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October 11th, 2016, 07:35 PM
Thought an informative thread might be on branding/marketing tips/experiences/cautions.

Actually an excuse to post a thought of my own ;-) I don't know how many authors get email from book promotion services, but it's gotten a bit annoying to me. Getting by on SS, I don't entertain the thought of paying someone else up front for branding/marketing services. Learning a new trick from a very helpful lady though, I'm turning the situation around.

Now, whenever book promoters contact me, I reply that if they join Smashwords' affiliate program they could earn 11% to 81.5% (preset by author/publisher) of the price of each book sold as a result of a clickthrough from their promotion. I just started replying in this manner, so I don't yet know the reactions I'll get. I'm assuming many will ignore me, as they mightn't like the idea of getting paid only for real results.

From what I can find on Amazon, they don't seem to have an equivalent for ebooks. Their loss.

Anyway, whatever you might care to share along these lines might help others.

October 13th, 2016, 01:01 AM
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound all have a version of an affiliate program as well. So if you are selling books that are on any of those sites, it is probably worth the time it takes to set it up.


October 13th, 2016, 05:28 AM
Thank you TK, I hadn't looked into the second and third. But you'll note in my comments that I don't see where Amazon allows such for ebooks, though I haven't read all their fine print. What I had read in making the comment about Amazon not providing such for ebooks, was an article about affiliate programs that I didn't fully check out, not being interested in doing such myself.

What I did notice in a quick look at the Amazon program just now, is how much more complicated it was and that it mentioned only a 10% share for the promoter. Not something that is going to encourage promoters of ebooks, when Smashwords has a simpler protocol and allows the author/publisher to set the promoter share from 11% to 81.5%.

Every little bit of information helps in making authors more aware, as you know post publishing is one hell of a mountain. So thank you again for contributing :-)

October 13th, 2016, 12:49 PM
The way the affiliate link works for Amazon is that any item, book, massage lotion (eww..), hat, that is bought through an affiliate link, will earn you a percentage. Ebooks included. Sorry if I misunderstood, but when I saw that you said they don't have it for ebooks, I was responding to that. :)

October 13th, 2016, 04:40 PM
No problem TK. I'm happy you provided more accurate detail, because the point is to help authors better understand the world beyond writing. Your clarification prompted me to reword something I've been occasionally posting on social media.


Hmmm ... maybe instead of mostly reading and reviewing eco-fiction/non-fiction to promote more awareness, I should climb on the materialistic culture's band wagon and supplement my retirement income by becoming an affiliate. My Twitter analytics say my monthly "impressions" are now toping the 100K mark, so there could potentially be more payback from the onerous task of building a platform. Of course, that would mean diverging from my natural world awareness bent. So many sirens distracting us in life ;-)

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