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June 5th, 2015, 02:03 AM
Chapter Five: Rueven the Bear
Dominique named the monster Rueven, she had to be kidding me. “So you rode Rueven out, are you sure nobody was following you?” Dominique said after I told her what happened at the camp. “Actually, I am almost positive that someone is following us. The leader said to follow us so they can find you and kill you,” I replied. Dominique looked a bit shaken at this fact.
“Yeah and all that but could you really get me something to eat? I haven’t ate actual food in weeks,” Cylas said interrupting our conversation. “Uh, yeah little bud, Rorry found some jerky earlier and I managed to save his backpack before running to hide from the clan,” Dominique said. “Oh by the way here is your backpack Rorry,” she said as she tossed the backpack to me.
“So would anyone bother telling me what landed you in the camp?” Cylas said as he savagely devoured the beef jerky. So Dominique and I told him everything about what happened the past few days, he looked extremely interested at the fact of what happened. “But where did that drone come from?” he asked curiously. “Well we don’t quite know,” Dominique replied. “But I figure it is controlled by some city-state, probably the same one that destroyed the one we were scavenging.”
“Anyways Rorry I feel you need an explanation of what happened after the tower collapsed…” “Go on.” She took a deep breath. “The clan that took you found you among the rubble of the city-state. A big explosion occurred that made most of the buildings collapse and I was only lucky enough to survive because the glass-box on the railgun was sturdy and intact,” she said, looking me in the eye.
“I found your backpack but it was too late—when I found your body, the clan had arrived and were haphazardously scavenging the area.” “Ooh big word—haphazardously, wow,” Cylas said in a tone of unsubtle mocking. She took another deep breath and continued, “And I followed them back—of course and set traps all around the perimeter of the camp when I found Rueven just sitting there when I got back to my hideout. The dang mutant wouldn’t leave me alone. I could tell he wasn’t dangerous by the simple fact that I’m still alive right now. I used him to create a diversion to get you and your friend out of that hellhole.” Rueven made a funny gurgling noise and Dominique smiled.
“It did not take long to train him, in fact…” She paused, “He already knew what to do, it was almost as if he knew what I was going to get him to do before I got him to do it.” She said firmly, while I sat there looking bewildered. “Whatever it is—I am sure that there is something great about him, something peculiar.”
I looked around, we were in a chilly cave with our possessions, there was a large boulder cleverly placed that hid the cave from view but allowed us to leave freely. I was betting she had Rueven do it somehow. Outside the cave was a dense forest with enough trees to make it hard to follow us. I sure wished I had my sleeping bag, it was so cold in that cave, Dominique had some blankets but it still was not near as comforting as what I had back in the bunker.
I woke up the next morning to Dominique boiling mushrooms in an old rusted pot, “Hey Dom, where’s Cylas?” I said yawning. “He went out to get more firewood, I was going to wake you up so you could go with him but he insisted on letting you rest,” Dominique replied, scraping moss off a rock.
“Did-ya tell him about our plans to get to Hawaii?” I asked lightly. “Yeah but he says it’s ludicrous navigating the Nevadan-Californian islands, but we’ll find a way.” She said as she dropped the rock into the fire making the stone boil.
“So your name is Dominique, right?”Cylas asked curiously “Yeah, Dominique Leon,” she replied eminently. Wait… Leon… Leon. That name rang a bell… I thought hard and unzipped my backpack to get take out the journal. “EdwardLeonApril 15th,” It suddenly clicked inside my head, The man that betrayed Dominique was the dead man, and he wanted her back in his life badly.
“Uh, Dominique, you might want to look at this…” I said glumly, she picked up the journal and her mouth fell open. “S-so he was the dead man in that hotel,” she said unbelieving in herself. To my surprise she hugged me instantaneously, sobbing, “Why does this always happen to me? The last thing I said to him was that I hope he dies.” she said crying uncontrollably.
Cylas looked at Dominique with a hint of distaste, and then back at me. “I was just a slave for a few weeks so don’t expect me to be her lapdog,” “Well ain’t you a sweet boy?” I replied sarcastically. “Now that you think of it, I could do with some sweets.” Dominique was too busy bawling to engage in our conversation.
She stood up and wiped herself off, “I knew that there had to be a reason… I knew it,” she mumbled to herself. “What do you mean?” I asked her gently. “Nothing, I-I just need some alone time to––to think,” she decided, before standing up and rambling off into the forest.
Rueven was staring at me now, “What? She needed to know the truth.” I said shrugging, feeling slightly awkward that I was talking to a steel creature. “I don’t know what it is exactly but, let's just call him a bear to make it easy alright?” I noted to Cylas.
“So where we going from here? Since you guys want to go to Hawaii and everything,” Cylas asked; me being slightly annoyed by all his questions. I sighed and replied, “I have absolutely no clue, all I want to do right now is to survive.”
And that’s exactly what we did do for the next five days. Cylas and I typically scavenged for fungi while Dominique set traps around the perimeter in case Vector and his goons appeared, and she also boiled the ‘foods’ until they were ready for ‘consumption’.
Dominique was becoming ever more irritable and Cylas took note of this. He made it a mission of himself to act as cheerful as possible around Dominique, “Cheer up Dommy we still got our necessities,” he said over-the-toply. Dom gave him a reproachful look and instead of telling him off, she just told him quietly, “Don’t call me Dommy.” I wanted to talk to her about her father, but decided it would be a good idea if I strayed from that subject for a while.
On the seventh day I told them we needed to get moving. Dominique (who was beginning to act more cheerful) said, “All right, I was thinking the same myself.”
I pulled out the holographical map (ignoring Cylas’ gasp of amazement), it determined we were in Alabama, just south of Birmingham.
“So we go through Texas and get to the Californian Islands?” I asked, peering at Dom. “Probably but if you haven’t discovered, we need a boat,” she said in her usual irritated tone.
“You know if you are such a genius Dommy,” “Don’t call me-” “Then why don’t we take go through the Mexican Border canal?” Cylas said. “Because if anything, there are tons of clans just waiting to kill us and take our stuff,” she said with a nasty look on her face. “Nobody with half a brain would think to travel through the Californian islands… With the rising water from global warming, most of the islands would be underwater,” Cylas replied. “And that is exactly why we should travel through them,” she stated with a I-won-the-battle type look on her face.
The next few days were very much on the same schedule. Dominique was getting paranoid that the clan was watching her, “I just can’t shake the feeling that they are watching us,” she would always say. Dominique and Cylas proved not to be bestest of friends with their bickering, but I just ignored it, I was not going to get in the middle of it.
“I told you that you can’t leave the forest, the clan cou-” There was a loud snap of branches to our right. “Shutup,” I said. “D-you hear that?” I whispered. There was a loud snap of branches to our right. I withdrew my tomahawk and searched for a cause intently. “Damnit Cylas, look what you did,” breathed Dominique. Rueven the Bear suddenly came into view and made a face that I was sure was a smile, in whatever the hell sort of way a bear could smile. “Oh thank God,” Dominique said. We were on the edge of the forest, Dominique was chewing Cylas out for leaving the forest.
I still could not believe that Dom trusted the mutant. If you can’t trust humans, why would you trust a mutant bear? It seemed Dominique was getting tired of living in the cave, now she was devising a plan for us to leave without being spotted by The Butchers.
“We could make it simple, because I got around nine of those idiots to fall into covered holes, which proves just how moronic they are,” Dominique said.
“I think you need to learn to make a bomb, so we can bomb their camp and stuff, plus it would be funny,” Cylas stated. Dominique and I stared at him intently, “What? I was just stating my opinion…” he said, looking down.
“We need to get back to the cave, we have been gone for too long,” I said. “Yeah Rorry is right, let's go back,” Dom said. We headed back. Dom made me keep my tomahawk out just in case, (while Cylas was pouting that she was too worried).
When we got back after a short walk we found the cave to be rid of all it’s contents, “What the-” “I knew it!” she whispered. “I had a feeling this was gonna happen.” Dominique said as she smacked Cylas on the head. “Listen, I-I’m sorry,” Cylas said sorrowly. “Suck it up, they got our food but we still have all our stuff, let's head out or they might find us back,” I said.
Just that moment I heard a few yells to the north. The north was mainly grassland, a perfect scene for a bloody battle. “Alright, stick with me and stay in the shadows,” Dominique said as moments later Cylas ran to see what was going on.
“Cylas! GET BACK HERE!” she screamed. We chased after him and as I was about to catch him and pin him we came into a clearing where there was dozens of men fighting like barbarians. of them were wearing bear hide tunics with leather chaps, and the other were wearing whatever they could scavenge. “Well ain’t this peculiar?” Cylas said bemused.
We stood there in silence watching the scene before us. The men in random clothes were using poor outdated weaponry, like axes, duct taped spears, swords, and the occasional gun. While the Butchers were using in-date weapons like sub-machine guns, heavy-machine guns, assault rifles, electric swords, and much more. Vector’s clan was easily mowing down the Randoms.
Dom nudged me in my ribs and said, “Let's go.” I knew that it would not be long before the Butchers of Montevallo would notice us and attack. We swerved around them and went further North. We read a sign that said, ‘Welcome to Bessemer, a glorious suburb of Birmingham! Population: 65,000’. The city beyond that, however was nearly destroyed except for four tall forts constructed around each corner of the sullen city. “I think one of these belongs to the Butchers…” Cylas said. “I heard them talking about it when I was picking mushrooms a while back.”
“Let’s find a place to bunker down and leave in the morning,” I said. The three of us traveled past one of the big forts. We had arrived in the once again, Bombingham.