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Brian A Seals
May 22nd, 2015, 01:50 AM
The Feeding: AWIU 9-12

Adult/Horror (Graphic and adult language / violence) - about 1900 words

Part Nine

-23:16 hours EST

She took the ramp onto I-990 South.

"Thank you", Chuck said.

She exhaled and nodded.

After a moment she said, "Where we going?"

"Hamburg... You know where that is?"

She nodded. "Ninety west and two-nineteen."

"Right", Chuck said. "You want the South exit, to Armor Duells and then left."

She drove on, without a word. Her hands were at the ten and two o'clock positions, on the wheel. It looked like she hadn't been driving long, but that was expected. She couldn't have been much more than eighteen years old.

The studs in her ears caught Chuck's attention, for the first time. There was a nose ring as well, a little hoop, to go along with them. Her eyes were focused on the road, but they were floating in held back tears. At that moment, he couldn't help wondering, if she was wearing contacts.

Chuck turned away and shook his head at himself.

Then he said, "I'm sorry about your friend.”

A wave of pain washed over her face, but she kept going. The silence in the Cruiser became pronounced, after a short while. He thought briefly about asking her name, but he decided the timing was wrong. Instead, he pulled out his cell phone and called Judy's house. Darryl and Judy's house, he thought. After three rings, it transferred to voice mail.

A man said, “This a Darryl”. A woman said, “This is Judy”, and then a child, who was nine years old at the time, said “I’m Jake! Leave a message, please and thank you.” It beeped.

Chuck said, “Judy it’s Charles, pick up the phone please… I know it’s late, I know it’s Sunday, but it’s important, alright? Just pick up the phone, I need to talk to you, hello?

“Look, it’s a serious emergency out here, I’m not playing. Pick up the phone if you hear me, hello? Hello?

“Uh… Darryl?”

It beeped again. Chuck swore and hung up the phone. He tried two more times, but it didn’t even ring; voicemail picked it up, immediately.

“Fuck”, he said, and then, “Wait! That’s the exit right there!”

The girl hit the brakes and yanked the steering wheel to the right. The Cruiser’s passenger side lifted up into the air; it was on two tires for a while. When the car came back down, it bounced hard before righting itself. The girl put her head down on the wheel, and then she started crying.

Chuck said, “Hey, no... No, don’t do that, please, I’m sorry... I know this is hard, and-

“And this is the scariest shit I seen in life… You don’t have to be out here like this, I’ll catch a ride… I’ll catch a ride and you can go home.”


She turned around, with tears in her eyes.

“We have to get your son, right? That what you said… We can’t just leave these, fucking whatever they are, running around, I won’t do it… Let’s just get him before something happens.”

She turned the Cruiser and headed the wrong way down the interstate, back to 90 West.

Chuck said, “I can drive if you want… Give you a rest.”

She shook her head.

“You’re not on my insurance”.

Part Ten

-23:51 hours, EST

As soon as they got off 219 South, they saw a number of bodies. Some of them were red, stripped and laying on the ground, but others it seemed, were up and moving around. They had large wounds in their arms and necks, which were covered with blood clots and scabs. A few of them were missing hands, or feet or limbs, but they still stumbled along.

Chuck said, “What the hell?”

These were obviously corpses. Many of them had pale skin, which was black and flaking, around the edges. Others were missing noses, ears, eyes, and skin in large patches. All of them moved slowly, and all of them had cloudy, faded irises that didn’t look normal.

The girl said, “This isn’t some joke, right? They’re not gonna pull off their masks… or wipe off their makeup and show us the cameras or something, right?”

Chuck shook his head. “No.”

She slowed the car down. As they traveled along Armor Duells Road, the amount of things walking around increased. When they passed Hedgerow Drive, the mass of bodies was so large, she was forced to drive at a crawl. Finally she had to stop, as several of them were shambling by, in front of the vehicle.

The girl said, “How much farther?”

Chuck said, “It’s your next left.”

The creatures in front of them moved on, except for one male; he paused and turned towards their direction, cocked his head to one side and sniffed. Something came up to the girl’s window and she jumped. It was a heavyset older woman, with white hair and pale skin; she put her face up to the glass and flared her nostrils, and then her blue lips curled away, from her gums and teeth.

Up the street, two things that would have been women before, creatures free of decay, bumped into and knocked over corpses, as they ran towards them.

The girl said, “Oh, God…”

Glass shattered by Chuck and the arm of a very large creature reached in. The hand found his collar, the woman-things climbed onto the hood and another fresh creature, smacked into the passenger side; it struck at the rear window and it cracked. Chuck grabbed onto the girl’s seat, but the thing on him was strong; he was being pulled out.

“Shit!” he said. “Back up!”

The car lurched forward immediately, plowing into the crowd. Chuck yelled at her to stop, but that just scared her. The women-things did not let go. The large beast in the window held on as well and they picked up more riders. Unable to see where they were going, the girl hit the brakes a moment too late, and they crashed into a light pole.

The girl hit the inflated airbag. Chuck collapsed against her seat. Blood splashed the side of his face. The women-things flew off.

They hit a nearby store front, fracturing multiple bones.

Part Eleven

-00:02 hours, EST

A short time passed. Chuck's body was sore in numerous places and his arm started bleeding again. He put pressure on the wound, and then he kicked something by his feet: it was a large, severed arm. He didn't see where the owner was.

The girl was lying on top of her airbag. Besides the visible signs of breathing, she was immobile. Chuck asked if she was alright, but she didn't answer. He wanted to shake her, gently by the shoulder, but he found that he was shaking.

A creature leaned in, through his window and grabbed him. It was a fresh man-thing, free of decay and flushed with blood. It squirmed and wiggled its torso halfway in, clawing and struggling with him and pulling his arm closer to its open maw.

Chuck heard the whirring of a small motor. The remains of Chuck's window pushed up on the thing, and its back hit the top of the frame. It let go of Chuck instantly and tried to push out. Blood dripped from its chest, where the glass cut in, but it was pushing down onto it; the glass held and the creatures back was forced up, onto the window frame.
It started to panic. Something squealed, from deep inside of the thing, and its efforts to escape became frantic. The girl was confused, but she didn’t take her hand off the dashboard controls.

“Don’t stop”, Chuck said.

She didn’t. Under the creature’s shoulder blades, something snapped and a squeal echoed around in its chest, before it escaped to the air. The lips that were curled released and relaxed, and the body fell limp. The girl let go of the switch, and the whirring stopped.

She said, “What is that? What is that making that noise?”

“I don’t know.”

Blood trickled down from her nose and she wiped it away.

Chuck said, “You alright?”

She sniffed and wiped at her nose again, and then she nodded.

The girl’s door was jammed, so she followed Chuck out of the rear passenger door. The woman-things were writhing around on the sidewalk in front of them, unable to stand. One of them had cracked her skull on the ground; blood and grey matter escaped from the wound, but she still moved and squealed. Her vocal chords weren’t capable of making a sound like that and Chuck knew it.

Three decaying creatures were coming up, from behind the vehicle. The girl got behind him, but they all turned and shambled around, to the passenger side. They removed the clothes of the corpse in the wreck and they gnawed at him. The girl clung to Chuck’s back, and he looked around.

More were coming, but they were headed in the same direction. The large man-thing that lost its arm, was on the ground and surrounded by creatures, about ten yards east of the women. A large pool of blood was underneath it, and the creatures were biting and ripping at him, while pulling off his clothing.

Chuck looked at the female creatures again. They were still shifting and squirming around, but none of the creatures bothered them. In fact, four of the things walked right over them, en route to the feast, ten yards away. Chuck pulled the girl by the arm, and they jogged up to the next street; it was Abbott Road.

After jogging down Abbott a short while, Chuck stopped the girl. He put his hands out from his sides and waited. After thinking about it a minute, he motioned for her to follow him, and he turned back towards Armor Duells, back towards the monsters.

She said, “What are you doing?”
Part Twelve

-00:11 hours, EST

He put a finger to his lips to silence her, and they stepped out cautiously, amongst the creatures. Something Chuck hadn’t counted on, was how fast they were able to consume. The large corpse on the floor, was being stripped bare of meat. The corpse in the wreck had been pulled down, to lay face up and be finished off. Nearby, a team of two creatures were devouring the severed arm.

A creature by the wreck, a female, chewed and swallowed and bit off another piece. While it was eating, scabs fell off of it, revealing pink skin untouched by the rays of the sun. Other creatures were changing, as well. The ones on the arm were becoming flushed, from a pallor that was deathly pale.

Two creatures by the Cruiser looked up, and turned towards their direction. As they chewed, gashes they received from their peers closed up, and their cheeks were turning rosy. Their nostrils flared at them, but they bent down and returned to their food. The crowd by the other corpse had finished with that body; they walked around and sniffed.

Some of them were wandering away, but several were walking towards Chuck and the girl, opening and closing their jaws.

“Run!” Chuck said.

Harper J. Cole
May 22nd, 2015, 08:20 PM
Nice work, got a laugh from me with the insurance line. I'm not clear on why Chuck turns back towards the danger at the end of part 11 though?