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Brian A Seals
May 19th, 2015, 04:48 AM
"The Feeding: A Woman in Uniform" - 5-8 (of eighteen); Approximately 1,900 words

Adult/Horror (Graphic language, adult language and violence)

Part Five

-22:50 hours, EST;

Despite the struggle and despite Harry's shock and despite the frenzied attack from the woman-thing, the scene was almost silent. Its jaws were snapping and searching and finding nothing at the time, but Chuck wasn't breathing right and he couldn't keep fending it off. Harry's legs seemed frozen in place; his heart beat in his ears and he shook against his sudden immobility, but he couldn't wrench free from the fear. The monster put a knee on Chuck's neck, and the scream from his friend shocked Harry out of it.

He looked under the counter, finding no gun where one should be. Twisting around, he looked for any sort of weapon; finally, he grabbed hold of a steak knife. A horrible yell reached his ears and he turned to see the woman-thing chewing, and then swallowing dripping red flesh. Chuck was covering his right forearm, and blood was seeping out the cracks between his fingers.

Harry closed his eyes shut and then opened them slightly, to squint at the scene. It was blurry and somewhat hidden by beams and reflections of light. He ran to the end of the counter and threw up the divider. With his hand tight on the knife handle and his eyes half-hidden under their lids, he ran up to the creature and raised the blade, before slashing down with all his strength.

It sunk into the skull of the thing, like an ax cutting into firewood. Harry opened his eyes all the way and he froze. It was looking in his direction, but it wasn't really looking at him. Blood poured into the light brown hair and down its face, as It started to lean forward.

Chuck bunched his sleeve over the wound in his arm, and he pressed down hard against the pain. Blood drenched the fabric and he was feeling dizzy, but he was calmed by the fact that the thing seemed to be dying. The creature's hands fell onto the floor, but then it pushed up onto its feet and leapt. Harry cried out and the creature was on him.

He tried to regain his balance and fend it off, but the thing tore a chunk out of his neck. While struggling and trying to push off, Harry lost three fingers, from his right hand. She bit his cheeks again and again as they were falling, and when they landed, she bit the nose right off of his face. Chuck heard his own screening in his ears, but nothing else. The thing payed him no attention, as it was focused on feeding alone.

The old man was gone; cardiac arrest killed him, before they even hit the ground. Chuck grabbed an overturned bar stool and pushed himself up. He was woozy and bleeding and there was a sound like the shucking of corn, as strips of flesh and muscle, were torn off of Harry's face.

Chuck shuddered and grabbed hold of the stool with both hands. Before he could raise it, a shadow spread over his side and there was movement, next to him; it was three other men. One of the males looked like an officer. Another was tall and slim and dressed like he was in the Army. The third guy was Billy, who apparently never made it home.

They were standing in a perfect line, side-by-side. Their eyes were still and clouded over and they seemed to be staring into space. Chuck took a step back and Billy's head turned towards him. Their eyes didn't meet and no words were exchanged, but Billy's nostrils were flaring and the intake of air was loud. Chuck took another step back and Billy's lips curled away, from his gums and teeth.

The soldier's lips curled, and then the officer's lips curled and folded away and Chuck turned to his right to start running, towards some unknown destination.


Part Six

-23:02 hours, EST

There was no door, no hall entrance, and nothing behind the counter but glass bottles. To the left of the bar was a dark archway, and Chuck ran for it, with the blood from his arm dripping down his side. He plunged into the darkness and tripped on a chair, but then he regained his balance, while knocking two others aside. The three men-things fell over the chairs, but they got up and were coming fast.

Chuck rushed towards a sliver of light, that outlined a door in the wall nearby; it was locked. As soon as he turned the switch on the doorknob, the soldier rammed into him, and then Billy and the cop pushed them from behind. The door flew open and all of the men hit the ground.

Chuck panicked. He shoved his arms under the soldier's neck, while it bit at the air between them and leaned closer. All Chuck could see was gums and tongue and blood-stained teeth. A hand grabbed his boot and he wrenched free, then he pushed the soldier up, as hard as could. Fortunately, the man was a hundred and forty pounds, and he was thrown into the cop, who fell down with him.

Billy lunged at Chuck, but he was knocked back, by a blow to the jaw. The punch staggered the Bill-thing, but he didn't lose his balance completely, and the other two creatures were already up. Chuck turned and ran as fast as he could. He didn't know if the things chasing him got tired, but they were definitely faster than he was.

His shirt sleeve was stuck to the bite size wound in his forearm, and it stung every time he moved it. His upper back hurt, and he thought that the soldier had bruised him, but he ran around the building and into the lot, like he didn't feel it burning. Fingers reached and swept through his hair and he ran even faster. He didn't know which steps were his and which ones were the monsters; they were dangerously close.

He didn't have time to start the truck; he didn't even have time to pull out the keys. Instead, Chuck leapt into the bed and then jumped down, to keep running. The three behind him were following so fast, they couldn't make the adjustment. Billy and the cop smacked into the truck, and the soldier's leap was too short to clear the bed; he hit it before he fell inside.

Chuck dared to glance behind him, as he fled. The things couldn't possibly feel any pain, or tire at all; they recovered inhumanly fast. Before he made it out to the street, they were already a foot behind him. In the corner of his eye, he saw headlights coming his way, at a rapid pace. Ignoring his instincts, he ran out into the road and cut across it diagonally, towards the oncoming vehicle.

The horn blared as the SUV closed in, over seventy miles an hour. The front bumper missed Chuck by an inch, but it plowed into Billy and the soldier, while the tires screamed. The impact was loud and the broken bodies fell limp against the wreck, as it rushed ahead.

The officer ran on, like he didn't notice the accident. Chuck cursed at himself, for looking behind his back and letting the creature gain ground. His lungs couldn't take much more and his muscles were starting to give. Once he hit the opposite sidewalk, he headed towards a nearby gas station. It was about twenty-five yards away, but he didn't know if he would live to reach it.


Part Seven

-23:06 hours, EST

They weren't paying attention. The girls in the gray PT Cruiser were talking and listening to music, as they pulled into a space by the corner of the convenience store. All Chuck thought at that moment, was that the passenger side window was down, and that it was his only hope. He wouldn't have fit through it, but he didn't have to; the blond in the passenger seat, opened the door without looking.

The dark-haired girl, behind the wheel screamed. Before the other one turned around, he leapt inside. The officer-thing grabbed and caught his foot and he yanked it free. Chuck kicked, and then he crawled farther inside and kicked again. He heard the gear shift change and felt the car move backwards, but then the girl in the passenger seat was pulled out of the vehicle.

The Cruiser stopped abruptly and he fell against the back seats. The air around him filled with screaming that was so loud, he had to cover his ears.The girl behind the wheel, the girl being eaten, a young man that must have worked there and another guy, an onlooker, were yelling at the tops of their lungs. The jaws of the officer-thing, clamped down on the young woman's forehead; blood ran down her left eye and mixed with her tears, as she struggled in vain.

The girl behind the wheel was hysterical. She was curled into a ball on her seat and she shuddered there. The guys nearby were yelling at the thing, telling it to leave the blond girl alone. Instead, it ripped out her throat.

All the yelling stopped. Chuck laid there ruined by exhaustion, but the rest were shocked still and dumb. The thing ripped another piece off, then another, and it chewed and it swallowed and it turned back to its meal. The employee took a step towards it, but then he stopped and turned. A man with his lips folded inside out, was rushing towards the worker at full speed.

It tackled the onlooker next to him and they fell, in front of his feet. Screams cut into the silence once again, and the young man turned and ran away.

The girl behind the wheel was whimpering; her hands were on her knees, her head was down on her hands and she was shaking. In the distance, another bout of screaming reached their ears on the wind. Chuck knew it was that young man, that was being eaten alive.

The girl said, "Oh my god...

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god".

A figure in the rear view mirror caught Chuck's eye. It was that woman in the cop uniform, walking up from a distance.

Part Eight

23:12 hours, EST

Her face was normal this time, but the steak knife was still in her head. Clotted blood was in her hair, under her chin and on her clothes. The eyes in her head were as blank and expressionless as before, and she walked at a slow, deliberate pace. Chuck turned back around.

"Get outta here", he said.

The girl cringed and then stopped moving.

Chuck said,"Get outta here!

"Get outta here, c'mon!”

The young woman turned and looked at him. She had piercing blue eyes, which held Chuck in place. After a moment, she looked up and saw the woman-thing's approach. Its lips curled and folded away, from its gums and teeth.

Chuck said,"God, girl... get outta here."

She threw the car in reverse. When she backed up, she hit the woman-thing and it toppled. The girl shifted gears again and the tires squealed, as they left the parking area.

"The thruway", Chuck said. "Take the thruway."

The girl glanced back at him, but said nothing.

"Please", Chuck said. "We have to get my son".

Harper J. Cole
May 20th, 2015, 11:27 AM
Interesting; reminds me a bit of the 70's Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which is a favourite of mine. I'll be interested to read what the cause of the transformations is ...