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May 26th, 2015, 04:54 AM
I've been thinking of what to make as content for my website. This is my first idea, to add small stories about my bigger project. So, here's my first attempt at a side story of two characters. Thoughts are appreciate

A snowflake glittered in the full moon's rays before landing on a calloused fingertip. Each of the digits had a long, curved talon extending forward. More snowflakes danced along the hand to reach the palm. Their numbers swelled until they formed a rod of solid ice. Closing his hand around staff was a man shaped being whose body was covered in dark blue scales and skin the color of drying mud. His yellow eyes narrowed as he hissed behind his fangs, “You reek.”

“Thank you,” Responded the one standing across the frozen farmland from the monster. His purple hair was trimmed to keep the curls from his black eyes. Sprouting from beneath his hair were a pair of curved horns that looped just in front of his ears. Placing a hand to his waist, the man bowed with his left leg behind the other. Flashing a smile behind his pristine teeth, the ashen skinned man added, “Though, this is the second time we've crossed paths.”

“Oh? You recognized me despite my changes. What is your name?” asked the Lizard-like being tilting his head to his side.
Raising his torso out of his bow, the Drow elf introduced, “I am Kalein Nightjoy. And, you are the nameless monster that has a large bounty of gold on his head for hunting on a King's property.” Extending both arms forward, Kalein's hands were enveloped in green flames that quickly flickered out to reveal clawed gauntlets.

“Devil Pact, no wonder you stunk so bad to me,” Grinned the monster. Kicking up even the frozen ground with each step, he charged the drow. Thrusting his staff forward, Kalein stepped out of the way easily. Bringing the weapon around in a wide arc, the monster added, “And, I do have a name now. It's Ru'Sala.”

With a grin, Kalein took hold of the staff in both hands. His slender arms swelled so veins were clearly outlined as he tore the weapon into a pair of useless chunks of ice. Tossing the remnants to his feet, Ru'Sala chided, “That was wasteful.” Rising by some unseen force, the jagged chunks of ice lunged at Kalein. As the Drow went to jump backwards, Ru'Sala thrust with the broken staff.

Knocking aside the thrust, Kalein made a counterblow that was aimed at Ru'Sala's tensed stomach. His attack connected, sending a wave of green flames to wash over his enemy. Kalein's eyes went wide as Ru'Sala stared down at him in absolute silence. The side of Ru'Sala's hand struck Kalein along the length of his pointed ear, sending him into the mud. Humiliation burned more than his stinging palms as he roared, “This is just begun!” Pushing off the ground, Kalein popped into the air and landed on his feet.

“Sadly, it's over.” Ru'Sala smirked as the ground beneath Kalein began to emit light. Twisting his head around to see the source, the magic circle's light grew in intensity. Now Kalein's entire body swelled with strength as he fruitlessly tried to move his body. His limbs only twitched slightly as Ru'Sala drew closer with each long step.

Kalein could only watch as the monster that walked on his toes towered over him. His clawed fingers ran along the contours of Kalein's jaw so lightly he could barely feel their touch. Ru'Sala's thumb pulled Kalein's jaw down and Ru'Sala meshed their lips. Revulsion and fury mixed as the long, serpentine tongue of his assaulter slid past his teeth to hold his own tongue down. Despite the internal roars of fury Kalein made, none of it surfaced on his body. His utter immobility only highlighted the sensation of something rise up his throat and be drawn out of his mouth.

All at once Kalein's muscles degenerated to their normal, slender state. Once Ru'Sala released Kalein from his embrace, the man's shaking limbs couldn't support his weight. Looking up to Ru'Sala, the Elf asked between ragged gasps, “W-what did you do to me?”

“I devoured the Devil you were channeling,” Ru'Sala licked his lips to accentuate. Reaching down with one powerful arm, Ru'Sala flung the shaking man over his shoulder. With the snow crunching under his feet Ru'Sala began to explain, “When we reach the village, I'll teach you how to do that on a condition.”

“What condition?” Kalein asked.

“You learn more about these devils. I would like to know more so I'll require a teacher. How does that sound?” Ru'Sala chuckled patting Kalein on the rear.

Giving out a snarl at first, Kalein then took in a deep breath before saying, “That is adequate.”

“Ah, there's the Drow haughtiness I've come to love,” Ru'Sala grinned, “This is going to be fruitful for both of us. I look forward to working with you, Kalein Nightjoy.” At his full name, Kalein winced.

“Please, just my first name. I'd rather have nothing to do with the Nightjoys that doesn't involve the sharp end of a sword,” Kalein pleaded.

Ru'Sala nodded, “That's fine, Kalein.” The pair traipsed across the fields to arrive at a small settlement and were given a barn stall each to rest in. When dawn broke, the pair would go their separate ways, leaving only a barn full of spooked animals in their wake.

Harper J. Cole
May 29th, 2015, 12:16 PM
I think you set the scene and establish the characters nicely, as well as hinting at a wider world. A few typos though ...

Closing his hand around staff was a man shaped being whose body was covered in dark blue scales and skin the color of drying mud. (Missing "the", and I think "man-shaped" should be hyphenated, though I'm not entirely sure of that one).

“Thank you,” Responded the one standing across the frozen farmland from the monster. (Should be a small r).

“Devil Pact, no wonder you stunk so bad to me,” Grinned the monster. (Small g).


Aspirant Wordificer
May 31st, 2015, 01:44 AM
Grammar aside, this was a very enjoyable scene, written in such a way TSR would be proud. :)