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The Flexion: Gathering Forces

Written by:
Gary D. Callan

The Flexion Volume One

Book One
Bridging Worlds

To successfully complete any challenge one may face, the participants in any struggle must have knowledge of events leading up to that challenge. The required information may be in ancient documents written in several languages, or unwritten tales told by the elderly. The gathering of these stories and books on any given subject can take several lifetimes to compile. Although time consuming and extremely tedious; getting the information is the lesser task. The greater endeavor is the comprehension of the data that took so many years to collect.

I have been given the gift, or curse depending your philosophical bent, of a long life and have spent most of that life gathering and compiling information regarding our universe and its origins. Every civilization I have encountered has their own tales about the creation of our universe and while these tales vary widely, the most common element has been the catastrophic event that formed the building blocks of our entire existence.

The following takes the common threads within ancient stories, written documents, known facts and a large dose of scientific conjecture on my part and combines them into a strong theory on what took place so long ago.

The most powerful force we as sentient beings understand is the will to be, to know ourselves. In short, the will to exist. I believe this basic primal energy is at the center of creation itself. This emotion is poured into a single point until it can no longer be ignored until a universal creator wills itself into being. This God, if you will, tasks itself in writing rules in the fabric of the cosmos that eventually defines what we lesser beings call home. The belief that many universes exist and each one has a single creator is widespread.

Our universe it seems was born in a slightly different, but profound way. Not one, but two entities willed themselves to be. These spirits not knowing how such a thing came to be, only knew it was wrong and began to consult each other on how to fix the mistake.

The two sentient Godlike beings, I call Time and Space, decided to combine their will and attempt to merge themselves back into the initial singularity that was destined to be born. Their reasoning, which seemed sound, was flawed. The universe in its infancy was expecting creation at this stage of development and the first physical law was written.

1 - 'That which is created cannot be destroyed'

The merging would not create one but first would cause the destruction of both of them. The first law was obeyed and the two were not destroyed. No law however was written to stop the creation of a new singularity. Instead of one creator to rule, three now burdened the new universe.

Time and Space, who had no form themselves, were perplexed by the newest member of the trio, which they named Flex due to its ribbon like form and its constant motion of twists and turns. Every attempt to communicate with the Flex was answered with silence. The 'parents' of the Flex knew it heard their overtures to speak to it but not unlike a human child which could stare and play with it's own feet for hours in contentment., the Flex was happy just to be and continued it's twisting and turning in it's own infantile entertainment.

The elder two found they could not create new universal laws without all three of them working together. Without the Flex's will, it became quite clear Space and Time were becoming caretakers of nothing. If they could not get through to the Flex, they would spend eternity with nothing to do. Despair, an emotion not known to them until now, started to set in.
The next few millennia Time and Space continued in a vast patient manner to communicate with the Flex. When nothing worked, they punished their wayward offspring. Now children, even immortal children, do not know the power of the punishment until it is inflicted on them for the first time. The parents therefore, never using this authority before, cannot foresee the reaction their offspring will have upon receiving the chastisement.

The reprimand was either too great or the Flex's response was exaggerated. Either way, punishment was given, and the Flex reacted. In its blind rage, it lashed out at its tormentors expecting to cause them harm. Instead, the Flex only injured itself during the tantrum. Energy poured from the self-inflicted wounds releasing vast amounts of energy into the ether. Pain from the wound increased until the Flex acted violently again. It attacked it's hateful parents, by wrapping itself around father time and mother space for the sole purpose of destroying them once and for all. How dare they cause it such pain? It only wanted to be left alone.

The battle of the three giants waged on. Time and Space, so intent on their prey did not notice the Flex ribbon slowly tightening around them. The constriction of the ribbon and the energy pouring from it was steadily squeezed into an already cramped space.

The fabric of the Flex was stretched beyond its strength to hold and it tore asunder. The result was an explosion on an infinite scale. The three powerful giants were flung out into the nether of the void.

The first law stopped the destruction of the two great beings. What happened to them instead was far worse. Their mind was ripped from them and their formless spirits became what we now know as time and space. The energy from the wounded Flex was scattered into the far reaches of the cosmos. What should have taken trillions of eons, happened in the instant of the cataclysm. The Prime Universe was born.

In that small space where the battle and explosion took place, the same unknown hand that wrote the first laws wrote the law of gravity. Matter and energy was pushed and pulled creating the first solar system. The Prime World came into being.

Astral bodies formed further and further from the point of creation and were shaped with ever increasingly flawed and eroded laws causing chaos to rule them. The three God's physical realities were defined as Space, Time and Energy. What of their will, their intellect? What happened to them?

Sentient descendants living in this one of a kind universe would one day be able to see the remnants of the Flex energy within their own small minds. Those gifted individuals will be able to use that power to travel and communicate instantly across the cosmos. A few will even learn to manipulate matter itself.

The Flex will figure heavily in our near future, To give our efforts the best chance of success, I have written what I have deduced from all my research. I feel the weight of time itself squeezing away my breath, pushing me to act before it is too late.

Power in any form can be dangerous, and a locked door that is forced open by breaking the bolt is extremely difficult to secure. It is my self proclaimed task to find these gifted individuals and bring them together to fix the broken lock and close the door before the universe plays itself out, trillions of years before it's time. Abacus, Lord of the Flex.

Chapter 1
Planet Earth
Mind of Kyle Bennet
June 2, 2389

Once again, an individual succumbs to the pull of the subconscious, cloaking the five senses in velveteen darkness of a deep sleep. The subconscious mind, always impatient, does not wait for exhaustion to overpower the wakened psyche. It uses tools, consisting of guile, emotions and deceit to dull the senses. Keeping the mind in profound slumber using visions and sounds from every day thoughts, desires and fears until they coalesce into dreams.

Dreams bring answers to unvoiced questions and direction to turbulent lives. They sooth anxieties and depressions, while giving back hope for better times ahead. Even the darker nightmares that frighten mock those fears, giving the dreamer strength to dismiss them. In the length of an individual life, dreams of light and darkness are necessary to keep sanity from slipping away into the chaos of psychosis.

The subconscious's latest victory on the battlefield within this particular mind was fought in an unlikely arena, a high school physics class. Visions of long forgotten periods in life begin to unfold, as the dreamer falls further into the intellect's center.

Kyle's first reverie was also his oldest memory, the day he was born. Although born was not a word one would use for Kyle's first day of recollection. After all, he was not traumatically expelled from a birth canal. No masked man in white bathed in bright white light waited with open arms to cradle him. Instead, the small boy woke in silent, comfortable surroundings.

Keeping his eyes closed and body still, he let his other heightened senses reach out for anything or anyone that might be near. Hearing nothing, he focused on physical contact. He lay flat on a comfortable mattress, his entire form covered with warm blankets. The sweet smell of flora wafted through the air tickling his nose. Fearing he would sneeze, he squeezed his eyes and wrinkled his nostrils until the danger passed. After a half an hour of immobility, he opened his right eye slightly. Green light glowed from a source he could not see without moving, an effort he was not prepared to do. The warm light gave him just enough luminance to see several models of rockets and air carriers hung from a non descript ceiling.

Surrendering to the logical conclusion he was alone, he opened both of his eyes, which immediately began to burn due to lack of moisture. He blinked several times trying without success to create tears, but only made things worse. Slowly, moving in small discrete movements he rubbed the last remnants of sleep from his eyes, finally giving them the relief they required. He used his elbows to push his head and chest to an inclined position, giving him a view of his surroundings. Kyle gave the room a quick but concentrated glance, cataloguing every item and their details in his sight. Just as quickly, he took the information of his scrutiny and filed it away by importance and interest. No one appeared by his bed as he rose. Sighing in relief he fell once more onto his back. Closing his eyes, he pictured the room and its contents by memory.

The wall opposite his bed donned posters, pennants and photographs of sport teams and their players. To his right, stood a bookshelf full of paperback and leather bound books. To his left stood a mirrored door opened slightly revealing a lavatory. The bathroom he filed under necessity, something he would need very soon. The largest wall, held an elaborate EV-Band system, consisting of a beautiful mahogany control desk and a sixty or seventy inch data screen.

His cautionary instinct was being forced into undue haste by the pressure of his bladder. The battle over which would fold came to ahead. Conceding to the winner, Kyle raised himself again and peered over the side of the mattress. A plethora of toy construction items and tools such as metal gears, structural girders, pliers and drivers lay strewn about. As if waiting for the builder to pick them up and finish a project he could not see.

The models, posters and construction toys were low on his interested list. However, the computer system and literature, pulled strongly at his curiosity. Forcing himself to look away, he instead concentrated his immediate needs, the bathroom.

Stiff legs and arms made getting out of the bed almost impossible. It took all of his effort and several minutes just to sit up and swing his legs over the side of the bed. The bathroom suddenly looked to be miles away as his body screamed at him to lie back down. Taking a few minutes, time he really did not have, he slowly exercised and rubbed his arms and legs until the feeling started rushing to his extremities. Tingles became stabs of pain as blood pulsed through his sleeping limbs forcing him to take another minute to allow them to pass.

He searched the floor, finding the best path for him through the scattered toys to the bathroom before he placed either of his feet on the plush carpet. Still unsure of his mobility he raised himself out of the bed. Immediately a bout of dizziness overcame him forcing him to sit back down. Using his hands to steady himself, it took him a few tries before he could stand erect without ill effects. Only then did he try to walk toward the mirrored door. Within just a few small steps, his breathing became labored and he became nauseated. The black pajamas he wore, which seemed warm and comfortable at first, grew hot with his exertions, causing him to perspire heavily. He pulled at the material roughly fanning himself, trying to cool off.

Putting one foot in front of the other, giving himself a second or two between each step, he moved forward. This strategy allowed him to cross the room. The sight of the urinal escalated his intensity to use it, propelling him to take the last few steps in long strides.

His current biological urgings fulfilled, he walked into the bedroom and closed the door, bringing the mirror into view. Gray eyes with large pupils and long thick eyelashes stared back at him. On his head lay unkempt black hair; slightly hiding the fact, his head was too large for his thin neck and narrow shoulders. He guessed his age to be about six or seven years. Guess was the word. He knew the reflection was a boy named Kyle Bennet, and he was completely sure this was his room and his things. He could not, however, remember a single moment before he woke quietly in his bed just an hour ago.

He sat at the EV-Band control desk, to catch his breath and rest himself. He knew once he powered up the system he wouldn't budge until something or someone forced him to. Instead, feeling stronger after the rest he walked over to the bookshelf. Ancient classics such as Shakespeare and Dickens were nestled between not so ancient literary works. Science Fiction novels by Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Robert Heinlein and Prichard lined the top shelf. The lower shelves were filled with textbooks. Physics, anatomy, psychology history and a multitude of mathematic volumes were shelved in order by release date and grade level requirement. Kyle pulled a book from this section with a shaking hand. Sciences, Pre Upheaval. Figuring it was a good time to see if his vocal chords were as rusty as his body he began to read the author's note
'The information within this volume," he began his voice cracking slightly, "comes from hundreds of documents, articles and volumes saved from destruction during the Upheaval . I have dedicated half of my life to find, catalog and if possible learn from our ancestors and their mistakes. My goal: To bring our children back the knowledge that was lost or destroyed, by the so-called Great Protectors of the age....'

A yawn escaped him, forcing him to stop. Shaking his head groggily, he replaced the book. It wouldn’t do any good to read them because he already knew each book by memory, down to each chapter and page number.

"My room," he said to himself, "my toys, and my books. I know of them, I know they are mine. If I know all this, then why can't I remember buying the toys or reading the books." The thought allowed slithers of fear to worm their way into his heart. Deep within his logical mind he forced himself to bring the last item he filed away earlier. The EV-Band system. As quick as he could without his legs giving out from under him, he walked to the desk and sat back down into the comfortable overstuffed chair.

"Date and time." he commanded not really knowing if the Artificial Intelligence would answer or even if it could. The AI dome light lit in front him letting him know it was active.

'May 16, 2377 - 4:30am' a steady calm and soothing male voice answered.

"What is my current location?"

'Do not be silly boy; you are in your room. Up and about, I may say, well before his sleep cycle has concluded.'

"What is my name?"

'Kyle Bennet, Son of Jack and Janet Bennet' Kyle, confused by the AI's casual form of address almost missed the last part of it's answer. He knew Jack was his father but did not know who Janet was.

"What is your signature?”

‘I am a True Factor Artificial Intelligent Home Care Unit, model 214, modified by Bennet Research and Development Group. My name is Abe. How may I be of service Kyle Bennet?’

"View family albums." Kyle instructed the artificial intelligence.

'Information not available, no data transferred to my banks at this time. Initial installation still in progress.'

“Bio Scan, Subject Kyle Bennet" the boy commanded the computer, “Begin."

(The slumbering teenager knew if he did not awaken soon, his physics teacher would notice. He also knew he would feel the man's pointing wand rapping smartly on his back if caught. He walked the dream line keeping himself under. It had been a long time since he found this recollection, he did not want to loose it. Stepping to the right of line, he fell back into the dream.)

Before the AI could start the bio scan, another voice came from the front door of the room. “Monitor off.” It commanded. The AI dome light blinked off. Kyle banged his fist on the data entry pad in frustration.

"Why?" he began, whirling his chair around to confront whoever halted his order. Kyle knew the man who stood before him was his father but just like everything else, he did not know how he came by the knowledge. Kyle flinched reflexively believing his father was going to yell at him for making too much noise or demand why he was up so early before dawn. What he did not anticipate was his father running toward him wrapping tightly around boy while tears ran unashamedly down his face.

Father and son sat on the edge of his bed; heads together talking in hushed tones. It was in this lengthy conversation with his father, Kyle learned of his illness. The doctors called it a malady of the mind. The sickness began around his third birthday, causing him to sink within himself for days without surfacing. When he was able to hear what was going on around him and speak, he came out raging angrily at anyone that came near him. He screamed, telling any who would listen, about his delusions.

Jack Bennet took out a Datastal from his pocket and plugged it in to the EV-Band terminal. The two of them watched the screen as a much younger Kyle, tied down in a hospital bed raved loudly as sweat rolled from his face and his bruised arms and legs strained against the straps holding him.

"A black rock, don't you see it? It so dark! It calls me! I must go!" he looked up at the camera recording him and strained harder against his bindings. "I have to go! Let me go! A hand touches the stone, it is melting." Terror filled the boy replacing the anger. "Oh my god, It's mine! It' won't let go! Daddy, please it won't let go! It's melting!" The boy wept in fright as he continued to witness something no one else could. "The Sun, It fills the sky and I burn! Mommy it hurts!" the last were just in whimpers. Kyle's childlike visage changed. His eyes grew intense as he looked up at his dad and the doctors. His face grew older. "Why the hell won't you help me? You bastards just stand there." Just as fast, the boy's features return as he began begging for help. "The whole sky is filled with fire! Daddy, I am burning! Why can't I fly away? Help me fly away." the boy sobbed his energy now spent. He lay back in the hospital bed and continued to cry.

"Datastal, skip to stat 5." Jack commanded wiping tears from his face as the screen went blank once more. Again the young boy was talking but in a different way. He held a plush teddy bear and was talking to it urgently.

"I was flying, up with the birds. I saw those below me who could not fly. How I pity them. I flew to my friend. He helped me. I flew through fog. My friend screamed at me but I could not hear what he said. I saw the little fence he sat on sometimes. But the last time I flew, I saw, I saw God, I forgot my friend and reached out to God. My eyes, stars on fire, My God!" the boy's face grew terrified once more.

"Monitor off!" The EV system shut down leaving the two in semi darkness and silence once more. "After two years of drugs and therapy, you were able to se sit by yourself and mutter non words and gibberish, your mind totally locked within it's psychosis." Jack squeezed his son tightly with one arm and wiped his eyes with his other. "The solution seemed simple," Jack told his son. "A doctor in my employ was working on a procedure to empty certain memories within the mind. He felt if he could erase whatever happened that day from your memory it would stop your delusions."

"It worked I take it?" Kyle asked him tears forming in his eyes, not for himself. He cried for his father who he felt he just met and his mother who he had no memory of at all.

"Yes, but the process took too much. Every night you would wake a blank slate. We were surprised your body could remember to breath. Tonight is the first time you woke retaining something of your life. You must keep your mind active at this time.” When he told his father he believed he already read the novels on his shelf, his father laughed for the first time since he entered the boy’s room.

“I have read to you every day since the procedure. Every book on the shelf and many more. Old man Griswald, an elderly man who owns the used book store a few blocks away, filled my ears bellyaching about wanting to retire, for three years. I bought the store, giving old John enough money so he can retire in comfort the rest of his life. I read a thousand books to you and there are many thousand still within the shop untouched.. The whole inventory is yours, son. Read whatever suits you.”

“But, I am only seven.” He argued, “I should not be reading Asimov and Trudensky.”

“Yes, Kyle. You are seven. You also suffer the same curse your father and mother have” he began catching himself, he looked down sadly.

Kyle waited for his dad to tell him of the dark family disease his parents passed on to him. “High Intelligence” his father told him. Kyle sighed in relief.

“Intelligence surely, is not a curse, father.” He told his father seriously. “I would rather have knowledge than remain ignorant.”

“You maybe right son, although, I will tell you something.” He whispered in his ear. “Ignorance can also be gift. As the old saying goes, ignorance is bliss.” Kyle shook his head not understanding but the conversation gave the boy an opening to discuss a delicate issue.

"How did you know I would retain all the books you read to me over the years?"

He kissed his son on the forehead and hugged him tightly once more. "I didn't" he said with a smile. “You need rest. Go back to sleep, we will talk in the morning.” Jack stood headed back to the hallway door.

"Dad?" Kyle asked stopping his father once more. It seemed strange to the boy his father would leave him now. Didn't he just wake from a three-year coma? The room should be crawling with doctors and scientists. Unless, "How many times have we had this same conversation?" Jack's eyes brimmed once more and he began to shake.

"The answer will only mean something to you if you remember the question tomorrow morning son. Your query is important in one way, however. It is the first time you asked it. We will talk more tomorrow.” He said and left the room.

Harper J. Cole
August 29th, 2015, 06:42 PM
Interesting; you've evidently got some big ideas here. I'm guessing that you're inspired by Olaf Stapeldon or a similar writer.

There are some errors that you need to watch though ...

it's own feet for hours in contentment., the Flex was happy just to be and continued it's twisting and turning in it's own infantile entertainment.

These should all be "its" ... while at first glance it looks correct to include the possessive apostrophe, this is the gender neutral equivalent of "his" and "hers", so goes apostrophe-free.

"We will talk more tomorrow.” He said and left the room.

This should be: "We will talk more tomorrow,” he said, and left the room (all one sentence).

It's worth taking a browse through Grammar Girl or a similar site to get correct usage worked out before you write too much, to save yourself having to make major corrections later.

Good luck with the rest of your story! :thumbl:


August 30th, 2015, 02:06 AM
Thanks for response. Yes the its it's thing has me flummoxed more than anything. I will fix. I actually never heard of the authors you listed but I do like Orson Scott Card. The story has seven species 6 planets including Earth. Two books are drafted already.

September 1st, 2015, 11:36 PM
A really outstanding idea, with interesting execution. I'm having trouble deciding whether or not to take this as a sort of documentary-style story or just as a commonly-structured story with a confusing prologue. For sure I love the idea of a sort of "watcher", and I would love to see more ^-^
Good luck with all your work!

September 5th, 2015, 07:17 AM
Thanks for reply. Not sure if it will
disappoint you but the later is closer to the truth. I will post second part soon. I do not want to post too much.