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January 11th, 2016, 03:34 PM
III Many young peoplewent to YanAn during Sino-Japanese War

1) The generalinformation of students going to YanAn
After the XiAn event atthe end of 1936, the central committee of the communist party movedin January of 1937 to YanAn, a small backward town in the north ofShaanxi province. At that time, Chiang would not come to fight themany more as they had the agreement. Therefore, the communist partyneeded lots of people with intelligence and talent, no matter youngor middle aged. Their party members in big cities, where livedintelligent and talented people, adopted every possible means toallure such people, especially young students, to YanAn to serve thecommunist party. Young people were easier to be enticed than middleaged ones. So many young people went to YanAn, thinking that theycould be trained to fight the Japanese invaders. Most young peoplewent there in 1937, 1938, and 1939. Later many of the communistcadres were those going there in 1938. So 38 cadres became a specialname for those.
The communist partyfounded a so-called Anti-Japanese military and political universityand some schools to mentally train the students to be communistcadres. Yue Shan, a student in Duize high school in Changsha city,recalled that one day in 1938, Xu Deli, a communist party member anda representative of Changsha bureau of the 8th route army,came to give a speech about the Japanese invasion and call on youngpeople to go to YanAn. His speech was so touching that Yue Shan andsome other students were enrolled on the spot.
Duan Xuesheng, acommunist party member and a writer, worked in Shandong province as ateacher, propagandized to students about communism and instigatedthem to go to YanAn to take part in the revolution. In Suiyangprovince and inner Mongolian district, more than 100 young peoplewere tempted to YanAn. In Peking, from May to August in 1938, 107young people went there.
The central committee ofthe communist party set up the 8th route army bureaus inmany towns and cities to enroll young people, especially students, togo to YanAn. Statistics showed that the bureau in Lanzhou of Gansuprovince sent 3,000 to YanAn in the autumn of 1937. The bureau inWuhan sent 880 there from March to May in 1938. That in Chongqingsent 2,000. However, those, who were permitted to go to YanAn, musthave three interviews. Everyone must produce a letter ofrecommendation from an organization established by the communistparty in the place he or she lived.. The last interview was held bythe organization department of the central committee of the communistparty.
The situation of so manyyoung people going to YanAn caused the concern of the national party.Chiang ordered these young people to be detained on their way toYanAn. In Yanyang, 103 students were detained by the military policeof the national government. After more than ten days, 40 studentswere carried away in a truck and others were still in custody. InNovember, 1939, labor camps were set up to confine all the studentson the way to YanAn. They were mentally trained until they expressedtheir loyalty to the national government, and then were freed. By theend of 1940, 1,167 students had been detained in the labor camps.From 1939 to 1943, 2,100 students were put under custody on their wayto YanAn.
By the end of 1943,there were 40,000 young comers in YanAn, and half of them werefemale. Many of the females were married to the high-ranked cadres ofthe communist party. Those of the cadres, who had already marriedvillage girls, deserted their wives when they entered big cities likeBeijing after 1949 and married young city girls.
A special case must bementioned. Wen Lianchen, alias Xia Sha, a girl of 14 at the time, wasthe daughter of a town mayor. When the family was in Wuhan, she stoleout of the house and wanted to go to YanAn, but was stopped in atrain and taken home by a friend of her father's at Zhengzhou. Whenthe family moved to Chongqing, she insisted to go to YanAn. Herfather could do nothing but let her go. He bought a plane ticket forher to XiAn. She found the 8th route army bureau there andwas safely sent to YanAn. This was the only case that someone went toYanAn by plane.