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May 20th, 2015, 04:33 AM
But I find, also, that there are demons about, deep, toothy ones, ones that speak in hushed tones, foreign tongues, and disappear once the eye trains upon them. Like shadows on the edge of a floodlight, they’re not real, but not unreal, either. I have been visited by one in particular, named Hoth. He came to me a very long time ago, and I’m only now getting ‘round to writing about him. He pushed a strange syntax into my head, gave me one that I felt comfortable with. Had known the cadence for some time, but hadn’t expected the punchy, visceral tonality.

When Hoth arrived, I sort of expected him. Hard to explain as this might be, I felt the inevitability and wasn’t even surprised when he stuck that great hairy neck around the corner and showed me yellow teeth. It was during a very low period anyway, and fear wasn’t part of the daily. Loathing, both of self and others, hung around me like a dense fog. The scent of hatred wept from my pores, and I think, for a moment, that Hoth might have feared me. As crazy as that sounds, he might have looked at my emotional state, my lack of optimism, and thought to himself that I might not be an easy candidate for assimilation. But it didn’t matter, see, because I was ready to pull his head from his shoulders and suck out his insides. That’s the problem with these demons, see. They’re all shrieks and teeth until you get them alone. They have no choice but to manifest in flesh; it’s their ludicrous evil lord’s requirement. I have no fear of something physical, despite what fires may burn in its heart. Truth be told, the depth and darkness of my own spirit challenges anything wrought by lore. And now, Hoth’s back and this is the story of how he and I came to be friends.

Hoth climbed on my shoulders like a hunchbacked sidekick and just sat there, waiting for me to notice. I took a deliberate pull on my joint, cleared both nostrils, and did my best to fall quickly and crush him beneath my weight. He cried out, bit my neck, but I thrashed him between my head and the hard earth. He hadn’t anticipated such speed, and his skull hadn’t spent time in the realm of the crushing physicality. So down he went, and me atop him. The scream was something purely hellish, like a hundred dying cats roped together at the tail. Clouds crowded in around us and other flying beasts joined the scream, but I would not be intimidated. I stood my ground and beat Hoth against it until his brains oozed out of that paper-thin skull. The look of confusion, hatred, and fear was plastered across that hairy face, all those teeth broken loose and covered in the black blood of an evil one.

Once dispatched, I wore my empowerment with pride and smeared his blood across my cheeks. The tears in my own flesh were superficial, but my blood dripped next to the demon’s. Around me, all about the sky and treetops, the swarms of darkness came in a hurry. I cast the body of Hoth out into the field, his white hair swirling around like a torch. The legions came and descended. Their flesh crackled with the domain of physicality. I put a flame into the face of their leader, whose webbed features and putrid flesh stirred nothing in me, worried me not. I was there to conquer, and to kill, and could not be stopped. With a swipe of my blade, I opened the leader’s throat and treated his followers to a shower of black blood. With a roar, a rage-filled echoing of decisive superiority, I stomped a dozen before they could react. I needed to taste the flesh of their leader, and I carved his chest open as others circled and cried. I swatted and struck at them, driving the cloud away, and reached deep into his chest. There beat the blackened heart of an evil one, and it tasted of dark victory.

When the light returned, nothing had changed. I found no strength in my remembered battle, and no one around me could recall such a scene. I had no sword, and no blood upon my hands. No scar appeared on my neck, and memories of that battle flickered. But one night again in December, I faced him again, and his chest bore the marks of incision.

“You there,” he screamed above the din of flapping wings. “Come join me, and fight with me.”

“I have tasted of your flesh, weak one.” I stood straight and tall, not looking him in the eye.

“Yes, and that is why you must join us. No man has ever challenged my ilk, nor shall ever again.”

I walked slowly toward him and, noticing the sword hanging from my waist, stared down at the shorter, blackened husk of a man-beast. His hooves were unsteady and the menacing smile he brandished so confidently seemed silly and demure. Like an entertainer, not serious about evil. But inside me, coursing through my being, flapped the wings of deep madness and boiling contempt. Enmity, hatred. I had destroyed this punk of a deity, smashed his face with my fist, eaten of his organs. The shame he projected in my presence betrayed the solidity of his rule over demons. They laughed at him, didn’t trust him, but when I looked at them above me, they all bowed their heads. With great strength I ran to him, grabbed his head in both my hands. Without sword, and no ritual, I crushed his head between my hands like a tomato and cracked the bones of his skull like the shell of a beetle. The multitudes rose above me, played a song in an unknown key. When I looked up to see them swarming, I laughed and took my place upon that wretched throne.

May 20th, 2015, 06:38 AM
I dreamed they sent me to hell. I kicked ass and ended up running the place -- Plu . Fun stuff. :)

May 20th, 2015, 10:15 AM
The work of a fractured mind. It happens when you smoke the hard stuff (I'm kidding, I liked it). :grin:

Harper J. Cole
May 20th, 2015, 12:09 PM
Intense stuff! You've got a way with words.

May 27th, 2015, 09:17 PM
Enjoyed every darkly conjured image you forced into my poor unsuspecting minds eye. Can't wait for you to squeeze out the next 1000 .

Aspirant Wordificer
May 31st, 2015, 02:22 AM
Absolutely loved this. Ethereally splendid. Could be metaphorically seamed with bullying or something of that ilk. With a wee bit of editing this is a piece of competition level. *applaud*

T. John. C.
June 16th, 2015, 06:52 PM
This was incredible. Being a fan of the supernatural, I found this to be very intriguing. I loved how he no fear for such a creature when most do. This makes him very entertaining to follow and see what he will overcome next. Great short story and fantastic use of words. :)

June 19th, 2015, 12:07 PM
Dark and dim. Dense and heavy. Glad I'm not a psychologist 'coz i wouldn't know what to think ;)
Was it really the pain to force it out? It feels like you enjoyed it. Good luck for next one.