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November 30th, 2016, 06:19 AM
‘Careful!’ I say to myself.

The land I walked upon was getting deeper and deeper into darkness here on Moon Island and this life I lived was just born into my eyes. I am Mor’bek one of the tribe leaders here on the island. I received something from the ground and when I picked it up. It evoked a glow and made me wonder what this tropical non-paradise was truly made for. On the island, we were under two separate tribes; The Sprites of Lunacy and my tribe of the Moon, we had walls barricading the lands and in some parts of the realm we were sure that this had something to do with the moon ascending and descending. I can tell you here that on this island there is no daylight only darkness which is what is happening right this moment. I took the stone and returned to my tribe but should I find out what I am here for and what I am doing on this lush terrain of ocean and trees? The land had path’s leading to the upper realms of the sprites. I don’t think I could go there and neither was I allowed to pass what was barricaded and this was a conundrum for me and my tribe. I have only a few tribe members but I won’t give into their names at this point. The land started to throw pits and storms to try and kill me and I refuse to die and right now this storm was beginning to mess up my feet. I wear leopard and a falcon skull for a hat to signify my importance to the tribe and it was perfect to remain leader since no one has ever stopped me from becoming leader of this land the sprites and the other members around were callousness to my awakening when I tried to walk along back to my home.

‘We see this cretin and he will perish.’

Another sprite had said. ‘We cannot do much, we could watch and see them crumble as we own the weather against them.’

‘But they own the stone.’

‘Stone? Hey-wait he does! Send more pits!’ yelled the commander of the sprites.

They came at me with more pits and quicksand to try and decease me into nothing but just that. They can try! But I will overcome. The next part of the island became a wall and the wall was broken thanks to this stone.

‘Aye! Thank you, moon-stone!’

The next wave was harder though they had let me travel back to my home and splendor away in the findings of the stone pondering what this stone would bring the stone seemed ancient and ethereal something of a find for sure. While walking and being born when I trudged could seem like a strange thing to you the reader but I was certain that would find something out the ordinary and this land called the Moon would and could return to it’s former glory. We had to do something about those sprites but how? That was a question even I could not fathom but I had to make the move back the challengers of the island. The sprites!

‘Need to make this last voyage back to the trees.’ I said

‘Careful and stay safe Mor’bek!’ said my tribe companion

The land was covered in Verdeans of course and do you concur the land being green all night when you live under the impression that the island is just mess itself? Do you concur that the land I was born was just a difficult passage throughout time and this existence I know of will be of death? I could grant this land being into a frenzy from what I call called Reaper Island. Home of death. As I walked a little further down the brown coconut stretch. Things started to become a hassle for my poor little barbaric soul. I saw the sprites and they began to form the realm into the death of the reaper and this moon that I saw again was glistening and rising above me forevermore into my existence. I refuse to die! I refuse to die! I say but regardless I persevered and come right face to face with death the land was a mess the winds blew among my muscular figure and the realm was full of pits again the storm started to conjure rain and mud to sway me by and make me fall into it’s quick-sand and I moved pushing them aside I pushed these things way from my view and I finally saw the swirling black that made me tremble in everlasting fear but I was not afraid although in the worse sense this seemed to be it for me. Moon island was at the end; it was the end of life. And the end of everything that was created on this land. The Sprites almost defeated me but I came under the protection of the stone… the stone brought me hope again but I became the reaper though. Full of fear and full of death, this isn’t the end I am still Mor’bek Ben of this tribe of the moon. Moon Island is mine and so this is realm that live upon. These sprites laughed and pointed at me in humiliation and shamefulness.

‘You will not bring me down!’ I reply with confidence

‘We already have you hack!’ they said

During the end of this endeavor I stumbled upon my reaper uniform and noticed the clothing starting to fade. I could feel my confidence and my pride coming back to me in the humid night air. And in the sky the moon noticed my vigor and spirit of courage and descended back down and the sun risen finely upon the nice clear sunny skies of the realm. The sprites had felt pain and torment and sorrow from their ridicule of me and had spoken to them once more that they were not alone but if you are a decent celestial thing. Human or whatever you were just perfect to others and to your-self.

‘Perfection is key creatures!’

‘We see… sorry to have done this to you. We are eternally grateful for your spirit Mor’bek.’

‘What do we do about these walls and the upper lofts of your keep?’

‘Have it! We are with you eternally confident ruler!’

This stone was my hero and at last I saw the light again for the first time in years.

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November 30th, 2016, 09:26 AM

November 30th, 2016, 11:34 AM
It is about a man's journey to discover an island that he was just born into and find out about the other things within the land like the sprites. There was alot going on in this story but I like to make this vague and mysterious sometimes.

The Fantastical
November 30th, 2016, 11:48 AM