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Dave Watson
September 1st, 2015, 11:47 AM
I've found that in the noble quest of marketing and promoting your writing, getting noticed by national media is nigh on impossible for the little guys self publishing or with contracts with small indie presses. Unless you're an established author signed to a major press, it seems the big boys just don't want to know about you. One way I've found of amplifying your drum banging though, is to first think local and pester your own town's paper, radio and TV station instead. I've been on my local radio station twice, interviewed in the paper thrice, and after finding out about the local cable access type channel, it looks like I'll be making a TV appearance in the near future. :highly_amused: This is the latest story in the media giant The Greenock Telegraph...


Sure, it's not the New Yorker, but even small regional media outlets like this have audience figures not to be sniffed at when you're trying to make your voice heard among the crowd. It's a numbers game, and when you think about it, the figures are there for the taking if you put a bit of effort in. My own local rag has a circulation figure of around fourteen thousand readers with about sixteen thousand social media followers. Between them, the local TV and radio station have about another five thousand folks tuning in through the various channels. For the sake of a couple of phone calls and emails offering a local interest story, that's a sh*tload of people who now know there's someone in their town knocking books out, and who now know where they can buy them.

It's not guaranteed thousands of sales, of course not, but to start with, the game is to make folks aware that you even exist and are doing what you're doing, and more likely than not, you will shift a few copies at least and maybe garner some of those all important reviews. The story above was in my paper last week and a few days ago my publisher - who're just a small indie press - told me that they sold over a hundred copies in the space of ten days. Added to my own promotional efforts and constant badgering of all and sundry through social media, websites and forums, I've shifted a quite a few more, have managed to bag eight Amazon reviews in the space of a month between the UK and US sites, and have secured three more write ups from decent review sites. I also contacted the local paper of the town in the Scottish Outer Hebrides where the novel's set, and they're writing an article on it. Bingo bango, there's another sixteen thousand readers and social media followers in another part of the country who know someone's written a book about their wee hamlet. I'm also knocking the door of that town's other media outlets, again, going for the local interest angle.

With so many people self publishing, you simply can't just put your book up on Amazon then sit back and smugly wait for sales to go apesh*t. Knock on every door, throw stones at every window, and basically annoy the arse of everyone you can. Constantly.

December 9th, 2015, 06:07 AM
I would recommend making friends over annoying. Congrats on the article.

Another idea is your local library, if you have one, may do local writer events. Our closest one does once a month speaking opportunities. Local papers like the library and will generally cover the event. So now you've got a two for one, presenting your book in person and another mention in the newspaper.

Now that you've been covered by the local paper, approach the closest metro paper while mentioning the article in the local paper. I find that reporters love kudos. So when pitching it to the arts reporter be sure to specifically compliment some of their previous articles.