View Full Version : Hey Poets, we're looking for more potential newsletter candidates.

October 29th, 2016, 02:46 AM
Whether you're aware or not, PiP twisted my arm to be guest editor for the Nov. newsletter, the theme being "green" as in Nature/natural world.

I think we're pretty well settled on prose pieces, but maybe could include a few more poetry pieces than we've settled on.

The ringer here is that I'm not only looking for pertinence, but what I see as quality depth. The problem I'm having is that where I find quality depth in member poems, they don't fit the theme, so I'm reaching out.

Quality depth to this peculiar old fart might be exemplified by:

"Down and down comes memory's leaf,

Bright with hopes or sere with with grief;

The brightest one in life's huge pile

Is that from which our bonfires smile."

~ Cora May Cratty (1902)

Pertinence to me is looking at life from outside the human bubble, as in human interest not being the only legitimate interest, and the natural world being a process, not a constant.

I know there's some real poetic talent in our membership, so please help us make the Nov. newsletter something to really be remembered.

Anything you might have to offer, or other member's work you've noticed, may be PMed to PiP or I.