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December 31st, 2016, 02:48 AM
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Wang is struggling with anger and is locked in his room, but suddenly the multiple screens on his computers get active and they show filmings of the other teenagers in the village. After a short while of stupor, he asks for help again on the microphone.

It’s another morning in the village and Seth’s companion gather in front of Francesca’s house and they decide to evoke their voice ” Misty! We evoke you! ” is Seth to talk for them ” There is another guy like us? Why didn’t you tell us ? ”
” Good morning my guys , I am aware there is another boy in this village. His wish is to be left in his room, for the rest of his days. This is why I locked him inside. He also wished to be far away from everyone and everything. This is why he’s so much further away from you my guys ” . The team members exchange worried looks.
” First of all ” Seth replies ” We are not yours. We are on our own and you are watching us from who knows where. Second of all, I don’t think his wish was to be trapped in a room in the middle of nowhere, am I right? ”
” Are you aware of the Hikikomori syndrome? ” the voice Misty replies ” It’s something that happens very often for Japanese teens. They become reclused and they do not communicate with people in their surroundings, not even with their parents sometimes, and they stay in their rooms for years, losing touch with the world outside. So, I am pretty sure he feels comfortable where he currently is ”
” He is trying to communicate and warn us ” Francesca says ” He said he cannot let himself out, and he is dieing of hunger! Does he have something to feed himself with? ”

” When I brought him here where you all woke up, he was on the brink of suicide. So, I locked him in a room with nothing but a bed, computers and screens. He can now watch all of you. All of this. And he can hear me. He was the first I chose. He came here days before you all. He has hours to live “
Everybody is shocked. Cassidy comments that hunger is a horrible way to die from. Leon is determinate that they should go search for him to let him free. Leon asks for permission to the voice. She replies ” If this is your wish, I think you should go search for him. But I have to warn you that it won’t be easy. The other voice , Creye, has organized for obstacles on the way ” but she gives them tips about Wang’s location.

They decide to go, but Seth has got something in mind. So, he asks Saad to lead them, and for them to bring any weapons they can find. Leon has found a gun, and Saad will bring his crossbow. They also bring water and food for them and for Wang . Seth decides to get back to the fireplace area.

The other team, Xavier’s companions, hear the voice of Creye ” The other group is your enemy, and they have something in mind. They are going to search Wang from Japan. That individual wished to die before Misty brought him in the village. I organized for obstacles on their way but I suspect that they won’t be enough. I provided you my guys so many things. I now ask something to you. Or rather, I order you all to stop them to prevent them from feeding Wang and letting him go outside his locked room. If you fail to achieve this, I will terminate one of you of my choice, a secrete choice ” .
The girls and Little Kerchief are concerned and worried, but Xavier and the other teen boys decide to stop them. Xavier convinces everyone of them to go. Vladimir will bring weapons, so will Lacus. There is some discussion about this, because Jenny is amazed that they actually would hurt or kill somebody. But they were told the others are the enemy and for their life’ s sake they are ready to do something extreme, and everybody should cooperate because nobody wants to be terminated by a mysterious voice with incredible power.
So, they start to march toward the place that was indicated by Creye.
__________________________________________________ _

In the meanwhile, Seth is trying to see if his father is back, and he reaches the fireplace area where he stumbled in the previous night. This time is day, and he discovers his father is still there. He slowly walks toward him and all the anger comes back inside him ” You! Stand up and face me! ” he shouts, but his father stays sit down in front of the fire, drinking a beer and acting dismissive, and laughs with bitterness. ” I never cared enough , you know, Seth? I actually bought that car, but drove away and I found a better woman to make love with “.
Seth is confused. Wasn’t this the same exact sentence he heard from him the previous night? ” I know. You said that already. Tell me! Why did you do that? Was something wrong with mom? ” but he receives no answer from his father, that appears to be suddenly unaware of his presence. Seth walks and sits next to him, than he puts himself just in front of his father’s face ” Hey, I am talking to you! Care to listen? Say something! ” . His father isn’t reacting at all. Seth starts to get nervous and he walks right and left near the fire, on the brink of crying, not knowing what to do.
After a short while, his father finally talks ” You are here since five minutes and I already had had enough of you ” and he stands up, with the beer in a hand, and he starts to walk away. Seth gets mad and he starts to run behind him ” Stop! I want you to listen! You are going to have to deal with me! ” and he pushes him and punches him and Seth’s father falls down on the ground and loses his head, revealing wires and sparks. Seth is breathless.

Seth is seen to walk through a forest route to reach the others with an expression-less face, stunned by the revelation.
The rest of his team is walking on the route and vegetation hiddens the sight on the sides. Suddenly a group of ninja warriors comes out jumping acrobatically and they are trapped while they react, concerned but determinate to defend themselves.
The ninjas try to attack the girls and one of them grabs Joney and takes him but Cris reacts and jumps on him, preventing him from kidnapping his little brother.
Saad is the most keen to fight them , but just before the ninjas are overcome, they disappear, and everybody can take a breath, even if they don’t understand what’s going on.

In the meanwhile, Wang is watching everything on the screens, and evokes the voice Misty ” Voice! Please give me something to feed and drink…! I really need that. I want to survive! I will do anything, everything you ask! “
” Wang, your original wish was to die, to terminate your life. I am just providing you the chance to achieve just that. I want to see if the teenagers you see on the screens, those that can hear my voice too, will be able to save you. But you should know that whatever they do, it’s only up to me, the final decision. And if I let you go out, your life won’t be comfortable. You are a hikikomori and you cannot actually survive outside. If you wish to terminate your life in some other way, I will provide you the means , but only I can give you permission. You shouldn’t interfere with my team’s mission or you will witness their termination “.
“I don’t want you to terminate them! I want them to live and I want to be fed! ” Wang shouts, in fear.
” If so, we shall see what’s going to happen, don’t you think? We’ll see, Wang “.

While Seth’s team is walking through the forest, they see a cabin in a clearing. It’s just like a piece of house, but only one room, four walls, are standing by, and there is a strange light around it, as it is protected by a firewall.
They stop to observe the thing, and they start to feel the earth shake, and than the air becomes more heavy, and they start to have trouble breathing. They realize they are inside of a bubble of air that is closing itself in, trapping them.
They start to panic. They cannot get out and the space is becoming restricted more and more and the air becomes so heavy that they are slowly suffocating.
” Voice! Misty! Help! ” they shout. In the meanwhile, Xavier’s group reaches the place and the boys start laughing, delighted by their fear. Only Little Kerchief and Jenny are concerned and Taylor is impassible and serious.
” Now ” Creye intervenes ” It’s time for my guys to choose. I don’t really see the need for them to survive this obstacle. But you can call for their survival, but if somebody asks me to stop it this person will have to sacrifice his or her life for their sake “.
Little Kerchief starts to cry, and Jenny reacts with fear and intense sadness. She shakes her head and starts to cry. The boys and Taylor look at her realizing that she is going to give up. ” Oh my God! This isn’t really happening! No! STOP IT! STOP IT! Let them live, please! “. Jenny has surrendered.

The boys and Taylor, even Dennis, take steps back, waiting for her termination, while she falls down on her kneels, in despair. Seth’s team is finally spared. The bubble disappears and they can breath normally again.
” So, this is it. I wonder if you would have done the same thing even without the threat of termination. The truth is that you have to go on with this. There is no actual termination. It was all part of a challenge. And you, Jenny, showed up as the weakest among my guys. Now it’s up to them to decide if you should belong to them. For your reaction there is a penalty. Wang will be set free by your enemy team. I suppose there will be no applause from your companions “.

Jenny is crying but she is also relieved. But she faces shame and the serious and threatening looks from the boys, and even Taylor will not console or support her. Instead, Seth’s team comes near her and they all try to lend her a hand and thank her. Little Joney runs to hug her.
Seth reaches the area and is welcomed by his companions, but he is still distant and thoughtful , thinking of his ” fake father ” by the fireside.
” The time has come. Wang will be set free. You are now able to walk through the firewall and open the door ” Misty says .

Seth’s companions walk toward the door, and Francesca opens it. ” Wang? Are you here? We are good guys. We will feed you ” .
” I am so much grateful. But for me is so difficult to live outside. I may start to panic “
” We will support you. It’s time for a change. You can do it. It’s for your own sake “
” I know. I will try. Do you have some water, something to eat? ” Wang says , with a trembling voice, ashamed by his conditions. But Francesca feels empathy and she offers him water and food.
Wang drinks and ates with a passion. The others wait outside, taking a look with concern and curiosity.

When his meal is finished she asks him ” Are you ready? ” and he says ” I will try with all my heart “. Than, she hugs him and she puts a arm around his shoulders and they walk outside together. Seth’s companion shake hands with him while the opposite team looks at the scene.