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September 12th, 2015, 07:29 AM
This is a story for you. It is a confession for me. At the end of this confession, you can choose the option to participate in the trial as jury. Being the jury involves some risks on your part. Taking those risks may turn out to be the worthwhile effort in changing your life for better or worse. I know. The statement smacks of arrogance. Let me tell you. That is for a purpose.

Normally confessions involve more than one body and several minds (at least two of each). This confession is unique because it involves only one body and two minds.

The confessor

I can offer only a limited perspective of who I am, just sufficient enough for establishment of context to the case under investigation.

I, Roger Blingham, the narrator of this story or the confessor, am a dominant and transient mind. Let me be a little more specific. No man and woman made love to bring me into your world. I came in just like that into your world like many other successful ideas. Another analogy would be : just like this book has manifested in front of you. I am the perpetrator of the crime and I confess that I have committed the crime willfully to achieve a specific purpose. I am coming into your world with deep connections to other realms or paradigms of existence. I have a burning desire to communicate my take on everything under the sun from a higher perspective. In reality previous sentence is a way of claiming or showing off the supernatural gift I am blessed with. The gift gives me the ability to see things as they are, without being emotional or judgmental. Always, that very trait follows into all verbal and written communication I engage in. The purpose is to record those emotionless nonjudgmental observations and communicate the content to the prejudiced minds. It is a sort of direct communication to the mind bypassing the hurdles created by the mind. The communication, in effect is aptly described by the phrase ‘my way is the highway’. It is more intolerable than the normally accepted phrase ‘my way or highway’. This kind of communication evidently is prone to vilified criticism arising out of ignorance. Obviously, the criticism is not going to be directed at the content. Criticism is going to be directed at the tone of delivery rather than content because addressing the content is sure to hold a clear mirror in front of one’s self. Criticism of that nature smacks of avoidance or escapism. It is a classic case of finger pointing at the moon. Concentrating on the finger always robs you of the glory represented by the moon. Yet, the moon will be there forever and finger ceases to be. Terming this straightforward communication as arrogant is not an error. It can become extremely shameless at times. If you are not prepared for it, it will be totally useless. Alternatively, at the other end of the spectrum, it can be a truly life changing experience. By the time you complete reading this story you will have a concrete idea about what type of content it is going to be.

Here are a few samples capturing the gist of the kind of ideas needing immediate dissemination. You will find more of them as we move deeper into the story. What you regard as extremely wicked is absolutely beautiful for me and what you consider as fantastically beautiful is also absolutely beautiful for me. In the process of birth, I do see a gift whereas in death I see a larger gift. In day-to-day life you try achieving growth and maturity. I do not try at all. I just see stagnation and death. For me both stagnation and death are equally beautiful as growth and maturity. All of them are choices, not options. All of them are magnificent and deserve to be experienced through the creation of appropriate context.

Evidently, the super gift is a double edged sword. Ideas emerging from such an open mind can cause complete disruption in normal minds. Almost always, the communication amounts to calling a spade as a spade. In your part of the world this particular trait is disruptive in nature. You try and shun such straightforwardness. You think that it does not serve you in the process of living. This super gift is the primary weapon of crime in the present case. It has already caused disruptions in the occupied mind.

Who the victim is

The physical body I occupy, came into existence with a perfectly normal world oriented mind, is the victim. It came alive as a result of passionate love between a man and a woman. It is as much emotional as you are and is as much scared as you are when it comes to disruptive ideas. By all standards of your world, it is extraordinarily intelligent. It does consider many things as ugly and wicked. It does consider several other things as beautiful and fantastic. It considers birth as a gift and death as a loss and is scared of death. It has grown up naturally and can be considered as mature from your current world standards. It has extreme discomforts when it becomes a part of the controversy. It feels diplomacy is more productive than straightforwardness. It has its own difficulties in understanding the difference between choices and options. It is extremely sensitive towards arrogance and shamelessness. This body also has a name attached to it. Actually the name is not a very important issue here.

The victim mind is programmed to think within the predetermined boundaries. The education imparted in your world has successfully ensured the construction of very strong and unbreakable invisible boundaries in that mind. It is not even aware of the existence of the boundaries within which it resides. Generating the awareness about the boundaries requires a lot of effort. Only when the awareness dawns, breaking and moving beyond the boundaries can be attempted and accomplished. Breaking those boundaries is going to be a massive task and will lead to massive devastation creating massive amounts of spiritual debris. Majority of the resulting spiritual debris is meant to manifest as physical artifact. All such physical manifestations will be looked upon as problems of life. Currently, the victim mind is handling the creations of its own limited thinking by putting in laborious effort. It is facing considerable amount of failures and is not in a position to understand why those creations have manifested in its reality.

The deed of my crime.

When I tried to occupy the mind, it resisted with all its might. Being a superior force, I just broke the resistance barrier and barged in. In effect, I have violated that physical mind. I have done it for already stated definite purpose and I have no qualms about it. The exact nature of purpose will shine forth when the content is spelt out in detail. The content requires quite a bit of time to spell it out in several hundred pages of text and illustrations. While smaller examples have been stated in an earlier paragraph, some of the larger examples of the content involved have been mentioned as part of the evidence of the crime later in this confession. This story also is one such example which exposes that kind of stuff as part of evidence required by the jury.

From my perspective, all things happen with perfectly valid reasons to justify them. Even crime happens (committed!) with perfectly valid reasons which may be clearly evident or not. Validity of reason is the focus point. The act of commission is not. The act of commission is the result of that valid reason. Sometimes the person who commits the crime is consciously aware of the reason and at other times he is not. My case it is the one with total conscious awareness. This confession is a proof of that. It is important to understand. If reason is taken out of the event, there is no need for the crime to happen.

As per the rules engagement of your part of the world it is a crime to cause forceful and/or wishful violation of the body, mind or property belonging to another person. It is cruel, illegal or unjust irrespective of whether the violation is pleasurable, painful or a mixture of both. It deserves to be investigated thoroughly and justice needs to be delivered even when an upfront confession exists. Investigation may serve the purpose of preventing similar crimes in the future. In rare cases, the facts emerging from the investigation and trial may lead to changes in the law itself. Civility demands a fair trial and appropriate punishment.

I am making an effort to adhere to the rules of your world. It is not an easy task for me. Neither is it difficult. I am pleading guilty of committing the crime. I unequivocally confirm my deservedness to be punished for the crime. I also demand a fair trial before arriving at the quantum of punishment. For conducting a fair trial, evidences will be needed and I am going to put them in front of you voluntarily.

The evidences

The physical mind and body is in possession of physical artifacts that have been produced after my occupation as the part of the mind. The person unequivocally confirms that the artifacts would not have come into existence without my forceful occupation and continuous pressure filled persuasion. However, the physical body is not in a position to show any proof of either occupation or manifested personal physical effects thereof. It is impossible to prove mental torture, when it is carried out with sophisticated subtlety. Sometimes such a torture is mistaken as pleasure and is eagerly sought after. That in effect, is the only possible reason which makes this case slightly complex and can result in my acquittal, at least on account of the benefit of the doubt.

As far as the artifacts are concerned, the physical mind has already produced two e-books and I have forced him to publish them online through self publishing websites. Additionally there are several blog posts. You are holding one of the books written after publishing earlier mentioned books. I have attached a list of additional books at the end of this book.

The victim was extremely reluctant to write down all these things, let alone publish. He still refuses to acknowledge himself as the author of those books. He thinks all content has been dictated to him and it is not fair for him to claim the ownership of such content. He believes he has been misused as a typist (a skill far below his academic and professional stature i.e. insulted). Hence he feels that he is not even eligible to put his name on it. Nevertheless, owing to my pressure tactics, he has published them using my name as the author.

He is extremely reluctant for the following reasons:

a. He is not at all happy with my occupation of his mind forcefully. In fact, he has requested me several times to leave him alone. He feels that his privacy has been compromised. As far as I am concerned, I submit that I have chosen the right person and my position cannot be changed until the goal is achieved. I plead guilty of occupation. I also promise that I have no intentions of compromising his privacy.

b. Personal ability in writing is limited to writing small office memos, mostly involving cuts and paste. Previously, he had tried his hand at writing with disastrous effects many times. Even today the situation remains the same, unless I occupy the mind and dictate the words. I understand that this creates an inferiority complex in his mind leading to a kind of torture. This happens to be a case of sophisticated subtlety. In fact, this is another crime of mine and I plead guilty again.

c. He does not really understand the material that is coming out and hence is not in a position to take responsibility and answer any questions whenever doubts arise. I have tried to reduce this apprehension by allowing my name to be used for all practical purposes. I will be available to answer the questions wherever they arise.

d. Since the material is coming from another part of the mind or paradigm or realm it might offend the reader and create unnecessary personal problems complicating his life further. In fact, on one occasion when I forced him to write about donating the entire physical body for medical research after death, he almost refused to continue the typing of the blog post. Somehow, the idea of donating the entire body for medical research after death was personally offensive to him. He has become fearful. On this count, I can offer nothing to resolve his fears. The truth needs to be told, even if it is extremely uncomfortable. I admit to the crime of causing unnecessary anxiety and fear.

e. He is not sure about the financial implications. He is scared of losses. This too leads to a lot of mental torture considering the importance you have attached to money in your part of the Universe. On this count also, I admit to the crime and plead guilty.


You may need to examine the submission I am making here in my defense, in detail with proper punctuation to really understand it in the proper sense.

Most of the human beings are proud enough to pose themselves as excellent thinkers when in fact they are being manipulated to think the way they are thinking. The education imparted in this world successfully ensures the build up of such a kind of pride. Effective mass control tools are in operation to ensure such thinking only happens. It effectively ensures that the activity of real thinking has been outsourced. The true test of the effectiveness of these mass control tools lies in the fact that no one is able to acknowledge the error even when the results point in a different direction. That is what pride does (visible in defending the manipulated thinking as own thinking). Consider the case of hunger in your world. Why should such a large percentage of the population go hungry eternally when in reality more than enough of food is produced and a large quantity of food gets wasted all over the world every single minute? Is it a crime or not? I am here to point out that the fault lies with both the ‘thinking perpetrators’ and the ‘thinking victims’. ‘Thinking perpetrators’ assume that it is their birth right to hoard waste and establish the control. Similarly, ‘thinking victims’ assume that it is their natural right to whine fight and suffer. Are you able to see the possibility of a just and fair solution? The solution is fairly simple. However, it may prove to be a difficult one to implement. Think of it. You will know.

That should give you a taste of what super gift can do. However, it may not be sufficient to prove a case beyond any doubt. I am going to give you more of such a thing right away. I am going to demonstrate the ability with a useless word through sheer word play. You will witness what all it can lead to. Did I say useless word? Yes. I did. Be on your watch.

Invitation and warning

However, to resolve the issue of victimization through forcible occupation, I invite you to be the jury at the trial and I am willing to accept your verdict wholeheartedly. More details and evidences in the form of written artifacts will be needed for ascertaining the extent and ill effects of the crime. Conjecture needs to be eliminated entirely. If you happen to follow my writings, you too may have to pay the price on multiple fronts.

As you are reading these lines, I need to tell you that I am in the process of committing yet another similar crime. This time the victim is you. I am happy to see that I am able to spread myself so easily. Perhaps, some other day and some other time, I will be able to write a full-fledged confession about your case too! Why do you want to wait for that confession when you can complain right now?

More minor confessions

Here is another bit of confession. You might happen to see or feel a marketing gimmick in this writing. You are definitely not off the mark. It happens to be a side effect in this case. At times side effects are more important than the primary or main effects. To tell you frankly, there are multiple side effects for all three parties (me, the victim and you) in this particular case. These side effects are not obvious. It is not possible to identify those side effects for the minds that are happy to contain themselves within their own preset boundaries. It will require an emotionless analytical mind to carry out unadulterated and careful thinking to unearth those side effects.

Coming from beyond the five senses, three dimensions and time, I already know what is going to be the verdict and the quantum of punishment. It is all about choices. It is happening for a reason. I do not need to be concerned with the end result.

Here is a final bit of an additional confession before moving on to the trial. Confessing wholeheartedly feels absolutely good, even from a higher perspective! Does that make it a valid reason to commit the crime?

Harper J. Cole
September 16th, 2015, 11:22 PM
Well, it depends. If the narrator lives only in the brain of his victim, and can't exist anywhere else, then I'm inclined to think that he has an equal right to it, and hasn't committed a crime ... any more than I, the adult version of myself, have committed a crime by gradually supplanting the child who I used to be.

If, on the other hand, the narrator has come from somewhere else, and could go back there if he wished, then his occupation of his host body becomes a hostile act, and he is honour-bound to return from whence he came. Or perhaps, to seek another host, one who would welcome his presence ... it's a big planet, and you can find people who'll agree to the strangest things.

Still, I think I'm going to have to return a verdict of not guilty, as we have the presumption of innocence on this planet ... :idea: