View Full Version : My Plotagon Skits.

August 19th, 2015, 02:21 AM
so I have finally met the minimum of 10 posts and, now that im a full member, its time I started sharing a little bit of the stuff of my own.

I have made a small series of comedy skits called "The Tourist" on this 3d "acting" software known as plotagon in which a black clad anonymous tourist from Minneapolis critiques and bashes well known artists and content creators from around the web in the most off color yet hilarious way possible, not to mention he gets either himself or others in trouble from his shenanigans.

the episodes are listed from newest to oldest as follows: (my plotagon name in blah blah blah, its a tounge in cheek joke)

DISCLAIMER: my work is highly questionable at best and viewer discretion is advised

Vivi meets a "tourist" (pilot, this was before the official name of the series was coined)>> https://plotagon.com/92628

2. What Happens In Vegas...>> https://plotagon.com/92793

3. Corrvo The West Coast Hipster>> https://plotagon.com/92978

4. Payback Down Under>> https://plotagon.com/93407

enjoy. each episode took me an hour to make.