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June 3rd, 2015, 06:54 PM
This is the first scene of chapter 2 of Fountains of Blood. It was requested that I break these posts up in more manageable chunks, so I'm breaking it up by scene. This scene is a little under half the chapter, and picks up immediately after Chapter 1 ends.

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Steffen turned his back on the corpse. The couch behind him, a large piece in soft brown leather, had been overturned onto its back. A section of the wall behind the couch had been crushed, as if something about the size of a person had crashed into it. Stephen was slowly climbing to his feet, using the side of the couch to steady his balance. The right side of his head was bruised, and his eye was filled with blood. Even as Steffen watched, he could see the bruise fade as Stephen’s body healed the damage.

As Stephen got to his feet, his eyes fell on the corpse sprawled on the floor behind Steffen. Then they came up to rest on him as he stood there drenched in her blood. Stephen’s face contorted with rage. He grabbed the leg of the overturned couch beside him, and lifted. With his other hand he took hold of the back of the couch. Then he set his feet, and swung the couch like an enormous baseball bat.

Steffen had not expected that, and was not able to react fast enough. The end of the couch caught him on the left shoulder as he tried to turn away. With the crash of splintering wood in his ears, Steffen spun head over heels through the air, until his own flight was interrupted by the wall. He crashed into it, and fell to the floor in a heap.

It had only been a short time since Steffen had accepted the beast within. He had not yet had time to process all that it entailed. His beast was not a creature of intellect. No, it was a collection of instincts. And one of its strongest was the drive for self-preservation. It knew all about how to use its own unnatural powers. And what it knew, Steffen knew as well.

He was now a vampire. And for vampires, blood was power. They could burn the blood within them to produce the power to do amazing things. It was the root of all their power. And Steffen had just glutted himself on all the blood he could gulp down. And more.

Steffen’s body had naturally begun to burn blood as soon as he was injured. He burned more, as fast as he was able. He knew that he was already stronger and faster by far than he had ever been before, but as his blood burned, he felt that he could lift mountains and dodge bullets.

In his short flight, he had gone completely over an armchair and hit the wall behind. As he started to climb to his feet, the chair was between himself and Stephen. He grabbed the chair and lifted it over his head as he stood, then hurled it at Stephen.

Stephen saw the attack coming and was able to get mostly out of the way. He sidestepped to his right and was able to deflect the chair with his arms.

As they came together in the middle of the room, Stephen was clearly still extremely angry. He said, “I told you…” and took a mighty swing at Steffen’s face. Steffen leaned to the side and slapped the blow past him, but did not swing back.

“Under no circumstances…” and another swing, which also missed.

“Were you to kill her!” And another. On this last swing, Steffen caught Stephen’s arm by the wrist, hooked a foot behind his ankle and shoved him away. Off balance, Stephen stumbled away and fell.

“She was weak. She did not deserve your protection.”

“Weak? What do you know about being weak?” Stephen shouted as he climbed back to his feet. “I gave you one command. One simple command. DO. NOT. KILL HER! But you couldn’t even do that, could you? Your first night. Your first taste of blood, and you completely lost it!”

Steffen was calm in the face of Stephen’s anger. “She was prey. Nothing more.”

“Prey? Prey? Listen to yourself! Can you hear it? Have you given into your beast already?”

“No. I did something much more profound. I embraced it. I accepted it as part of myself. Never again will I have to fight against myself to stay in control.”

“Embraced it? Embraced it?!? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? The beast isn’t something that you can just accept and make it go away. It’s the hidden demon inside all of us. There’s no getting rid of it.”

“I did not get rid of it. It's part of me. Part of who I am. It was there before you turned me. The beast is that dark corner of your mind where you think naughty and wicked thoughts. Those dark thoughts about killing people you’ve never met, just because they did something stupid, like cut you off in traffic. But the transformation into a vampire, gave it….not form, as it’s part of my mind, but it gave it strength and power. And the instincts that it needed to be an apex predator. That is what the beast is,” Steffen said.

“And I’ll tell this too,” he continued. “The beast has instinctive knowledge. It knows how to use my powers. And I know everything that it knows.”

Stephen stood there, seething. His fists still clenched into fists.

He spoke again. “And another thing. I hereby reject the name Steffen. If I am to take a new name, then it will be one of my own choosing. I choose Spencer. And that shall be the only name that I answer to from now on.”

“So be it,” Stephen said, clearly unhappy. “Spencer.”

Just then, another person entered the room. Where Stephen was of middle height and slender, the newcomer was definitely not. He stood six and a half feet tall, and was broad through both the shoulders and chest. He was wearing black jeans, half laced up combat boots and a faded black tee shirt with the arms ripped off, that read “SECURITY,” across the chest in yellow letters. The shirt appeared to be two or three sizes too small as it strained over his bulging muscles. His hair was buzzed close to his head, and he had hazel eyes. He had the same pasty white complexion that Stephen had, and Spencer knew right away that he was also a vampire.

Spencer’s first impression of him, before he even opened his mouth, was that he didn’t seem too bright. Spencer christened him as Dipwad to himself.

Dipwad took in the room in a glance, noted the smashed furniture and the corpse on the floor. He raised an eyebrow at Stephen and asked, “Having trouble with the new kid?”

“Some,” Stephen replied. He seemed to have regained his composure. “He seems to think that Chelsea was weak, and only worthy of being prey. We were just having a discussion about the matter.”

“Yeah,” Dipwad said. “I heard your discussion all the way across the house.” Then he walked over to Spencer and got up in his face. He loomed over Spencer, and tried to be intimidating. “Look here,” he said, his voice low and dangerous. “Stephen is the head of this House, and what he says goes. Got it? You better. Because while he may be the brains of the House, I’m the muscle. And you don’t want to get on my bad side any more than you already are. I liked Chelsea.”
Spencer could tell that Dipwad was a bully by nature, and if he let Dipwad push him around now, he’d never stop. He didn’t hesitate before mouthing off.

“Why?” he asked. “Did she let you nip a little blood and then pretend like you’re a real man again?”

Dipwad's jaw clenched, and his eyes bulged. If he was mortal, his face would be purple, Spencer thought.

Before Dipwad could respond, Stephen spoke. “I believe that is a bad idea, Spencer. Justin has quite a few years on you, and he is very skilled in the arts of war.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to let some hairless, albino gorilla come in and boss me around. Besides, his breath stinks like old rotten blood. Don’t you know how to use a too….”

Before he could finish the sentence, Justin’s fist came around in a blindingly fast right cross. Even though Spencer was ready for it, it still caught him on the jaw. The best he could manage was to turn away from the punch, so he didn’t take the entire force of it, but what he did take was still considerable. It spun him around and he crashed to the floor.
He was back on his feet in the blink of an eye, but it was barely fast enough. Justin rushed him and tried to catch him before he got back up. Justin swung another huge right, but this time Spencer spun to his left. He avoided Justin’s punch, and delivered a spinning back fist to the back of Justin’s head.

Justin was caught off guard. He stumbled a couple steps and almost went down. He caught his balance and turned back, just in time to catch a straight kick to the solar plexus.

They fought back and forth across the room. The few remaining pieces of furniture in the room did not survive the fight. Justin was bigger and stronger, but Spencer was quicker and had better technique. Neither escaped the fight unscathed.

“ENOUGH!” Stephen shouted, and both of them felt the lash of his mind as he commanded them to stop. They stopped, glaring at each other, with a mere ten feet separating them. Both of them were bruised and bloodied. When neither of them continued to fight, Stephen spoke on. “I am quite surprised by you Spencer. I had no idea you could fight so well.”

“Are you kidding?” Spencer replied. “I’ve been training for this for years.”

At that remark, Stephen and Justin exchanged a glance before Stephen continued, “If you can control yourself, I think we may have two Enforcers in this House now instead of one. And if you serve well, I may even forgive you for killing Chelsea.”

“You might,” Justin said, “but I won’t. Eventually I’ll take that out of his hide.”

“Why?” Stephen asked. “Did his first question strike too close to the truth?”

Justin clenched his teeth and glared at Stephen. Then he turned without another word and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him so hard the door frame cracked.

Stephen threw his hands in the air, and said, “Why not? The rest of the room is in serious need of repair. Why not the door too?”

Spencer let out the laugh that he had been holding back. “Did you see the look on his face? That was priceless.”

“Laugh while you can,” Stephen replied. “You have made an enemy here tonight.”

“You mean him? My loving brother? I don’t fear him.”

“Brother?” Stephen asked. “More like an uncle. We were both Children from the same Sire. But do not underestimate Justin. He is more cunning than he appears. He will strike at you when you do not expect it, and in ways that you do not anticipate. And he has more than three centuries on you.”

“Three centuries…?” he said. “I know you said it downstairs. And you see it at the movies, but we can really live that long?”

“Yes,” Stephen said. “That long and much more. I have personally known others of our kind who had survived for far more than a millennium.” Then he casually changed the subject. “So, your memories are already starting to return to you then?”

“My memories….yes. Some. While we were fighting, some came back. Hundreds. Thousands, maybe. I’ve spent countless hours on the pads, training….but not a single voice or spoken memory. Only the fighting….”

“Come,” Stephen said, “let us retire to another room. One that is not in such disarray.”

He led Spencer down the hall and up some stairs. On the second floor, he led the way to a study. The study was richly appointed with lots of dark wood panels, with inset carvings. The ceiling was elegantly coffered with lovely wooden carvings tastefully gilded. The room was dominated by a large, ornate desk. It was made of oak, and was stained dark from many years of use. It too was intricately carved and gilded. There was a very large and comfortable looking chair behind the desk. In front were two more chairs, though smaller, they still looked comfortable and inviting.

There was a large fireplace just inside the door and to the side there were two sets of arched wood and glass French doors that led out onto a balcony. Stephen stopped him before he could enter the room and said, “On second thought, wait here for a moment.”

He went into the study and retrieved a key from the desk. He brought it back and handed it to Spencer. “This key will allow you access through the security doors downstairs. Go back to your room and clean up. Put on some fresh clothes and come back. We have more to discuss.”