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July 5th, 2016, 04:34 PM
Alas was an idealistic 19 year-old American male who was adopted by foster parents who took him in when they found him left at their doorstep when he was just a baby. Alas grew up wondering what his real parents were like, and his foster parents always encouraged him to be curious about his real origins. It wasn't that Alas was naturally insatiably curious about what his real parents were like; it was that ever since Alas was 8 years-old, he discovered something very strange about himself and wondered who (or what) exactly he was. When Alas was 8, he stared into the mirror and noticed his upper and lower row of teeth boasted two rather pronounced fang-like members. Alas started to believe he was a vampire, a blood-sucking humanoid with strange protruding biting teeth.

In 1994, Alas was admitted into Harvard University on a special work-study scholarship where he first decided to start studying crypto-zoology, the field which studied the realistic possibility that strange evolutionary deviants and uncategorized 'folk creatures' (known as 'cryptids') such as Bigfoot and mermaids actually existed on Earth. Alas's work was progressing rather nicely, and his faculty advisors were very pleased. Alas decided to write his senior thesis on the subject of cannibalism as a relation of vampirism. Alas wrote that human groups have engaged in cannibalism, which has involved the ingestion of human blood and that human groups have publicly written and fantasized about vampire mythology in culture (and movies), which also involves the ingestion of human blood. After graduating with honors from Harvard, Alas decided to travel to Romania (where vampire mythology was rich) to investigate further for freelance study on vampirism.

In Romania, Alas encountered a strange nightclub society if jaded youth engaged in all kinds of bizarre and even ritualistic activities. Alas met one group of nightlife 'wanderers' who were led by a cool but calculating character named Prux. Prux invited Alas to stay with him in Romania and meet all of his cohorts and consorts. Alas confided in Prux greatly, and Prux came to know of Alas's strange curiosity about vampirism. Prux suggested to Alas that vampirism is simply a function of a human fascination with the macabre and the deathly and that the drinking of human blood is symbolic of an interest in identity and human-ness. One night, Prux offered Alas a glass filled with what he claimed was human blood and said, "Drink it. It's from a friend of ours who committed suicide and wanted us to drink his blood as a gesture of good faith."

Alas and Prux became strange bedfellows, and Alas started to realize that the strangeness of Romanian nightlife was somehow related to a human orientation towards 'oddity indulgences.' Alas theorized that vampirism must be some function of behavioral eccentricity and started to think that his own protruding fang-like upper and lower teeth were perhaps developments signifying his human adaptation towards strange environmental origins. Alas believed that his parents were from somewhere other-worldly, such as Romania or Malaysia. However, he didn't believe that Prux was correct about vampirism being some function of a simple curiosity about the macabre and the dead. Alas believed that vampirism was somehow related to evolutionary 'sensitivity.' One night, Prux confided in Alas and told him that he was his brother. Alas was confused and shocked and wondered why Prux claimed this strange assertion. Prux explained to Alas that he knew it to be true, since he realized Alas was a real vampire, just like him.

Alas got away from the somewhat strange influence of Prux as fast as he could, and he refused to believe he was a real vampire and that Prux was his long-lost vampire brother. Alas didn't believe he was left at the doorstep of his foster parents by two alienating vampire parents who also abandoned Prux and forced him to grow up on the streets using his own wits. However, Alas respected Prux for his gross candor and his street-wise sense of conversationalism and continued to pontificate on the intellectual possibility that vampirism could be a function of evolutionary 'quirkiness.' Alas was still in Romania and was using some of the street-smarts he picked up from Prux to continue to explore the offbeat nightlife, which included shadows of passing poets, vagrants, and profiteers. In this melee, Prux met a beautiful young woman named Jennie who warned Alas to get away from Romania and get away from Prux. Jennie told him that Prux was as real of a vampire as any vampire might be, since he was secretly engaged in all kinds of macabre activities. Alas confided in Jennie and told him that Prux might be his brother separated at birth and that he was investigating the reality of vampirism. Jennie told him that Christians drink the blood of Christ to avoid the sort of lifestyle-eccentricity that Prux boasted, and Alas realized then that he was a vampire and decided to hunt Prux.

One year later, Romanian police discovered the dead bleeding bodies of Alas and Prux lying in an alley and embraced in some kind of death struggle. After identifying the bodies, police discovered a small diary in Alas's pocket, and when they opened it, they read the following unusual entry about vampirism: "A vampire is simply an evolutionary stranger, and I didn't believe I was one until I met my possible brother Prux who made me realize that vampirism may be a function of the ethics choices regarding indulgences we make in the real world. If I hunt Prux, who is an evil vampire, I will redeem myself and perhaps waive all vampires!"



July 7th, 2016, 04:10 PM
Interesting little piece you have here. I liked the pace of the story but at the ending I felt a little let down. I don't know quite what I expected but I assumed there would be more of a punch with it.

Just my two cents! Keep on writin'!

M.R Steiner
December 18th, 2016, 09:45 PM
Okay, I'll be honest, I thought this was going to be in diary format, judging from the title I expected it to be more tell and less show, that's fine, but I feel this piece needs 'forgive the pun' some fresh blood. for instance. I suggest you maybe have a narration and transform it into some form of a story driven diary documenting the process from the point of view of a protagonist, listing his feelings, character history and progression with a continuing number of twists and hooks, as this medium can be dry unless it has these principle ideals. I've wrote and studied this method for a while for my own writing projects and it's not that hard to do, in fact I'd go so far to say this is the best format for starting fiction writers to branch out with as its more forgiving of certain story telling aspects when the plot is enthralling enough.

it's still intriguing, I like a scientific explanation for fantasy and horror creatures. :)

message me, if you redo this :)

Jay Greenstein
December 19th, 2016, 04:15 AM
Okay, you have the story outline. Now write it.