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Breaking from the lines of the Yearly Stride I managed to get in Little-march Tower. A door had been opened, flapping back and forth in the wind. The snowy mountains that night were frostily untamed and wicked in terrains that we trudged. This was the land of Eve Nightingale, and on the night I came across it. It spoke to me in a tongue that I could understand. We were on our way to embark on a pilgrimage to sovereignty and while in the eve of my discovery was the gauntlet. I came closer to it, the smell of the cold made me feel doomed inside but so ever I walked in I closed the door and didn’t care for any obscenities or other mysterious things happening to me. I wasn’t supposed to be here, only to stay in line when we were only allowed that was one of the choices aforementioned. It glowed immensely and while holding it I noticed the tower itself was a clutter. Papers, ink, quills, tomes and weapons lying on the floor in the place. I knew for sure I’d run into a marauder or some barbarian with a hammer or an axe. I didn’t care for fighting but if you bothered me I’d take arms against you. After holding it in my arms. The door wouldn’t open as I went to rotate the knob a few times trying to get out of there. The fear that I’d be barred in for a time was hauntingly worrisome and not to mention peculiar.

“Open damn you!” I said

So I gave a jaunt upstairs to the top of the tower, picking up a weapon along the way. Had to arm myself in the best way possible, the gauntlet went to speak to me and hadn’t noticed my methods in the current situation that was present in front of me. It spoke to me in simply just jumping off of it and I didn’t want that, crazy talk for thing of only a piece of suited armour it had this leather like quality about it much like an archer’s preference, I had to get out and well the only choice in the matter was to just fly with wings. Like a bird, but how? It was then the gauntlet somehow created an Icey slide for me to get out of and hooray for its quick thinking.

I was safely back on higher ground the snow still failingly peacefully over the landscape ahead but the line was surely stretching across the land that we hope to find its place in civility and maker. I returned to the line and headed to them once again. Not knowing the gauntlet’s true measure in taking hold of me; his host. And on me forever.


I returned a day later with the weapon tucked away in the gauntlet’s body and the day was marvelously unaccounted for in evil presence around in Gather. When returning something happened and unpresented in the wake of my arrival back to Gather. The tree’s silent and still it’s bark changes of the colour brown, gold and red. When autumn hits, I had that ability to summon leaves as when I could it gives the tree’s existence and gather is the survival of our existence. But it wasn’t as important as now when people are dead and I wonder what caused it. The trees didn’t and the Yearly strides pilgrimage was passed so they couldn’t have any affiliates with the whole thing. The gauntlet slipped from my arms and took control of me.

“Syramil, you’ve…”

“I’m your servant,” I say willingly

“Undertake this journey to evil redemption, HAHA!”

“I am of no good.”


“Discarded gauntlet’s will be avenged and I will show you no mercy for any person bearing pure negligence.”

Other followers were being controlled by the gauntlet’s who have them within their hands. And will be met here in Gather, they’ve been commanded by the gauntlet and weapons be dragged from their shops to be held by the hands of the master gauntlet himself.

“Beware Eve Nightingale, we’ve descended now.”

“Let the path be lit with mercy and armory,”

I am the gauntlet and this is my story, we’ve just started our control to take every gauntlet to any bearer who wields them in the hands of ours. Every discarded gauntlet we see will be perished in the hands of us inherit bearers, we brought every follower who owns them into our domain and that shall be glorious in our part. We had a goal to collect all of the discarded gauntlet’s and send them to halls of Steelhaven and give it to the missing gauntlets. But the wise cloaks have us on our trails and we cannot have them in our way. They want us to be forgotten in our quest to be laid in peace at the Floating Armoury that we must get to after our first task is to find every gauntlet in Eve Nightingale. We headed to the ruins first as my brothers and sisters were alongside me and Syramil corrupted in the reigns of my power. Kyrion, Simeryl, Layamel, and Tie’zet were the other gauntlet’s of mine that each were titled in names that were appropriate for their power or panache. I go by the name of Cyrotem the Ice-wind since I was found discarded in the tower of Littlemarch on the snowy mountains of Summa Ziggarut. Cyramil bore the snowflake on the side of his face and it was destined to be certain that I would fall in the hands of him. Perhaps only a pilgrim would be so careless to see something out of the ordinary. As I am no primitive piece of Armoury. I wielded powers you wouldn’t imagine if you ever slipped me on, but I’m forceful so you would not have any choice. Mercenaries were exploring the ruins to find a note containing clues to the other discarded gauntlet’s and it was our duty to destroy them with our heroes that wickedly accepted our call. We stood there with weapons drawn and these Mercenaries were startled when they saw our presence in the ruins as no one was apparently not allowed here when mercenaries were afoot. They came drawn with their swords and armour glistening like jewelry. At us they came to strike but Borcul one of my brother’s host Simeryl activated his clairvoyance to see clearly at this mercenaries’ motives and confound him for them causing him to think irrationally at his decisions leaving him for a heavy blow with his daggers. Usually I say that clairvoyance is unnecessary when attacking them was just the best strategy I did not admonish qualms though. Syramil did what I say and crushed the other mercenary with his mace.

I told him to say this;

“Gauntlet’s are never meant to be discarded mortal,”

The mercenary spoke scared and shivering and sweating profusely,

“Please! Have mercy, we didn’t know about these pieces of armour meant so much to you,”

“Be gone,”

“Wait!” I said

I spoke to them

“Give me the gauntlet’s,”

“That..that thing speaks?”

Syramil listened to my voice and took arms to impale the mercenary with the mace.

“Changed my mind, you’re finished!”


The mercenary was dead in his grasp with the gauntlet that he discarded and we took them and magically sent them inside my glove. We went on foot to the ruins once more inside it’s dark and gloomiest hole but leaving the place empty-handed when we gaze or my servants saw wasn’t what they expected.

“We assumed that more gauntlets would be here, and though we’d have the ladder stones in our hands,” says Tie’zet

“Guess not the right assumption to partake in this hour hmm?”

“Master, what do we do now?” asked Syramil

“I would agree to go our separate ways, as it’s much easier to scavenge them in spreading out to different domains in Eve Nightingale,”

“Off already? Brother you sure are the audacious one, have you not known your resilience?”

“I am honed in that art of blighting my brother Tie’zet, you would do the same yes?”

“But it would be a pleasure,”

“Go if kindly be,”

I’d be certain that going the different paths is offly inconsiderate manner as the eldest in always in the pack, like hungry wolves in the forest. But my instincts were guiding me to going to a little place in Gather though a Wisecloak member, a former one had been hide outing somewhere in the town. Had to speak face to face, taking Syramil with me and now how will someone like myself get to the island when they haven’t got a clue how to find materials that were needed first to get to there, Guardians of Ladder Island and the Floating Armoury were two of my biggest concerns; firstly, the gauntlet’s were randomly in the hands of wherever I find. And secondly we had no clue how many we’d have to scour, but we will surely get them all. Everywhere we look in Eve Nightingale was to be pursued in vigilance and when we get them all. Peace be with the Armoury and us last. Syramil in my grasp took his evil feet and stridden out of the ruins as we made our exit. The forest had fallen into a pool of blood of the song lords that were counting the nights of song as they sung with theirs notes of death upon all who refuse or seem to not comprehend their musical score. Our old friends that our song of the gauntlet was what many of us crave.


As this devilish kingdom came to her in a dream, Manifeld Zorulius felt petrified of her old kingdom except it was under the perils of a lord that took the forms of flames and shot his excellency over her and this was a nightmare in the opposite way possible; dreaming of her kingdom that was once peaceful. Yet enslaved at the time of her status as a mistress. Manifeld came fleeing from his billowing voice and her gauntlet lying there in ruin but a dream was yet but a dream and was woken up on her own sudden disturbance and noticed that her gauntlet lied next to her. In Lihalko’Dum in such companionship by her enslaved captivity was her gauntlet bearer Layamel and that is I in the story through our perspective of this tale. In one forest we laid our eyes on after our split from the group we took into the forest of Lihalko’Dum and my lady was in a trace to the song of a girl named Miriam of the Light. And to my liking I told her to be allured but not stirred for too long we shall have to use her to our biding like my brother Cyrotem would partake into. Allowing in the notion that the more help we could get in bringing our quest to a easier end but gathering all allies and the discarded gauntlet’s promised by the Helmet of Nightingale we shall soon see our prize. On the contrary in seemed that this lady had a sister if I recalled properly but I lost my knowledge on the sort. How to win her? Quite the tournament of words we could prosper. And out with it, with care. Syramil was the fool out of all of this although he was lucky to be chosen there was a story about the land of Summa Ziggarut once the mountains were laid with towers scouring over the land unknowingly unneeded because of its treacherous terrain in the realm. But me and my brothers have seen worse, Eve Nightingale was to be returned to every gauntlet and be flown to heavens away that was known as the Steelhaven and even though I would never see a day in my leathery bandolier in the sense that we’d be free forever in the matters of my older Brothers plan to do so. Would it be better if he was to surpass the Helmet? The Helmet of Nightingale, master of Steelhaven. The Miriam of the Light weaved through her song sung of a melody called Song of the Miriam as a request by her when we needed answers to her knowledge of the gauntlet’s and her band of fellowship.

‘Sweet leaves they blow
And winds head home
Until the Wisecloaks leave
It’s spell remains
Of grace it says
The Miriam of light prevails
And all such things become a thing
The path of my forest blight
This is the song of Miriam
Of long gone stories mine’

Inquisitive of her song I gave a hearty chuckle I made her sing a song of the Gauntlet as a toast to her last verse.

The trees moved to her melody as when she stood there gleaming with her eyes when she sang the inquisitive light that she sung in heavenly whim. Miriam was mutually entertained when my host sang our words of the gauntlet.

‘Ice-wind, Leather Eye, Leather Blade, Leather Bound, Leather Arch
Moving to the call of freedom that we’ve found
Awakened upon the lands of Eve Nightingale
Reclaiming the gauntlet’s over the mistrusters
Sending all to death if discarding our brothers
Sisters alike as our song of our Faust
Our will to freedom is something you can trust
Prosper our cause
Let us have the power to all who discard be gone

They each sung in unison as the lady of the light requested that we’d sing once last time until she felt we were worthy of her alliance. The tree’s howled in delight once more and her eyes gleamed and flickered in awe by their harmonious song. She agrees in their quest to find all of the discarded gauntlet’s and see to it that they’d get what they want. Despite the forests blunder in why she was going off with them was a mystery behind their bark and howling of the forests kind. Parting ways she became a slave to the gauntlet’s evil spell, we had her right where we wanted her.

The History of the lands became clear for Borcul when travelling out of the forests of Lihalko’Dum and into a lair where a gauntlet lancer was among it’s dead brethren but this one was levering in the air where the others had fallen within the forests wrath from the tree’s. Borcul saw it and was in the control of me. Simeryl the leather blade, I commanded him to fight the wear less gauntlet inheritor and make a run to the plains for a battle to tremble the hills as the gauntlet could not fathom as why it’s being confounded for this battle. With a swing of Borcul’s dagger’s. It staggers and comes to strike with its attached lance among him and I. But we parry it with his daggers and my powers grow stronger as each blow was finely produced to my interest and out came my power to topple the gauntlet lancer. With arrows from my leathery exterior I rip the gauntlet lancer to shreds and falls to the floor as it falls down on the ground of the plains. The hills stopped moving to rhythm of the battle and no more of it was summoned.

Chapter 2

We were at the Soothing Plains and with that we headed to the Oceans of Wrath where we must speak of word to the Song Lords as they were smearing their blood on the adventurer’s path and while there we saw a group of travelers seemingly looking like pilgrim’s (perhaps they were fools trying to go to their death with their lack of provisions or anything to aid them when our old friends the Song Lords were by). We came by the direction that they were heading south from and wondering what they were doing here.

I exclaimed to the followers “Halt!”

“Excuse my Nightingale tongue but who in Nightingale are you?”

“Wait!” they backed up

“I sense something evil in this man,”

“I am the one speaking fool!”

“Wait! Who is this?”

“The one equipped to this man’s hands, is I,”

They gazed around confused looking upwards to the sky “Of who is this voice!?”

“Clairvoyance! Borcul,”

The stared back to my leathery figure, “The gloves!”

They pointed to me “The gauntlet? Of anything in Nightingale I’ve seen, no this isn’t right,”

“Toothmane, have you seen this gauntlet before? It looks like it’s glowing a strange aura, why?”

He gave a deeper look “So it is? What are you a magical glove?”

“I am Simeryl the leather blade!”

“Never heard of you leathery freak whatever you are,”

“We were asking who you are, what is your intention in the Soothing Plains pilgriming the worthless lands of Nightingale?”

“Worthless? We are the plain followers thing! Tell me is your person here that’s covered in your hands a member of the Yearly Stride?”

“My brother Cyrotem is, he is the master out of all of us,”

I added to the lot “Syramil is a slave to my brother, the Ice-w,”

“What? Then you are the gauntlet’s of the Song, the discarded one’s, the Wisecloaks are looking for you to your deaths, I have not heard of the hours of their whereabouts but one went to the Floating Armoury and is trying to steal your missing pieces of armour up in Steelhaven,”

“Absurd! He cannot with the ladder stones, they can’t levitate there’s no such thing as levitation,”

“His power is capable of many things, gauntlet...”

I leave them to their pilgrimage “Fare thee well, then absurdities!”

I part ways with the followers their leader asked them a request from us

“I have one favour to ask you gauntlet,”

“Stop right there! I am Sight End!”

A Wisecloak appeared from the shadow’s and the day turned to night when the plain followers were disappeared from the two’s eyes and out was the figures of our rival Sight End. The no so tough member of the Wisecloaks.

“We meet again, Simeryl”

“Perish now mortal!”

Borcul drew his daggers from his sheath’s and began to strike at my foe, he pushed me back among the plains of the hills and carried me upwards among the battlefield that was now going to be tainted in blood in the Soothing Plains.

“I will send you to no heaven Simeryl, stay discarded forever!”


Some of us were regrouping as Cyrotem called us back to Gather for some strange reason since he had to speak to one of the former Wisecloaks and needed us to rest up for the journey that he wanted us to measure out before going the long way to the rest of the lands of Nightingale Lairo and the outskirts of a village in Gloweichmer. We sat in one of the former nightingale’s hideouts in Gather but were unsure of what will happen when we were going to be sound asleep as something disturbing in our rooms that the one of the Former Wisecloak member Atronach the Saint let us in. The room smelled like fungus and frog remains and that night when it turned gloomy and light from the tree gave the impression that it was dark in Gather. A creature slithered through the open window of the hold and out was a creature that I had never seen before. Ugly thing it came to our presence and prepared me to see what it wanted and why it was here and how it knew of this place. I was certain that this creature was some new evil but of course we were the evil ones in this realm that we took that path towards. The night was darker than a burnt piece of pie in the land. And my gauntlet exterior was eyeing this creature come to us as it spoke to me when the other were asleep.

“Trying to plague my hosts dreams, now are you?”


Adding “Have we met before? Talking Gauntlet?” Cynically speaking

It weaved and bended through the bed and taking the dreams into their heads and dreams began circling themselves in the heads of my enslaved bearers.

“What will you do them? Can I ask?”

“SSsssss, see not my ways I am what you wish to crave,”

“Blasphemous thing! Speak with proper logic!”

The dream was each played out and their minds were being disillusioned and kept in total fear but were fighting the things that were strangers to their understanding, I came into one of their minds trying to figure out their current situation since I am a gauntlet and cannot physically move to the fitting of my wearers hands I continued to the dreams of Cyramil’s as he continued to sleep in the shared beds of his captors. One dream in the place of the Floating Armoury where one of the Wisecloaks had finally risen from the skies stealing all of the armour’s of the missing gauntlet’s greaves, breastplate and helmet. Now this Wisecloak member was named Zheyor who was leader of the Wisecloak the one we are trying to prevent them from trying to not have in peace in Steelhaven. Playing tricks with my host and all of the others dreams this creature will be slain as soon as I wake up Syramil.

“Wake up fool!”

Syramil was too busy fighting Zheyor and is attempting to overthrow the Helmet of Nightingale calling forth his hero Syramil to put an end to this leader he disappeared in the light as of the puffy clouds in the sky and hid within the realms of the land as Syramil was in charge to fight the master of the cloaks.

Another was in a dream when the cup of fate was in the hands of them and they toasted to the victors of the realm as them after throwing all of the gauntlet’s back to the missing gauntlet’s and letting go of all of the powers of their masters. It was trick no less and it became clear as when I was slipping into their dreams and out through the reality of here, the cunning snake was laughing tyrannically through the imperfect dreams that were unrealistic but if so it would be an interesting formula what exactly was the snake trying to do? If his plan was to bring the positive aspect of their dreams how will the evil stir through this snake’s aura that he processes it was of no ordinary being and not created within the Helmet of Nightingale’s will. I did not want to know and I quickly got Syramil up along with the others to be known of thing.

“Master! Why the Sudee- “

He saw the snake just in time as I summoned my Ice Shield to throw the snake off into the side of the room.


Vorry Oculandos had been practicing his swordsmanship alone in the distance and saw all of the people in Gather being burned and sent across the river to be carried away over the river’s stream ahead as he practiced his sword swings. Distracted he stopped and gazed to them seeing them one by one in wooden canoes being carried to the waterfall and sent away to plummet below. He decided to see what was up with the others and meanwhile Manifeld had more dreams but once she woke after the Ice Shield was summoned she saw the snake that was on the ground and startled as she was trying to create a cloud of mist as she was scared stiff from the creature. I go by the name of Kyrion the Leather Eye and I must tell you of Zimmer as though there is a connection with Manifeld that the journey that Zimmer has taken you see when scouring the gauntlet’s Zimmer was on his way to a castle in a forgotten kingdom in Cairn and tell the legends of Sylo tongue where Manifeld’s enslaved kingdom lied, she was a mistress of a enslaved kingdom that the Yearly Strides vowed in making amends to bring people from there to walk the path of sovereignty and spiritual ness. Manifeld Zorulius had found her gauntlet in a burning village when she instructed to get food for her famished king in exchanging in sparing their lives but were sent to slavery anyway but she ran free on night taking her found piece of Armoury with her as she could sell it for a coin perhaps to her knowledge. But it slipped on her as she ran and became a slaved piece of Armoury. With a quest to do as the gauntlet wanted her to do. When Zimmer reached over to the castle doors as there were open, the halls of the devilish kingdom were kept shut of the spirits that wanted it shut but of course there was one lingering the halls but they wouldn’t speak of his name or entity rummaging the kingdom that belonged to him. Continuing the halls, he saw the drawing of a lady holding the Helmet of Nightingale and sung the song of the Gauntlet and the words of Sylo at the bottom of the ancient drawing.


Over the words that were written in Sylo tongue were apparently flooded with the words the stretched the walls widely through the castle. The halls were bare and smelled of rotten fish he could even touch the sandy brick castle and feel it’s old longevity within the interior of the hold. Zimmer suddenly feels an earthquake as he stood there reading the words from the hall and tries to get out of there. As he ran he sprinted off holding his bow and ran for his life as the castle was collapsing with all the rubble and dust pillowing up the path a fire spawned and eyes emerged from the air and a figure incinerated the halls and came the Undying Brother his arms and claws sprung from the incineration of the flames and spoke with a voice that was eerie and echoed through the castle. The earthquake stopped just as Vorry was about to strike at it.

“Halt, mortal I am the Undying Brother!”

“Come to die demon?” his gauntlet wearer said

“Gauntlet? Well this is an expected surprise now...”

“Let us out peacefully or welcome us through the halls please.”

“Here to find the answers you seek?”

The Undying Brother twirled his finger and gave them a proposition

“Here I think I may have some use for you,”

“And care to elaborate then fiery ball of armoury?”

“Silence! This is a quest I want you take, you will do as I say will you now?”

As he spoke while twirling his fingers to form a flute in a projection through the air.

“This is flute I want you to find it, I need it to resurrect the people that my enslaved victimness was apart of?”

“You were enslaved? Are you not the King of Cairn?”

“Cairn? No! This is not my domain at all, I am an intimatingly fire lord but not king at all, I just hold it since there was no king anymore!”

Vorry’s gauntlet grew skeptical “Fool! You think we’ll believe that sort of nonsense?”

“Take it like a grain of salt if you must, it’s everlasting truth.”

He explained that they refused to be slaves from the captors that enslaved them in the first place. And that made Vorry and his gauntlet wearer accept with the sincere ness and tenacity that devil went through. It was then they embarked to the underbellies of the kingdom as they finished speaking to and the exchange of words were upon great time.

The flight of stair was opened from the basements of the castle as it led to a long staircase descending below the black nothing ness that it presented itself. Trying to be careful of not falling into the dark abyss. The path was entailing into a cone shaped dwelling below with the staircases spiraling within it. The path became complicated as Zimmer ventured deep into the canopy of the path as it became chambers when reaching the end of the flight of stairs there were songs of the song lords watching his path as he didn’t want to step on any of the stones or he would be torn from his body and limb from the musical notes of death Zimmer had to be extra cautious about the stones that he was stepping on and saw something from the distance of the puzzle that he had to solve across from his way.

“It stirs of evil, not without a sound it comes...” said Tie’zet

This figure came with a scythe and held it with its gauntlet.

“Another brother of ours? Quickly speak to it before it has the nerve to strike us!”

Vorry held us hands up and spoke to it with conviction “We mean no harm we were just on our way to claim an ite- “

It striked uncontrollably

“A fight then? Than you shall have it!” exclaimed Tie’zet

“Could it be a brother of Cyrotem’s” asked Vorry
“Does that object the fact that this gauntlet is going to kill us if we don’t do something?”

“Surely not at all,”

The gauntlet glowed in its special power beckoning the wearer

“Speed my wearer!”

The gauntlet’s speed was unsurpassed and made its way to confuse the gauntlet wearer but the gauntlet continued to attack in an attempt to find the speeding host and its gauntlet but it failed to do so as it kept feeling weary in swinging its scythe.

“Arrows be flown down on this foe!”

Arrows came and harpooned down on the gauntlet and it was defeated upon the floors of the chamber. They made their way to the outstretched chambers ahead as they noticed that the stones floors had stopped playing their song.

“Well done! We must head for the flute now and Godspeed!”

Finally, on the way there, it was perched on the podium stand and gleamed there in the stone halls of the basements of the castle.

“Good we must head back to the Undying Brother,”

Back they went up the stairs and trying not to fall into the black abyss once more passing back to those same drawings of the lady and the helmet of nightingale.

“Found my flute I presume?”

“Aye! And now we must know of our knowledge with the Wisecloaks!”

He hovered with pride and promise “As promised you two shall know of the knowledge you seek so dearly!”

He began to explain.