View Full Version : How to promote a new blog?

July 31st, 2016, 12:31 PM
Hi. I have joined this forum and I am currently starting my first blog. Could anyone offer some advice on the best way to promote my blog for free? Thank you

July 31st, 2016, 01:29 PM
Hi, lesley. :) Welcome to WF. What kind of blog are you starting? The info below is mostly for writing blogs, but if you find bloggers in your subject, it can be applied to that too.

1 Read and comment on other blogs. Take an interest in them and they (if you have a link, which most blog sites allow you the option to use) will usually take an interest in you.
2 Interview other bloggers on your blog.
3 Ask to write a guest post on other blogs.
4 Advertise on your blog that you're open to blog rolls
5 Advertise on your site that you're open to book tours
6 Update the blog weekly
7 Share your posts on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter etc (but don't swamp them: one a week, the rest should be spent talking on your media outlets, away from blogging)
8 Share other blogs on the same media channel
9 Talk to other bloggers!
10 Interview authors
11 Look into Character Interviews with authors
12 Do character interviews with your own characters
13 Give excerpts from you novels (short, about 500-750 word)
14 Let other authors give small excerpts on your blog.
15 Run a giveaway of an ARC copy of your work

The list can be endless, just don't view other bloggers as competition: they're colleagues. :) Treat them with respect.