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July 15th, 2015, 09:10 PM
The third chapter that will eventually be the 5th chapter has something special that none of the previous chapters had. That is big cats.

So here is the third chapter:

While the 15x15 was pregnant, the 6x6 researched genetics, the 5x5s built houses, the 9x9s built a school, and the 14x14s built outhouses. In 3 months, cheddar cheese was made.

The extra 5x5s after they built the houses have went so far that they have found big cats.

The 5x5s said, “We have found some big cats. We have found lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Further out there are tigers but we have not found any yet. I think we should get meat and bone from some of these cats and domesticate others, specifically the cheetahs.”

The 6x6 said, “Lions live in big groups. I cannot imagine what a dead lioness would do to the pride. The whole pride might come after us. Then we would have to put ourselves back together and heal. And what if the lions stay there? That would be dangerous.”

The 7x7 said, “The leopard, while it is solitary would be hard to get since it is often in the trees sleeping or eating.”

The 8x8 said, “The cheetah is very fast. None of us are as fast as a cheetah. Therefore, we would have to set box traps for the cheetahs since that will do the least injury to the cheetah. We would also have to put a piece of live bait in the middle of the thornbushes to attract the cheetah since dead meat will attract hyenas and lions more than cheetahs.”

The 1x1 wanted to see who could best climb trees. It turned out to be the 5x5 since he was light and could get a good grip on the tree. As far as camouflage and silence, the best was the 1x1. However, he cannot go out there since being attacked means that he will probably die. The next best one at camouflage is the 2x2. He could be attacked without dying. So could the 5x5.

Therefore, they had a plan to have 1 5x5 go out there and attract the gazelle with grass. The thornbushes caused the gazelle to be hurt so he was put in the middle of the thornbushes. The 2nd 5x5 set up traps for the cheetahs. The 3rd 5x5 kept his eye out for any predators but especially cheetahs.

The 3rd 5x5 said, “Look. There is a mother cheetah and her cubs. And what else is attracted by the gazelle?”

The 2nd 5x5 said, “Lions.”

The 3rd 5x5 said, “That is right and if they kill the gazelle and we trap the cheetahs then we will have the whole pride that we can trap.”

The 2nd 5x5 said “And if we trap the pride we can kill the adult males and lionesses and raise the cubs. But before we kill the lionesses we first need to figure out what exactly is in lion milk as well as the major prey of lions.”

The 1st 5x5 said “Why lion milk? Why can’t we give them the milk we already get from our cows?”

The 3rd 5x5 said “Because it won’t necessarily have all the nutrients that a lion needs.”

The cheetahs were trapped but instead of trapping the lions, the 5x5s let the lions eat the gazelle and go back to their rest area.

The 5x5s made sure that the spaces in the box trap were too small for an adult cheetah or a cheetah cub to bring its claws out.

They came back with 1 adult cheetah and 4 cheetah cubs.

They sedated the mother cheetah so that the 6x6 could express milk from the mother cheetah. The 6x6 analyzed the cheetah’s milk and figured out a recipe for cheetah milk. He then made some cheetah milk and fed the 4 cubs. However, they were old enough to be fed meat too. They would not eat the meat from their own mother cheetah but would eat meat from the cheetah’s prey. They would even eat meat from other sources. They let the adult cheetah back into the wild so that it could mate again and produce as many, if not more cheetah cubs.

They fed the cheetah cubs meat and cheetah milk for another year.

The 3x3 said “Attention all cubes. Many things have been found out over this past year. The 6x6 has found out what exactly is in cheetah milk and how much to feed to a cheetah cub according to age. She has also found out that there are such things as blood types and a mismatch of blood type could lead to very serious side effects. The 5x5s have found out things about lions, cheetahs, and leopards. The 7x7 has made cheddar cheese. Since this has been very eventful, we should celebrate by making 2 cakes. 1 will be a meat cake for the cheetahs. The second one will be a cake for all 17 of us and our 8 offspring. We shall have 2 people make each cake and the others play with the cheetahs to keep them distracted.”

It took them 2 hours to make each cake. The cheetahs did not even look at the cakes as they were being made because they were playing with a lot more cubes than the 4 that were making the cakes. At 6:00, the cubes and cheetahs celebrated.

After the celebration, the jobs were rotated and some cubes even got new jobs.

First off for the original 17 cubes:
Gardener: 1x1
Animal care: 17x17
Meteorologist: 2x2
Scientist: 7x7
Teacher: 6x6
Cook: 8x8
Accountant: 4x4
Angler: 9x9
Doctor: 10x10
Guard (1st degree): 11x11
Guard (2nd degree): 12x12
Guard (3rd degree): 13x13
Guard (4th degree): 14x14
Guard (5th degree): 15x15
Guard (6th degree): 16x16

For the ones that got new jobs:

2nd 14x14: Hunter
2nd 2x2: Cheetah care

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That was beautiful

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I just realized that Rubiks World is very similar to a story I was trying to write, only with cube people of course. The realization just hit me and I thought I would tell you.