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November 8th, 2016, 08:36 PM
What You’ve Given Me

A state of emergency happened and sirens wailed endlessly along the town of Siena, stretching across it’s hilly incline. Fire burned and caught in the tree’s, the ground whipping in flames, netting its blaze like a fish to net in the sea. The emerald grass now turned to nothing, of where I was standing. Me and Nikola sprinted off into the partially wooded trail of our Terrence planting over to the path that guided us to shelter. Siena was our way to assure that it was all alright for our worries were lifted, so to say… aside. Attentively watching where we were stepping. She was the one who saw the whole thing, returning to the fact that it was a wildfire, it happens, but not today. Rarely an occurrence, Nikola didn’t care about all that though because it was more important to head to the town.

Nikola asked me “You alright?”

“Yeah, … you?” huffing like a stray dog

I began wonder about her, her memories, and our parents, we obviously thought that this was their funeral. They’re dead and they weren’t coming back. I wanted to cry and arch my hand over to Nikola’s shoulder. She was distraught over the wildfire, the whole debacle of our farm homes being burned to a crisp. What were we going to do? Onlookers scattered over to the hills above our town, seeing the mess of things. Siren’s continued to wail but faded when the fire was coming to a cease. I had the thought of her birthday trying to come up with the best possible positive thing I could come up with when dealing with terror’s like this. Flashbacks of her event summoned up, arriving with me in her arms when I was 11 years old. I had her memories, her fun, glancing as she hit the piñata and eating cake, the happiest I could be. But what was really out there now, their shattered in the cruelest hour, I didn’t like it which in the long run made me more worried. I’m a wuss I know but would it make me stronger in the end.

“Everyone inside, we must scavenge what we can find up there, inside for now,” said an officer

Me and her went to an inn a couple blocks from the town, we spent the night there and sobbed hysterically. Just the thought of our parents gone was scary with such as personal belongings did not exist in our minds. It wasn’t important right now, it was more important eternally was the remembrance of our parents and where we were headed now. We were going to be foster children or taken in the arms of another family that’s for sure, we couldn’t just run away and be on the streets for the rest of our lives, though Nikola was 18 and she was an adult, she could do whatever she wanted. She was the adventurous type, going to the most unexplored places was not something that I could ever have the courage to do, but she can. Morning hovered above us and each of us woke up pretty early don’t know why but we felt it would be beneficial for us, or at least that’s what the officer told us to do. Each of us carried some revelation upon rendezvousing back to our destroyed property, truly I was torn as we were finally allowed to head back to our homes. Nikola went back to hers and saw her home crumbled. Debris, rocks, and piles of dirt flipped over her house and mine, smoke towering over in the distance. But we each had some sort of goal to live our lives the way we wanted, this fire changed us. Made us in a way better, shaping our destiny’s sharper into triangles. Folding like origami’s, though we thought what our parents would do at a time like this...

“I still sad from all this you know,” I said
Nikola pushed me knocking me almost to the ground, staggered.


“Stop worrying anymore,”

“But our homes, haven’t you seen what this wildfire has caused, and our parents, dead.”

“Yeah but I’m not mopping around about it, it’s done,”

“Where are we going to go, there are people who will take us in, leaving us separated? And my brother? He doesn’t know about this.”

“I’m 18 I can take care of myself, it’s a cold world, like toughen up!”
“I really wished you were dead in that fire,”

She became two-faced and bitter, I had no idea what her deal was. Although the fire definitely gave us some ideas about what was left in this existence, we’ve never came across anything like this before. We never were told about wildfires. Trained to defend ourselves, we’re teenagers not something to learn in this life. I sat on the ground with the replaying of the whole event. Start to finish, again and again and again. Like I said I was a wuss, but I one day will blossom fully into a butterfly like my mother says, ‘whatever you do you will reach for the stars and touch its limitless dreams that star possesses’. I asked her ‘in other words?’ she gave an answer; don’t worry about a thing. I took hold to that ever since, ever since she said those words, I believed her. Everything she said to be when I was a little girl I believed her, but sadly she was gone. It wouldn’t stop me from living my life or Nikola’s yet I wanted to believe that. My sadness could have sent me to my death if I wanted to end it. Suicide, but I couldn’t do that, a friend came over and asked us what we were doing, has he not seen what had happened over here in the hills? Giorgio came to see from the aftermath of the fire, yet he hadn’t the slightest. He just flew in from America and went back home to Italy, he lived in Siena like us, toddling over to see what we were up to.

“There was a wildfire? O mio dio, are you alright you two?

I nodded “Yeah we are, when did you get here?”

Giorgio looked around and crouched over “Do you guys want to stay at my home, mia casa?”

“Yeah we can do tha- “

Abruptly Nikola came interrupting what was going to say,

“Sorry no thanks!


“You go on ahead Mariella, I’m going solo.”

“You’re crazy,”

At ‘Questura di Siena’ after I convinced her willingly to get her to come stay at our friend’s house, we got over the fact that our troubles were blind sighted by the smell of defeat that lingered in our hair’s like tormented spirits. When we were young we wondered about the streets we used to walk on here when we were kids. As if there was something rewarding about them. There were prostitutes roaming in the night here and at times, it was difficult to handle them. Expanding to different sections across the town. Normally they asked for a huge sum or their boss would put them back at the red-light district in Amsterdam. Had it not been for their ignorance to disobey their master, sex-slavery I personally would not even try but I wasn’t so sure if Nikola would dive into that kind of territory. And if she agreed to doing that, god knows if she would listen to what I’m saying if she actually enabled herself to doing that. Her life would be in danger.

“Remember when we we’re young?” Nikola asked me

“Yeah, the whole prostitute thing?”

“No! When we were young, the streets we used to patrol as kids.”

She added “I remembered when I met you, the kind, inspirational, cheery girl that always stood up for anyone, friends, the kind that was so optimistic, not opinionated, you were that friend, I respect that.”

“I love you too,” I replied

“You’re so extra, but I like it!”

Regardless of how cruel this world was, the pain that we’ve suffered, it was apparent that all my days on this earth were not in vain, the remnants of my struggle to understand my parents and Nikola’s parent’s death were still there taking a back step away from behind us all the while. We noticed a shadow from our backs we could tell from the moving blackness from below our feet on the cobblestone road, it was two guys coming closer to us and grabbed a hand trying to muggle us. Nikola and I froze coming to what was out of nowhere on a day like this.
“Basta! Hand over everything bitches!”

“What the fuck did you say?” I asked angrily

“Need a hearing aid little girl? I said hand over everything you’ve got!”

“Don’t touch her!” billowed a man from a distance

“Let’s get out of here, shit- he’s got a gun!”

I came to see a guy from the street up from the road behind us and gave us a way to express our situations of peril through martial arts, but martial arts involved physical combat and… couldn’t try such a thing. I’d be better of prostituting since it seems much safer than punching someone in the throat or so I thought. Nikola wanted to practice her skills in defending herself, the notion of self-defense could come as a life saver for us and for us all. We don’t like muggers here.

“Signora e signora, hope you’d consider self-defense.”

“We actually need it, I don’t like being mugged, can’t recall whether this ever happened here before,”

“Don’t worry, you can rest assured it won’t happen again, I’ll watch closely over guys like them,”

“But the question is? Or least we didn’t get your name,”

“I’m one of the bartenders at the hotel garden here in Siena, probably you shouldn’t ask my name for confidentially reasons, sorry.”

Nikola obliged “We’ll just go, thanks...”

During our martial arts training, which we enrolled it was fun but grueling with all the yelling and disciple we endured. Don’t get me wrong it was a decent homecoming to self-defense, the whole ‘discipline makes you stronger’ kind of philosophy I get it but I’m Mariella Darren I don’t do karate or any martial arts hoopla. The more training we put the hours in the more creative and stronger we became. Those muggers wouldn’t stand a chance against me and Nikola, their fault if they ever came face-to-face with the power of feminists. The smell of sweat and rumbling eardrums went well with the environment I was in.

“You enjoying this Nikola?”

“Oh yes, in Russia we don’t have this kind of practice.”

“You’re telling me that you don’t have karate classes?”

“Well yeah it’s uncommon,”

“HYAAAAA!” she went

After class was over I decided to pay a visit from my brother down in Rosia, not far from the town, he lives there all by himself with his uncle and is a wordsmith or pseudonym creator when it came to finding out names because well, we kind of gave in to the whole prostitution concept. I don’t know why but since we were toughening ourselves up why not try something that pays, but it’s sex. And since Nikola kept begging me to do this as she begged me to partake ‘Hyaa!” classes I had no choice. I went up the stairs to my uncle’s house and winded up the long passages it took me. I got home and tucked my shoes away which by the way was just simply poor Nike shoes from the 1990’s, they’re a phenomenon here, I sat down and talked to my brother inside and asked for something of a name that I could use to hide my real name for personal safety reasons. Giving me the most unusual banal name he could come up with.

“Bobbly Goblin!”

“You’re not serious!? That is a name?”

“Yeah, got something against that?”


I paused informing him something urgent

“Our parents are dead you know! Just wanted to give you the news!”

My brothers mouth was raised open and ran towards me to give me a hug sobbing like a confused infant in a diaper.

“Whyyyyyyy? When did this happen?!”

“Look on your t.v screen.”

December 4th, 2016, 10:12 AM
i like this, actually managed to stay with it right to the end and, for someone with the attention span of a gnat, that really is saying something. Sure there are errors , too many to mention, i'm sorry, i really don't have the credentials to nitpick and/or advise, but you have something here. Go with it 223 and good luck.

December 6th, 2016, 03:16 AM
thank you. This was one of my favourite short stories that I've ever worked on.

February 22nd, 2017, 02:01 AM
A whole lot of stuff going on right from the start. That's good, but whittle it down ruthlessly so the details have a chance to stand out. Try to say the most you can with the fewest words.

A state of emergency wailed from the bluffs of Siena. Trees caught fire, grass blazed like fishing nets. Nikola ran for cover.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, ... you?"