View Full Version : a rifftrax tasting{hell girl}

January 13th, 2016, 04:22 PM
basically I have reviewed what they have told me about this and I have decided to post three of my rifftrax for this month... for free viewing/listening... for critique.. this one is the hell{rated tv-14}girl riff part... I will post one more today and that's it till tomorrow... ty if you review my riffs on the actual site... ty anyway for your time. I will be posting after I review them myself and see if I think they are possibly... this riff only has one curse word... be right back with the link.

btw... you'll need the ability to play the hell girl first episode because the commentary plays separately from that..

January 13th, 2016, 04:35 PM
sorry it says the video is to long give me a short while and I'll have it up.

edit... it's going so far....