sorry, he's the only present time writer I can think of that was clearly a conservative). He wasn't my school of conservative, but he clearly leaned right.

I guess what I am saying, is that there is fear that I'll be a complete outcast and under extreme scrutiny. But, on observing some non-PC things on television, on shows which lean left, I said, as long as I'm not an asshole, I should be fine. Of course, to some people, even when you're nice, you're an asshole, but in that case, you have to bend over and spank your booty at them.

Do any other conservatives have this fear of the dream of getting big, and then liberal literary world...or the world in general...realizing you are conservative, and will call you a bigot and the whole nine yards?

Besides, Orson Scott Card is still selling a load of books and no one protests him anymore.