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September 1st, 2015, 12:48 PM
Chapter 9

One day they came to a village in the afternoon and found a tea house. They went in to have some tea and snacks there. After finishing, the two yamen bailiffs told Linda and the boy to stay here till they were back. They wanted to look for an inn for the night. They went round the village and came across a gambling house. They were fond of this and strutted into it as if they were millionaires.
The most popular gambling in any casino in China at that time was dice. There were many types of dice playing. People could play two dice, three dice, four dice or six dice. The simplest sort was to play “big” and “small”. In this case the gambling patrons played against the casino and the dealer would shake the container holding the dice. The patrons could bet their money on “big” or “small”. So the winning chance was fifty-fifty. In other cases a patron could shake the container after the dealer did it. Whoever got the more dots added up on all dice was the winner. In this case, the patron played against the house on huge bets. Sometimes, two patrons could play against each other without the dealer taking part in. In the last two cases the gambling was carried on in some special room.
The second favorite gambling was something like mahjong, but it was called paijiu, which had thirty-two pieces only. On the faces of the paijiu pieces were engraved dots like on the dice, from two to twelve dots, which was really combinations of the dots on the dice. The play of paijiu was somewhat like dice. Only the paijiu pieces were used instead of dice. The two guys loved to play paijiu and they sat down to the paijiu table. Patrons could play against the casino or against each other between two patrons. They played and played, almost forgetful of Linda and the boy.
Linda and the boy sat in the tea house, sipping tea and talking. After some time a middle-aged man came in. When he was about to sit down at the table next to Linda’s, he looked up and round at all the customers here. His eyes brightened up when he caught sight of Linda. “By Buddha! I’ve never seen such a beauty in my life.” He said to himself.
There was a big rich family, Liu’s family, in the village. Actually, the village was called Liu’s Village. Most of the crop fields, the forest on the mountainside to the north of the village and most of the shops belonged to the family. Most of the villagers worked for the family, too.
Old Liu, the head of the household, was a retired government high official. He had embezzled a lot of money when in office. His daughter was married to the son of a prince. Therefore, when his corruption had been revealed, he had escaped from the punishment under the protection of the prince on the condition that he must retire from the office.
Then he came back to the village where he had been born. He had a great deal of money now and built a huge residence. He took over a large expanse of fields at a very low price at which he forced the original owners to sell him. Since he had been a government high official and had still the marital relationship with a prince, no one in the village dared to oppose him. Even the local government would listen to him, or he would write to the prince and had the local government officials removed from the office. His son, Young Liu, was worse. His sole hobby was sex. Whenever he saw a girl he took fancy to, he would order her to be brought to home and rape her. When he was tired of her, he just threw her out of his house and she had to return to her parents’ home, weeping.
There were quite a few people who lived on the hospitality of Liu family. They were called parasites. So for the sake of doing something in return, they always suggested some bad ideas to the son to please him. The middle-aged man who saw Linda in the tea house was one of them.
He no longer took tea and hastened back to report to the son as if he had found a treasure, which indeed was to the lewd son. So the son sent a group of his men led by the middle-aged man to fetch the girl from the tea house. When they reached the tea house, Linda was still there. She was waiting for the two yamen bailiffs and could never foresee the danger approaching her.
The group of men came into the tea house and took Linda by force to the carriage waiting outside. Linda screamed for help, but no one dared to interfere. The boy rushed forth to help his foster mother, but was kicked back and fell onto the ground. The carriage rumbled away and the boy got up and stared after it. He could do nothing now and had to wait for the two yamen bailiffs to come back. He held the hope that they could deliver Linda.
The two yamen bailiffs lost all the pocket money they had on the gambling table. They had to return to the tea house. They wanted to borrow some more money from Linda so that they could win back what they had lost. That is the common psychology of the gamblers, which only makes them lose more. When they entered the tea house, they did not see Linda anywhere. Only the boy was there. As they asked the boy where Linda was, the boy stammered out the sad story while sobbing. They learned from other customers who had taken the girl and hurried to the residence of Liu family.
When they arrived there, the butler received them. When he was told the reason why they came he was terrified and rushed in to report to Old Liu. Old Liu knew that the girl with the golden hair was the favorite of the emperor. How did his son dare to snatch her and bring her home? He then summoned his son to his presence and ordered him to release the girl to the escorting yamen bailiffs. At first the son refused to do so, saying that he liked the girl. But after his father explained why he must let the girl go, he had to give in because if the emperor learned that he had raped the girl, he would certainly be beheaded. Even his father would be punished for his neglect in educating his son. So Linda was freed and went back to the tea house with the two yamen bailiffs, where the boy was awaiting them. After the accident, the two guys lost interest to gamble and they took lodging in a nearby inn. They planned to start their long journey early next morning.