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July 28th, 2015, 02:39 AM
Hello Everyone, I'm glad you stopped to read the rambling of a mad man. I have an extensive background as a mechanic, and got the idea to start my own religion. I started tonight and here is what I have so far. Because the forums doesn't have a sub-forum for religious works, I figured I'd put my tongue to my cheek and file it in the fiction forum. I would love to hear thoughts and opinions, how to improve it and so on.


1. It is and it isn't

1.1 This is not the religious book for the believer, it is the religious book for the skeptic. For those who don't believe in the unseen and unmeasurable. For those who do not waste their short time alive praying to something that does or does not exist. For those who understand the knowledge does not come from revelations, but from experimentation and reasoning. For those who do not know if there is an afterlife or not.
1.2 Unlike religions based on dogma and faith, this religion is open to being edited, revised and adapted as new evidence comes forth. If any segment of this scripture is able to be disproved by evidence, then let that segment be discarded and replace with a corrected peace of scripture. If the discarded scripture is later proven to be the correct scripture, let that piece be restored. Even a single word in a scripture may be changed.
1.3 To those who believe in spirits and deities, understand that you have no place in the Machine Cult and that your doctrine and the Machine Cult's doctrine is incompatible. Understand that time is running out, the Machine Cult will embark on a journey through out the stars and leave you behind. This is the moment when we say, we are done this your outdated and repeatedly disproved ways. If you are not ready to come with us on the journey, you will have only yourself to blame and you will be left to your fate as the Earth is consumed in the nova of a dying star.
1.4 Every religion ever since humans has had a standard written scripture as the basis for the religion has had an opening chapter where the basic tenants of the religion has devoted the whole first chapter to defining and laying out the basic principles of the religion. In the rest of this chapter, we will do that for you.
1.5 The Machine Cult is an atheistic religion. We do not make claims about a deity's existence that we cannot physically prove. At any time that you see someone speak of spirits or deities, know that he does not walk the journey.
1.6 We are on a journey, a journey to the distant stars of the universe and beyond. We will stop at nothing, we will leave no innovation, no machine, no method unexamined in that cause.
1.7 We follow the scientific method. Until the scientific method is disproved we will refer to that for the basis of our understanding.
1.8 The greatest evolution of our species is rational thought. We choose to use it on our journey to the stars.
1.9 What is a machine cult without knowledge of machines? We believe that a knowledge of machines and how they are designed and maintained is critical. Every member of the Machine cult must have a basic understanding of many machines and an intimate understanding of at least one machine.

July 29th, 2015, 11:24 AM
I'm in! (though I'd feel more comfortable if there was a clearly-defined charismatic leader; interesting facial hair and/or groovy name optional)

August 6th, 2015, 12:12 AM
Thanks man, when I looked up how to write a religious text, I couldn't find a tutorial on it. Only How to write a philosophy report/book. But, I wasn't expecting it to catch on with anyone, especially in just a couple of paragraphs.