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August 17th, 2016, 01:58 AM
The father created heaven and earth; the stars, the universe with its parts- were all formed at his command. He an eternal being invented time itself.
He made a throne to rule all life forms over it. Its made of gold, the surrounding elements are all crystallized.

Today is a day of festival, the angels in all heaven are gathered. Mystical one eyed creatures fly around his throne. They all sing together, "Holy, Holy, Holy,"
The sound of their chanting is shaking heaven, causing turmoils on the ground.

I see four beast gathered, one at each quadrant of heaven. They all have heads of an animal with the body of a man. Each of them have six wings. They all blow a huge trumpet, while the one eyed creatures continue to sing, "Holy, Holy, Holy,"

I am Lucifer- the morning star, brightest of all angels. And I often wonder what its like, to sit on the golden throne. People will shout my name instead, and for all eternity I will rule as master.

The father posseses omnipotence, and I can accomplish much with it- if only it were mines. I deserve to be honored, and receive glorification. Now the arc angel Micheal is approaching me, with a cold stare; I have never earned his trust. His good will escapes me.

"Lucifer, I've never had the pleasure of seeing you in worship." He said. Actually he is correct, but how can he see me do something I've never done? I quickly retort, "We are all lucky to be servants of the most high. Worship is the highest form of praise which I can give. Next time, when I do so, I'll be sure to save you a seat."

He doesn't reply, he doesn't even nod or shake his head. I just get a cold stare as if saying, I'm on to you. He quickly switches his gaze forward, back to father's throne, where the festivities are taking place. I however, have failed to obtain neither the heart or the mind, to bow to inferior beings.

As I stare at all the holy beings in worship, I become envious. I want to rule. The other angels born after me are mostly all my allies, who agree with my kingship.
I promised them to bring a new age, as the rightful king of heaven. I've been plotting a take over for some time. However, Micheal's legion still out number us. To attack now is foolish.

August 20th, 2016, 11:21 PM
Lots of grammar mistakes, plus one or two spelling mistakes. Other than that, it's a good narrative, albeit short, from the view of Lucifer. Not too bad, but still needs work. Good luck :)

August 22nd, 2016, 02:26 AM
Part 2

The festivities are reaching their climax; the sound of drums and trumpets are adorned all around us. It is going as predicited when suddenly- a golden cloud lands in front of us. An announcer is hovering on top of the cloud, he steps up and starts reading from a scroll, "Listen all who are present.
Today marks our one thousandth century since all of creation, and the Lord is choosing to make today's festival special. None who stand before me can claim to have laid eyes on our majestic Lord? All who have done so perished, his greatness is far too wide for us to understand.

But today is different- he is choosing to reveal his countenance to us all, without doing any harm. All members are requested to be present, thank you." He closes his scroll, and then flies away into the sky from whence he came. Al though I'm intrigued by it all, but what must I do!? This will be an oppurtunity of a lifetime, and I mean that quiet literally. But I can't afford to do battle just yet.
Micheal's army still out numbers us three to one! After hearing the news I fly away- off into the distance, where my fellow comrades are still gathered. Micheal watches my abrupt leave, he considers for a moment about what I might be planning. He then walks over to his lackey.

"Lieutenant, I need to ask you something." He said.
His lackey immediately salutes, then replies, "Anyhting, sir."
"Tell me- are you aware that all will be present at today's festival?"
"Yes sir. We are all required to do so, as ordered by the high counsel."
"Hmm, indeed. This also includes our soldiers- the men of war?"
"Umm...yes sir, I believe that it does. Is something the matter, sir?"
"Yes of course it does. Lieutenant, you are to gather the very best of our men. Five thousand of our most valiant troops, suit them up and have them be ready for battle within the hour."
"But sir, the high counsel just-"
"Lieutenant! I do not ask for permission to command my army. And I make no habits of repeating myslef, is that understood?"
"Y-yes sir."

Not long after, I arrive at my destination, and all the men are still gathered, anxiously awaiting my every word. I walk over to Jazarel, my first in command. He looks at me, ready to hear what I so obviously can't bare to hold in any longer. I reach over my back pocket, under my cape, and I pull out a golden scroll. Jazarel's eyes grow wide, shocked at what he sees. Finally he responds "Is that an enchanted scroll of conjuration?" He asked.

Before I answer, I give him a bright smile, and I'm almost surprised that he already knows what it is. But given his area of expertise, as my secret weapon, Jazarel makes it his business to know. The tower of the Arc angels holds many secrets such as this, a few very powerful items made for days the Lord has set for destruction.

After having stolen it, I now hold one of those powers in my hand. I run my fingers through my hair then proudly I answer, "yes it is, my old friend. I have just tipped the scales of the war in our favor!" The men gather around us and start to rally. We all understand what this means, it doesn't matter what the numbers of our army holds; now I have the power to summon mystical beasts to fight for us.

August 27th, 2016, 12:00 AM
We dress up in our battle gears then clothed ourselves with normal wear, to conceal our armors.
"The ultimate battle is finally here." I exclaimed. Jazarel nods his head to agree.
He then sheepishly walks over to comment, "with my enhanced combat capabilities, I will help you destroy the arc angel Micheal."

I have noticed that all my men fear me, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I think that fear is a powerful form of control. Then I look over to him "Jazarel I'm confident that your strength and extreme powers of predicting the enemy puts us at a great advantage. Regardless of our numbers." We arrive at the scene, and I watch Micheal's lackey scurry over to him.

"Sir, Lucifer is here. I counted a number near the thousands. They found themselves in the crowd to blend in." He said. Micheal looks over in my direction, then he whispers something in his ear, his lackey salutes then sucrries away.
The sound coming from the ensemble drowns out the noise. We watch them as they play the trumpets and drums- the people all dance and shout with glee.

We all anticipate the arrival of God. Today I will get to see him for the first time with my own eyes. I will meet him face to face.
I look around in search of Micheal's army, I find them in the crowd participating in the festival. However I know that he has something up his sleeves.

I wonder what its like to be like the people here? What is it that they feel upon meeting each other, is it love and warmth- general compassion?
I don't feel such things, but I desire only fire. I want to watch it all burn to a crisp. Emotions escape me, my empathy is in regards to death. I want everyone, friends and foes alike, burned until there is nothing left. Just a pile of rubbles, and ashes that clings to the dust. That is what comes to mind when I see anyone.

"Lucifer we have a problem." Jazarel interrupts. I snap back, "well what is it?"
"Some of our men are being interrogated- they've been found out." He said. I look over to where he's pointing, I see them being stripped down and then put into restraints.
Dammit I did not expect Micheal to react so quickly.

I act now or else we lose. I pull out the scroll and I summon giant beasts. They all look like dragons with multiple heads and horns. The ones on the ground have the form of serpents and other reptiles.
The general retaliates in kind, Micheal calls his men and they forge mighty griffins through their chanting. The others engage their swords in combat.

And so war breaks out in heaven. I have brought blood in our kingdom, the innocent lie still in front of our doostep. I may not be able to win but, I've accomplished my goal; I wanted only chaos.
I took something shiny and I shattered it into pieces.
I might not even come out of this alive but, at least, now I can say I know how to make God bleed.

I grab the first person near me, I stick my blade near his throat and I keep him as my hostage. I scream at Micheal, "Hey I have something for you." I make threatening gestures with a sharp point, I slightly poke the man in order to show my seriousness. Micheal watches then starts walking in my direction.

"I remember the day God created you. The choir sang you lullabies, they named you the morning Star. It's sad to see how far you've fallen."
Before I respond I laugh maniacally, "I'm acclaimed to be the most attractive angel but, I desire nothing more than power. Bedsides, haven't you ever wanted to play God?"

August 27th, 2016, 12:15 AM
I don't see this as scifi.

August 27th, 2016, 12:17 AM
I don't see this as scifi.
Correct. The title of this forum is, 'Fantasy, sci-fi and horror.'

August 30th, 2016, 03:22 AM
The air is scented with the stench of blood- the soldiers still in combat. The men are aware which ever side wins determines heaven's future.
When suddenly we hear a loud noise like the sound of thunder, then we see a bright cloud above.

We watch a shrouded mist with the appearance of burning coal.
The clouds are bright and they have thunder flashing forth. Everyone ceases combat and stops to stare, we look in awe at the approaching fireball.

I see in its mist what appears to be the shape of a man, the face gleams like molten iron. The body is radiant, many creatures with only heads are flying around the entire cloud.
The men all fall face down, even Micheal drops to his knees while I stand frozen, paralazed at what now stands before me.

"Lucifer I have come to question you. Now you must answer for all you have done." I struggle to find the right words, "Fa- father..I can explain,"
"You have corrupted my children; you have led them astray from the truth. You do nothing for peace nor justice, you are blinded with pride."

I find myself unable to form the right words, instead I look around for a way of escape, but I must buy myself some time...
"Father you must forgive me, I am simply a victim of evolution- I seek only growth!"
"Lucifer because of you my children are dead. You have commited great evil, for this you will suffer my vengeance. I will bring you just deserts."

I watch God motion his hand, and behold, the ground splits open. We see nothing but inescapable fire, along with dark spirits at the gates of hell. I go to start running when a hand grabs my foot, its a spirit from below.
We scream for help, me and the fallen angels all beg for mercy, but we receive none. The spirits pulls us inside of Hades, and we notice the roof close back up.

I look at my surroundings, perplexed at my defeat. Jazarel tries to comfort me "Lucifer I can help you get revenge. I can help you climb the highest gates, we will reclaim the throne." He said.
I look upon the molten rocks, I find a throne made of stone- carved from the very fire that is burning; then I make my fingers into a bullet.

I walk towards him with my four fingers still pointed, I jab him through his chest.
I watch his eyes instantly fade, then his body drops like a hard bag of cement. I bend down next to his dead body, and I lean over to whisper "Jazarel I will rule and not you because, Hades is my throne."

I now stand as ruler of hell, and no longer a mere servant in heaven. I look around as the eons pass, plagued by defeat and loss; I don't sleep.
I can only plot against my prey, those in higher places. I will not surrender hope. I look upon the earth- where I find an eden. God creates a man along with a woman.